Sergio’s Little Shop of Horrors

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Sergio Redegalli has had a rough time of it since coming out of the closet as a proud anti-Muslim.

We have watched Sergio’s career with great hilarity interest since we discovered that on his rapid downward trajectory from being a respected glass artist to the company of the odorous underbelly of Australian politics he has apparently at times disguised himself as a woman and infiltrated public toilets all over the place.

Firstly the crude anti-burqa mural slapped by him on the wall of his studio in Newtown has been vandalised many times, the latest occurrence being on the evening of 24th January this year.

Secondly despite the arcane powers vested in his wall art, he was unable to scratch up more than 87 votes in the 2012 NSW Local Government elections, despite even standing in a group with apparently non-Fascist independents, cafe owner George Reiterbauer and grumpy resident activist Chelsea Kovic.

Group E: Independents 440 votes 4.39%
REDEGALLI Sergio: 87 votes 0.87%
REITERBAUER George: 22 votes 0.22%
KOVIC Chelsea: 21 votes 0.21%
Group Total: 570 votes 5.69%

But perhaps the most puzzling incident happened on the 10th February and was lovingly reported by “Sheik Yermami” AKA Werner Reimann on his Farts of Jihad bloglet (we won’t link to it)


OK so here’s Sergio in the lobby of Newtown Police Station with blood from an obvious head injury with photographs kindly provided by someone.


Nasty stuff.

And unlike the enemy, who stalk, harass, threaten and intimidate, TAB deplores violence, even against the enemy.

However, when one reads the allegations and looks at the injury one starts to wonder.

The allegation is that “unknown assailants in a moving car” threw a bottle at the victim, thus causing the head wound.

The chances that an unbroken bottle hurled from a moving car can cause a laceration deep enough to bleed that copiously (and yes we know head wounds do bleed copiously) are somewhat low. Experts we consulted tell us it looks like an injury delivered at close quarters.

This did not phase Team Sergio who went on to post their reactions. Ralph Cerminara, who is distinctly out of favour at the moment with the collection of street thugs he formerly led ADL, was one of the first, promising the group which has just booted him out would be there to deliver some unspecified help, probably involving a lot of shouty posts on Facebook.

All were mainly promoting the notion of the blow having been delivered by those damn Muslamic rayguns, egged on by traitorous multicultural magistrates – a notion which will go down really well at the local court.

And then there was the last comment which allowed its anti-Semitism to briefly emerge before tucking it back in its pants.


sergio4 sergio5 sergio6 sergio7 sergio8

We hope Sergio has recovered. We enjoy laughing at him and his misguided mates.

PS: When the alleged bottle chucker emerges from gaol the Australian cricket team want to talk to him.

7 thoughts on “Sergio’s Little Shop of Horrors

  1. I’m not going to make any comment on how this charming gentleman got injured – I’ll leave that up to the cops. But Muslims charged with a crime will always be released by some bleeding-heart magistrate? Sure! This is absolutely the case, as long as you forget that:
    Bilal Skaf and his mates got a combined 240 years jail
    Mahmoud Eid got the maximum possible punishment for kicking a police dog and pushing a female police officer (The magistrate said she’d give him more time if she could)
    A group of Muslim men were jailed last year for punishing another Muslim under Sharia Law

    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that these men were punished as they were; I don’t know the facts of their cases, beyond that they broke Australian law – an act which demands punishment regardless of faith. The point is that these people certainly weren’t shown mercy on the basis of their faith – and the many other Muslims charged and convicted with crimes in Australia certainly aren’t shown any greater mercy than would a Christian or Jewish offender.

    I’d be very curious as to whether those charming individuals in the story above would be able to furnish any evidence as to where this hasn’t been the case, but I suspect not…

    • It’ because to people in the ADL, or any other such group, the only crime Muslims commit is that of being Muslim. And magistrates are being leninet on Muslims by not punishing them for being Muslims, rather punishing them when and if they commit crimes, for those crimes.

      It can also be shown through the dismissal of crimes by ADL and such groups when they are committed by non-Muslims. These groups don’t care about rape, child murder, assaulting police officers (In fact, their members have been involved in disrespecting police officers at least)-except when they are being done by Msulims, or any other group of difference to them.

      The dream of the ADL, Freedom party nad other such groups is a world where anyone who is linked to the party in charge can do whatever they want, and anyone else is punished for everything they do. Kinda like Burma really.

  2. does the govt really give muslims more money n better houses???? if thts the case then wheres mine???

    do they refer to the “muslims” tht immigrated here or all muslims (like most of us who are actually born here) should be deported?? i’d like to see them try lol

  3. Certainly Sergio does not deserve violence. He will be nursed back to health by good mates Nicholas folkes and Darrin “I’ve fallen out with nick and refuse to talk to him” hodges

  4. Changing the subject, over 15000 attended rallies supporting asylum seekers on Sunday night across the country. How many attended nick failure folkes anti asylum seeker rally recently in rozelle, Sydney? 6 or 7? Come on Andy “new Darrin” shine… Lets hear your response.

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