Facebook wins the hypocrisy stakes (yet again)

Scene – drought-stricken Western NSW

A drought-breaking rain, a joyful young farmer celebrating with an impromptu naked rain dance.


Enter Facebook censors yet again.

… Mr Rogers soon found himself the butt of Facebook fury, with users reporting the image for graphic content or nudity.

The picture was taken down, and Station Photos was issued a warning and a subsequent 24-hour Facebook ban.

Queensland-based page Higgins Storm Chasing also re-posted the picture and received a warning and a ban.

“I went and made a page for it, and mine got blocked,” Mr Rogers said.

The 22-year-old said he did not understand how such a good-natured photo could be so controversial.

“I couldn’t believe it… it was just a harmless joke and it kept going,” he said.
“There’s much worse things on Facebook than that.”

What Facebook thinks is acceptable

And some reader comments we liked

There’s far worse stuff on Facebook full of hate, racism, violence, religious intolerance, homophobia, bullying and revenge. Show nature au naturel and a bunch of sad twats fall over themselves rushing to point their mouse over the report button. Conservative forces of eras past have got all the prudes, puritans, evangelicals, anti-fun police frothing at their flat screens and had their twisted values shoved squarely down the throat of society once again. A big raspberry to you all. If only all that misplaced energy could be turned against the hate and misinformation about science that is so tolerated as conversation on Facebook and some mainstream media.

Facebook is a complete joke, they will sit on their hands and let people open up hate pages, bully others and even let pedophile rings pass around photos of children. But when they get a few complaints about a struggling farmer celebrating showing his bum, look out alarm bells start to ring.

You can easily find loads of picture that have woman showing of the breast and bums and also see pages that are very border line socially unaccepted. They don’t stop people doing stupid or dangerous things and posting that on Facebook either.

I think it is time for all of us Australians to start supporting our farmers and what better way to do this then start posting pictures of our bums on Facebook in support and a show of respect to James Roger….. Come on Australia who’s with me!!!!! 🙂

I really don’t see much that I like about the USA! It’s ok to blow people up at weddings and show the results on the evening news but anything to do with the flesh is totally banned! Remember Janet Jackson showing her boob to the world, major controversy with government inquiries being held…. Would have hardly rated a mention here…

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One thought on “Facebook wins the hypocrisy stakes (yet again)

  1. i had one of their “page recommend” ads for a page pop up on my feed with nudity in it n i reported the page n gave them feedback… all i got back was tht fb reviewed n basically found nothing wrong with it… ummmm sorry but its wrong if someones twat appears on my feed… especially when i’m not interested in them…

    fb found a photo of a breast cancer survivor inappropriate… n all it was was a photo of the chest piece tattoo she got to cover up her scars… but if a girl has her tits n bits hanging out tht they dont consider as inappropriate… fb constantly contradicts itself…

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