Scott Morrison’s Manga-lated Madness

Most people would have seen the story about a rather bizarre publication targeted at and distributed among asylum seekers by the Australian Government.

This “graphic novel” (“comic book” for more mature readers) is aimed specifically at discouraging Afghan Hazaras and outlines the story of a young man who flees Afghanistan, travels to Indonesia and meets up with people smugglers. The boat is intercepted and the young man is then subjected to the full force of Scott Morrison’s Final Solution.

Presumably whichever rocket scientist came up with the light-bulb moment which produced this did not bother to think that facing off Morrison’s goons might be infinitely preferable to being tortured and murdered by the Taliban, who are pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing of the Asiatic Hazara minority.

Perhaps the Taliban and Morrison should get together. They have some alarming similarities.

Thanks to the wonderful comedian Pauline Pantsdown however we now have a revised version which is far more truthful.

So without further ado sit back and check out Pauline’s version.

One thought on “Scott Morrison’s Manga-lated Madness

  1. I think Tone’s and coalition should be held accountable for the idiots they are
    When you see the other side of his propaganda
    You have to ask does this bloke have a heart,cos we all no he has no brains!

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