The ADL – men who lurk at schools

We have a name in Australia for dodgy men who hang around schools taking pictures. They usually get arrested.

Here are some of them and their supporters.

men who lurk at schools

We’d better tell Nutjob Inc that just about every school in Sydney has high fences and lockable gates. That’s to keep the ADL and their sort away from children.

Also just about every faith-based school also has a place of worship attached. Check out the local Catholic school – on second thoughts don’t. We don’t want the ADL sliming around any schools.

And there’s more


men who lurk at schools2

Nathan’s obviously jealous they didn’t invite him in. He has trouble getting a date.

The sort who lurk at schools taking pictures usually do

15 thoughts on “The ADL – men who lurk at schools

  1. the school when it was originally opened actually didnt have those massive gates n fences n u could actually walk to the shopping centre next door cutting across the schools field… but since the fire they have gone n added the gates n fences around the entire property…

    also whts the big dieal… i’ve seen catholic schools with fencing higher than tht… n my old high school which is a public school actually has fencing like tht…

      • The 500 impregnating part is definitely a fantasy (Sarcasm alert) – though if there’s one thing religious schools love, it’s unwed mothers studying there! Definitely welcome in unwed mothers, and never ever expel a girl for being pregnant!

        Yep. this is Nathan’s contribution to penthouse letters, which was knocked back for being too unrealistic, and has been repurposed for his little group. Next up he’ll be saying that as well as being a harem, all Islamic schools are also hotbeds of homosexuality and lesbianism-because he says so.

        Nathan was the guy who was placed in a mental institution right?

    • I know! I mean, I’m a school worker, I go to multiple schools and meet with teachers regularly. I’m required to sign in and out of each of these schools-everyone apart from students and non-permanent staff are supposed too.

    • And that if he did start walking around any school grounds without a connection to a student, you would be asked questions, and potentially notified to the police.

      • That’s right, It’s the duty of the school workers to take care of their students. Having some weirdo with a camera hanging outside the school grounds is just gross. I think the school should notify the parents and say that if anyone witnesses anybody like that to notify the police immediately. No body should be allowed to hang around a school with a camera and peer in.

  2. I just can’t get over how they don’t even seem to understand the concern. It’s a school!

    Ugh. I have no words.
    What vile people they are, truly.

  3. Surely a grown man filming outside a school has to get done for something? Meanwhile the Liberals wants to enshrine bigots’ rights over those of their victims. Crazy. Just crazy.

  4. Schools are in fact not public places, you will see most schools have a sign saying you must report to school office and be on school business otherwise it is trespass.

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