“No wonder so many people think we are all stupid, bigotted racist red necks!” (sic)

Anyone who has come across a gathering of bogots on the internet has experienced the depths of Bogotariat indignation when someone suggests that their anti-Muslim rants might be an indication of, well, very poorly veiled racism.

Mostly because they are.

Very occasionally – very, very occasionally – a tiny spark goes off in the bogot brain and looks like it might actually fire up the engine room for some critical thought.

In one such instance, one enterprising boguette has decided to open a new anti-halal group where she, as the group admin, intends to weed any racist comments out of the discussion so that the message will be taken seriously.  Particularly by friends and family who, thus far, may have her pegged as being racist.

And maybe, just maybe, this is the start of some kind of revelation or epiphany?.  Maybe there is hope that some of the bogot elements might finally be realising that racism is ugly and unacceptable?  That it is a sentiment and a thought process that they need to reject?

Maybe, just maybe, they’re getting somewhere?







It seems not.  They still want to be racist, they just think they can hide it by not being explicit about it, and no one will notice.

Yeah.  Right.

Nevertheless, the very notion appears to just wind one of the other boguettes up like too many cans of Monster before a big night out at Penrith Panthers (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a world of entertainment).





Sorry, didn’t meant to interrupt.  Let me just take a few steps back and let them sort it out like… adults?






No wonder!




And so it was.  (Removed.)

The Bogotariat just aren’t ready for crazy new ideas like trying to better hide their racism so they can pretend to be arguing from a rational perspective.


“End of Story”!

6 thoughts on ““No wonder so many people think we are all stupid, bigotted racist red necks!” (sic)

  1. Hilarious. Tragic, but oh so funny. I was involved in a thread the other night where a 45 year old woman was abusing, and I mean swearing at and insulting, a group of Muslim kids ( 15-19 ). I can’t believe there are adults who would speak to anyone that way, let alone kids. The most embarrassing thing for me was that she claimed to be a Christian. She also said she hated poor people. In her defence, she was a Mormon, so I doubt she’d ever read the Bible.

  2. My post got lost, or it’s moderated ? Either way, the other thing that gets me, is the people up in arms about halal. Most food advertised as halal probably already was, it’s just marketing. But, people assume it means their food costs more. It’s just depressing, racism that tries desperately to redefine itself as a legitimate complaint.

      • Lol – fair enough. The ‘subscribe’ email was slow, and then I wasn’t sure if the posts went through a moderation layer, or if it was lost to my flaky internet….

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