Liz Geyer: “We are the true ANZAC’s (sic), not them.”


Liz Geyer is a very proud Strayan, with some very probing questions.


Okay.  Let’s start at the beginning.

“This one is for my fellow ANZAC’s. (sic)

You’re not an ANZAC and nor is anyone else on Facebook.  The last ANZAC passed away over a decade ago.

“How many Muslims have you seen singing our National Anthems?”

National anthems?  Plural?

If you mean ‘Advance Australia Fair’, here’s one example.

For the most part, though, how do you tell?  Perhaps you can get a crowd shot from a major sporting match where the anthem is played, and go through it and tell us which people in the crowd are Muslim and which are non-Muslim.  And explain how you can discern this based on just looking at someone.  Please.

“How many Muslims have you seen waving our flags or having our national icons painted on their faces?”

This kind of thing, you mean?




“How many Muslims have you seen attending ANZAC Day?”

How would you know what religion the people in the crowd were?  Or, for that matter, in the parade itself?

In July 2013 there were 88 Muslims serving in the ADF, so it stands to reason that some of them might well have marched in the parade on ANZAC Day in the past, and may do so again this year.

“How many Muslims have you seen wearing a Poppy to commemorate the fallen?”

Quite a few, actually. 

There are probably many who don’t, as well.  Along with many non-Muslims who don’t.

“How many Muslims have you seen donating money or food to national emergencies or charities?”

Do you mean like when the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, part of the United Arab Emirates, donated $30 million to the state of Queensland to build cyclone shelters, such as this one at a high school in Yeppoon?

Or when the Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF) donated pallets of gyprock to repair 50-60 flood damaged homes in Ipswich and, together with the Queensland Muslim Welfare Association, delivered two truckloads of clothing and linen to flood victims?

Perhaps when Islamic Relief collected sleeping bags for those who had lost their homes in bushfires, or when Lakemba Mosque raised $26,000 in a single Friday night for Brisbane flood victims?

Like that, Liz?

“If you answered none to all of those then you are correct.”

Well this is awkward.  Let’s see if we can provide a quick correction:

If you answered none to all of those then you are correct an ignoramus.

“They claim to be citizens like us, some were even born here, but, they demand more rights than us, more freedom than us, more allowance than us, more, more, more, more.”

Uh, no.

“If we are all citizens as they claim, then why should they demand more, what right do they have to do so?”

Citation needed.

“The difference is, they can act like us, but we ARE us.”

Er… what?

“We are the true ANZAC’s (sic), not them. No Islamist will be an ANZAC citizen.
Not then, not now, not EVER!”

A citizen of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps of WWI?  lolwhut?

Liz, you are not an ANZAC.  You’re just someone typing away on Facebook, trying to assume the voice of long dead soldiers to push your own views, which is pretty disgusting.  You don’t speak for dead soldiers.

Seeing as you present yourself as such a parochial halfwit proud Australian citizen you should probably invest some time in actually understanding the military history of the country you claim to defend and the terms that relate to that history.






52 thoughts on “Liz Geyer: “We are the true ANZAC’s (sic), not them.”

  1. Well there is a very famous Turkish (predominantly Muslim nation) built monument to the Anzacs at Anzac cove which bears the quote from the Muslim Attaturk,

    “Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives…
    You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours…
    You, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace, after having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.”
    Ataturk, 1934″

    So anyway about that anti-Australian thing that apparently all Muslim’s are meant to do… (Funny how they never bring it up about Bosnian, Kosovan and Albanian Muslims either, just seem to have a problem with the darker skinned ones and ones of particular ethnicities. there is a name for that, I think)

  2. I only know two Muslim fellow’s from work and I had to answer yes to all of them except for the face painting? Does this mean they aren’t real citizens help please

  3. I work next door to an English language school, the students of whom are majority Muslim. They sing the Australian national anthem every week, sometimes as frequently as three times a day. They never seem to tire of practising it.

    My work colleagues on the other hand get tired pretty quickly.

  4. As a sterotypical ‘Stayin, here are my responses in order:

    1. Ummm, some?
    2. Quite a few, actually. Seems like they feel they have to go to great lengths to demonstrate their nationality, fancy that?!?
    3. How would I know if they are Muslim or not? If you mean women in burqas, quite a few in my town in regional NSW.
    4. None, now that I think about it. But then, I don’t wear a poppy either. No-one I know wears a poppy. Everyone wears a sprig of rosemary.
    5. This was addressed in the article, but since Islam (as Christianity) holds welfare for others as a central tenet, there are quite a few instances of large donations made by Muslim groups.

    As far as their other assertions go, it’s always amazing how those stating that Muslims (or the Indigneous, or Asians, or whites, etc) demand more than everyone else but can never actually elaborate on those claims. What do the Muslims demand that no-one else does? What do they receive in terms of government assistance that no-one else does? The answer, for the uneducated, is nothing. All government assistance is means tested; if you need help, you receive it, regardless of race or religion.

    The last part is just hilarious. “No Islamist will be an ANZAC citizen”. There should be a term for anyone who invokes the ANZAC tradition in an attack on Islam, similar to Godwin’s Law. Turkey has gone to extreme lengths over the past decades to preserve, for our sake as well as theirs, the unarguable home of our ANZAC legend; pretty telling for an Islamic country, eh?

  5. To be fair to Liz Geyer, I recognise the kind of fear she has of a culture she doesn’t understand. I also fear a culture: Bogans who, by their stupidity and ignorance and being allowed to vote despite their clear inability to think, are turning Australia into an ugly and cruel place the original ANZACs would be ashamed to have fought for.

  6. My grandfather was an Anzac (note correct spelling) and had far more respect for the Muslims who shot off half his leg at Lone Pine than he would ever have had for Bogan Geyer. What a disgusting un-Australian rant!

  7. Dear “Aussie”, email me at ( and I will send you at least 50 most recent news stories within Australia where they published Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s stories & pictures having participated/conducting Australia Day Parades, Australia Day Dinners, Red Cross Calling Appeals, Peace conferences, Interfaith Harmony and building ‘Harmony Creek’ projects with local Councils. For more on this ‘Muslim-Frankston-Harmony’ project call Darrel Taylor (mayor FCC) and he will educate you more on what Muslims in the area are up to. And it is not only Ahmadiyya Muslims who are doing this – a huge majority of other branches of Muslims are also taking part in this community services efforts. Even media has started knowing it now – how come you are so unaware – leave facebook and face a Muslim with knowledge and humanity. Sometimes it requires a HEART to open our eyes.

  8. YouTube – “Anthony Byrne for Holt on Ahmadiyya” and see what Federal Member of Australian Parliament for Holt have to say about local Muslim Community and their community services.

  9. Stupid. Some Australians are descended from the troops of ww1, most are not. Their achievements were impressive, but most were formed as citizens of the British Empire as much as Australia herself, they were fundamentally creations of the militarist yearnings of a monarch and his government colliding with the identical yearnings of their rivals (and relations – The Kaiser, George V and Tsar Nicholas WERE all related). The commander responsible for the ANZAC’s fame was the Australian born son of German Jewish immigrants (John Monash), who probably wouldn’t meet the criteria set out above for being ‘one of the ANZAC’s’. Australia currently has a PM who is attempting to reabsorb the country into the British fold, mostly through dishonesty. I prefer the multicultural identity that Australia has been evolving since ‘our’ ancestors were murdered in such great numbers in the name of a foreign monarch. WW1 was a tragedy, an abhorrent crime against humanity perpetrated by a collective of states caught between the 19th and 20th centuries and while it is just to remember the sacrifice of ordinary people, attempting to point to them as if they had imparted some quality of exclusivity to one group (most of whom have NO direct legacy), in our society is regressive and just plain dumb.

  10. Actually, on the ANZAC question, various corps, battalions and battlegroups have carried the ANZAC name forward since WW1. So technically there are still plenty of ANZACs still around.

  11. This is typical ignorant unthinking propaganda. here are some questions for you Liz………1. You oppose people because of their religion, how often do you go to church? Or is this just a catch cry you use to single out another group? 2. Do you even know the words of the National Anthem, or the second verse? Did you even know there was a second verse? 3. The term ANZAC comes from forces in World War 1, without looking it up, which side did Japan fight on in World War 1? I know that was random but just interested how you can be so ignorant but blanket people with one term……for instance there are many Australians, born and bred here who have become Muslims… you propose to deport them…..please tell me where to??? Come on Liz stop being a sheep and following the mob. Lift yourself out of the gutter and become a better person….show some “Christian’ compassion. Read the story of the Good samaritan

    • Yeah, these groups are filled with defenders of the Christian faith who never go to church, because they’re filled with lefties and Muslim lovers. A term I have heard and quite like is “submarine Christians”, ready to fire off to defend a religion, but you’ll never see them at a service.

  12. Here’s the most important thing of all. We are a free nation. We don’t deport people for not waving flags, or not giving to charities. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a poppy, or waved a flag ( I admit to donating to charities, but mostly international ones ). So what ? Just because someone is a Muslim, does not mean we have a higher bar that they need to meet before they can be ‘one of us’. The only ‘us’ is the fact that we respect our differences and live together without attacking anyone who has done nothing to deserve it.

    I’ve been to a dawn service ( my son was doing something there ). I’ve also been to a dawn service in Singapore, which was far more moving. However, based on the twice I’ve been, I think it’s fair to say that most white, ‘Christian’ aussies have either never been to one, or have been to one or two, same as me.

  13. Some one should post the second verse to Advance Australia Fair highlighting lines 5 and 6!!

    Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
    We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
    To make this Commonwealth of ours
    Renowned of all the lands;
    For those who’ve come across the seas
    We’ve boundless plains to share;
    With courage let us all combine
    To Advance Australia Fair.
    In joyful strains then let us sing,
    Advance Australia Fair.

    • But we only share them with white people, not people who remind us of the people we took them from. Get with the program…. 😛

  14. Please someone send this to Liz. Though I suspect it’s all a bit over her head and she may resort to telling us in all capslocks that ‘Muslim is not a race’, like the bogue featured in the next post :S

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  16. Wow…..This is the most Amazing Mainstream media outlet I have ever seen!!
    Do you Nerds get much coverage on ABC or SBS or is this just another little Opinion tank run by pimply covered Fatties who want to save the world by notionally destroying individuals opinions on the net, one Bogan at a time? Are you twats even gainfully employed or am I paying and working for your right to sit on said Fat arse and talk rubbish on this insanely Viral website! LoL
    I imagine that this website will see it’s creator receiving the Nobel peace prize sooner or later! Such a credible possiblity.
    Well played Bogans. Oh….I mean Anti Bogans, as you lot are the most enlightened in our politically correct society today!

    • Wow, another commentator saying the site is a waste of time, and gets no attention, yet still is worth his time to comment on it. Bravo sir!

    • Ahhh, a comment filled with pejoratives, hyperbole and delicious irony!
      I do see you commented at 11:31am, does that mean you are unemployed or wasting valuable work time?

      I do find it funny you accuse others of destroying opinion, but yet, do you reply with a cogent argument against the article? no. You simply barrage the author with insults. Bravo. Bravo. Your intelligence is astounding, we simply can not let you waste your intellect on this blog, go forth and fight the fight, for the good of the city!

      This article beautifully and succinctly counters claims made by our bogan elite that Muslims do not integrate into our society. If the author was nominated for the Nobel peace prize, I for one, would vote for them, multiple times.

  17. It’s also priceless that on this site, I have Never seen a comment dissected by you Mainstream Professionals that was made by a Radical Muslim or anyone that hates Australia and Australians. It’s always only individuals who have a comment made against Muslims and their ilk.

    • That’s because they are figments of your puny imaginations.

      “Australians” are from many cultures and groups. But obviously you think they are all like you. In which case they probably deserve any comments which come their way.

      • Well, radical Muslims exist. So do radical Christians, in greater numbers I would guess. If they break the law, they will be punished. But only Muslims are singled out and assumed to be guilty through the actions of a minority. And those opposed, are beyond reason. I’ve been flooded with comments from a comment I made on the bendigo bank Facebook page. Not one person who had set out to engage me has been anything that I’d consider remotely rational. They HAVE told me that Muslims hate our way of life and freedom; before Facebook stalking me and making veiled threats to my family. I know who I’d rather share this country with, if asked.

    • “I have Never seen a comment dissected by you Mainstream Professionals ”

      There have been occasions, but true it’s not that common. Because This is an Australian site, and Australians are, in the majority, not Muslim, therefore anti-Muslim comments are far more common, and any Radical Muslim already receives sufficient attention from the media.

      “Muslims and their ilk.”

      You have a very interesting definition of the word “Ilk” – Apparently to you “Muslims and their ilk” includes:
      All black people
      All Asians,
      All homosexuals
      All women
      All non-racists
      Anyone who has ever been to a University

      Who’s left?

  18. I support humanity freedom of opinion and expression and a right to life ,with no government or religion criticising how I choose to live my life , and be held accountable to nothing but Gods laws ,anyway I support Palestine ,I am a humanitarian ,I will never support Israel or the JEWSIH MUSLIMS that have infiltrated Australia ,The real religion of peace {SO CALLED } has been highjacked by the jews ,unless of course they are one and the same ,so I do not support Sharia LAW Stoning Beheading and what ever else those pathetic so called , I believe jewish muslims have done ,I have watched young children brutalised by so called muslims their own daughters ! WTF No religion of any kind has any right to remove someones god given rights like these subhuman creatures do ! but we never hear the good muslims {Heaps of them] speak out against sharia ect ? anyway I agree with liz to an extent or mostly , but if newcomers don’t want to accept our aussie culture and infact want us to convert to islam or behead us as infidels ,then this is either JEWSISH MUSLIMS ? TALMUD or we have some really ungrateful and sick people on this planet ,well we know that already with the jews but ? WTFIGO peace

        • actually I don’t hate anyone ,what I do hate is muslims of any description coming here telling us how to live our lives or calling us infidels whatever , I despise jews full stop ,the muslim jews are responsible for the massive amount of radical muslims coming to oz with this bill shit sharia will rule Australia ,when clearly this will never happen ,what is wrong with these people , they get a new shot at life then they want to rule us ,your kidding . the truth is coming my friend people are waking up left right and centre , we will I believe kick out all the criminal jews for the 127th time world wide and that’s that , .what sort of people stone their own daughters to death for meeting a Christian boy how dare they be so subhuman it’s just not on >

        • “Actually I don’t hate anyone”. “I despise Jews full stop”. Ignoring the nonsense ( there’s more Christians in this country telling you what to do, with more effect, than Muslims ), the anti-semitic conspiracy theories mark you as an unhinged loon. Reading between the lines, I assume you’re a neo nazi ?

    • Thank you Bob for enlightening us about the dangers of the Jewish Muslims. I hope you follow up this essay with another informing us about the dangers of the Zoroastrian Hindus, the Northern Southerners, the left handed right handers, and of course, the terrifying Doggish Cats.

      But not the Cattish Dogs of course. I have a Cattish Dog and she is lovely. She’s a Pug.

      • You’re a funny guy Bob. If you’re not joking, then there’s something very wrong going on. You know that Muslims aren’t telling us all how to live, right ? That’s a bizarre right wing fantasy

        • I never said they tell us what to do ,besides I don’t take orders from no one . I support Palestine in their struggle against Israel .

        • You don’t take orders from no-one ? OK……. If they don’t tell us what to do, why would you say “what I do hate is muslims of any description coming here telling us how to live our lives ” ?

        • they come here and say islam will rule Australia ,behead the infidels ! mate I haven’t got time for this you know where I stand that’s it end of story . I know exactly what you are trying to do you have failed peace brother !

        • Actually, to be honest, I’m trying to amuse myself.

          One thing I’ve noticed about my friends who are Muslim, is how rarely they actually behead me.

  19. I am hearing alot of misunderstanding and wanton agression.
    As an Anzac descendant i wonder why anyone would comment and or belittle such a tradgid time in our history.
    Comment only in memoriam and reverance to those who at the time believed they were doing the right thing.
    This is NOT a muslim issue as this is NOT a christian issue.
    Find another frivilous fanciful topic to discuss.
    Here endth the lesson.

    • Thank you Kevin.

      People forget that Muslims have been in Australia for many years and have served with distinction in all the wars in which Australia was involved.

      The material you have written is on page 31 of the .pdf file.

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