Aussie zeros comment on Manus Island

Mindful of the headline opportunity the unfortunate events on Manus Island have afforded it, Ninemsn ran this story on its website and invited comments.

Some of the comments were like this one


We could not agree more, especially after reading the rest of the comments on the story.

Comments such as those reproduced below.










Maybe Lindsay and Misha should get a room and spawn a whole next generation of ignorant bigot brats.

15 thoughts on “Aussie zeros comment on Manus Island

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  2. While I am at work, paying megatax, (happily, as it supports our disabled, sick, elderly, unemployed etc, my kids cannot receive benefits while they educate themselves as adults as I earn to much, I am 55 worked since 14 and still be working another 12 years only, if I am lucky). These ungratefuls destroyed my property, they expect I would like them as my neighbour! I do not think so. Send them home. I certainly will not give any one like that a job either. So where would they go if we let them in? Straight to benefits and I pay more tax, work more years, then there is the problems they will bring, haven’t you watched the news with the Sydney crime sprees. Not usually Au type surnames. Sorry, shop shut. Love not seeing the boats on the news, it is hard enough at the end of the day.

    • “paying megatax, (happily, ”

      He says, then complains repeatedly about how his tax dollars are spent. Do you not see the contradiction here?

      “These ungratefuls destroyed my property, ”

      And do you really think that if the asylum seekers destroyed property (And we have no idea if they have-several witness accounts record it was PNG locals who have attacked the asylum seekers, who were otherwise conducting a peaceful protest), those that did will be allowed into Australia? We have security checks, criminal checks, before we allow someone permanent residency. Those who break laws and cause trouble are punished for it through prison time, and deportation.

      “I certainly will not give any one like that a job either. So where would they go if we let them in? Straight to benefits and I pay more tax, ”

      Gotta love this- “I’m not going to give them a job, therefore no one will, therefore they will just cost me tax dollars”

      If, and it’s a big if, everyone refuses to hire asylum seekers (Which they don’t. Plenty of refugees I know find jobs easily-because they accept any job!), you are intentionally creating your own problems here. You are choosing to spend money on welfare, which allows you to complain, than give someone a job, which provides taxes.

      Of course, this is assuming you actually have a job to give. Which I doubt.

      “then there is the problems they will bring,”

      Ah yes, the ol’ “Migrants bring crime, even though white Australians commit the majority of crime in Australia”
      You naturally have proof that asylum seekers produce more crime than any other group in society?

      “haven’t you watched the news with the Sydney crime sprees. Not usually Au type surnames. ”

      Have you seen the news about Melbourne gangland wars? Quite a few “AU” surnames there. So, what’s your interpretation of that?

      “Love not seeing the boats on the news, it is hard enough at the end of the day.”

      You know, considering the boats haven’t stopped, the government has just refused to talk about them, you could achieve the same result by just not watching the news.

  3. 700,000+ refugees have come to Australia since 1947. I’m still yet to see any wars and sharia law that they’re apparently bringing along…

    • And we’ve had Muslims in Australia since before federation. Still not sharia law. Almost like it’s never going to happen. But these guys have developed a theory, totally impregnable to any evidence which may contradict them, which states that all Muslims are secretly planning a sharia takeover for centuries, and will continue to plan for centuries, and every internal division in Islam, every difference of opinion, every single pleasant interaction between Muslims and non Muslims, has all been a way to trick Australians.

      Of course, this theory could work just as well to say anyone and anything has secretly evil intentions, but they don’t like to think about that.

  4. There’s an awful lot of mindless bigotry above – and any attempt to try to address all of it would surely induce insanity – but there was one thing that really jumped out at me from the above. It’s a minor point, especially compared with the rest of that vitriolic diatribe, but it bugs me. That shining beacon of tolerance above, Misha Rose, laments that asylum seekers shouldn’t gain access because “half can’t read”. A couple of points on that:

    1. “Half can’t read” because many of the poor bastards currently rotting in indefinite detention didn’t have access to quality education. That’s the obvious one.

    2. Misha should pay more attention to literacy rates at home before attempting to use illiteracy as a benchmark for societal inclusion. Adult literacy rates here are terrible; 46.4% of adults are functionally illiterate. Seriously. In Tasmania, it’s 49%. Innumeracy is even higher. (ABS 4228.0, 2008, Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey – 2006 Data).

  5. I have spent half the day on that trashy msn site
    Just to gauge their reaction to me,a white woman
    putting a different opinion to theirs,
    and well the insults etc etc etc
    came flying thick and fast back

    So its not just refugees they demonize
    Its also any “Aussie”that stands up to there racism
    But I kept up with my little social experiment
    And well,I wonder about the damage they will do,to this country and any foreigner,or Aussie who opposes there racist rants

    I am exhausted after all the attack,and verbal crap I have endured today
    But hey,it was worth the laugh,was pretty funny sometimes
    reading their sometimes illegible rants and raves:)

    • I’ve noticed that the more they have in common with a person, the more they hate the differences. There is no greater hatred, for instance, than those between one racist group and another (The more extremist racist groups usually end up killing each other).

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