13 thoughts on “Fans Rally Behind TheAntiBogan

  1. you’d laugh till you pee’d your pants, then probably some more… but you’d also end up with a bruised forehead from all the face palms you’d do to yourself….

  2. This bloke seriously looks like he’s after a career as an internet shock-jock 🙂 I mean, he is in make-up, right? David Lee Roth without the talent, looks or bank account 🙂 Apologies to Van Halen.

  3. Some coward hiding behind a bogus name calling out to a nazi who loves nothing better than ringing young women and hanging up without saying anything.
    “Frank Gilroy” and Chris Merrett.
    Fucken master race dickwads right there.

  4. I’ve been observing this guy the past few months on FB on the BOOBS page – he’s laughably scary – doesn’t have anything particularly intelligent to say and likes swearing. I think he doesn’t deserve any attention – it will only encourage him to be more of a idiot. In his pic all he needs in his arms is one of those sphinx cats and he’ll be the perfect caricature of “Dr Evil”

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