Australians Still Fear Hapless Asylum Seekers

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Mick Kirton: “should have blown them out the water (sic)”

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Brock Hardman: “The shifty parasites deserve to rot in Indonesia”

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 9.45.20 pm


Sean Frazer: “…read our immigration act your wrong (sic) the method people smugglers use is illegal entry”

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Andrew Bolton: “booo hooo wooo cry to some one (sic) who cares. If you werent (sic) illegal and testing our board protection (WTF?) then I might care Until (sic) then go back and come in the correct way we dont (sic) need anyymore (sic) taxi drivers we have enough (sic).”

'Board Protection'

‘Board Protection’

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Adam Doig: “the only mistake is they missed when firing warning shots need (sic) to practice on there (sic) accuracy”

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Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 9.50.21 pm

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10 thoughts on “Australians Still Fear Hapless Asylum Seekers

  1. *sigh* I get that exposing trashy, worthless people like this is a lot of what you’re aiming for. I’d prefer to not be reminded that I share a country with these folks more often than is necessary. Please try to keep a balance between posts like this, and more insightful ones where you actually explain WHY the views these people hold are wrong. THOSE are the articles I link people to, share on facebook, and love reading.

  2. We have such folk as the above in our remote community….I look upon it philosophically as a “balance” thing..: The useless, stupid bogan voters are there to balance out the useless, cunning speculator voters….both being opportunists, they can SOMETIMES block eachother out…conversly, as in the last election, the front runner was such an appealing goof-ball, that neither could resist!
    We, who give more serious thought to a civilised future, are unfortunately caught in the “democratic” middle……and today, whichever way one looks, one sees uglyness!

    • I don’t think that there is balance. I think that democracy assumes a level of intelligence and far sightedness that no longer exists. If you look at the last election, BOTH major parties did their best to win votes by demonising asylum seekers. That tells me both wanted to score points more than to do good, and that their focus groups tell them that the vast majority of people will respond well to that sort of policy.

  3. It’s just too depressing…. Not sure I can read these posts anymore. The mix of fear, entitlement, ignorance and bad hi vis clothes is just too much for me.

    • I agree. I am glad to see this blog running again, but I care a lot more about informative articles on where these sort of people get it wrong, than on having to read through their depressing stupidity and ignorance.

  4. Trouble is, the targets are NOT going to read nuanced articles about how they got it wrong.

    I have lost count of the number of times we have published material pointing out myths and facts about asylum seekers published by the government and by respected bodies such as ASRC and the NGOs like St Vincent de Paul.

    Every day the Guardian and independent media have fact-based stories about asylum seekers and the real stories behind boat arrivals.

    Still the rabble continue with their hate.

    • And thus will it always be. Morons and racists don’t have a thought out position, they hate by reflex. But, ‘outing’ them will never make them change, at least a reasoned response gives reasonable people something they won’t be able to respond to, and that makes the indefensibility of their position clear. I have shared a number of those articles that you’ve published to people who post nonsense on my facebook page. I’d see no benefit in sharing posts like this one.

      • it may not make them change… but it does expose their true colours to the possible unsuspecting victims…

        I’m thankful in knowing who to avoid like the plague just in case their stupidity is contagious…

        • I’m not sure I follow, how can one be an ‘unsuspecting victim’ of a wrong attitude ? If someone doesn’t know about these people, they are unaffected. I think it’s useful as a reminder of the sort of depths that the popular viewpoint can sink to, but I don’t think it ever ‘helps the victims’.

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