Laugh and Point at the Latest Bogan Fail

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They failed again. Nicholas Folkes’ The Australian Protectionist Party Australian Party for Freedom in partnership with fellow frequent failers The Australian Defence League have conducted another public humiliation rally in the Bankstown-bordering suburb of Revesby (in Sydney).

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“The countdown to the rally is on.”

The Australian people were clearly geared up for this one after Nick’s Facebook page and website had spammed the event to death for weeks leading up to the massive event. (editor’s note: all references to the event have now been removed).

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“ADL will be there in full force.”

Would you like to see what ‘full force’ looks like? Surely a mass combination of the ‘Australian Party for Freedom’, ‘The Australian Protectionist Party’ and ‘The Australian Defence League’ would be able to muster up enough members and people in opposition to Islam to number in the tens of thousands.


I mean, if Nick Folkes had to use a megaphone to reach his unintelligible rumblings to all attendees, it must’ve been a rally of epic attendance.

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Alas, no.

Nick used this megaphone to speak to a circle of somewhere between 14 – 16 people who stood around him like an embarrassed, defensive ring of twats. Don’t be fooled by the pictures. The people in the background consist of bewildered onlookers, annoyed residents and a few Muslims who turned up to witness the spectacle.

Oh yeah – and there was a police presence. So your tax dollars paid for police to sit back and watch these time-wasting buffoons.

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63 thoughts on “Laugh and Point at the Latest Bogan Fail

  1. Was nice to see his whole family took a day off from their travelling sideshow carnival and turned up. Where were the fashion police though – an actual dress made from the Australian flag this time, really bogot woman? Is there no end to the bogot insistence on 101 ways to wear the Aussie flag?

  2. Nic needs a makeover – doesn’t he realise that all the successful nutzis dressed smart and took great care with their appearance. Stand a bit closer to the razor next time, tuck your shirt in and stop slouching – Mussolini didn’t reach those giddy heights in Piazza Quindici Martiri by dressing like a sciattone.

    • Nick won’t get a makeover because that would require him to learn from his mistakes….which he never ever will do. His tactics, to put simply, are to tell everyone that Muslims are evil, and when someone says “No they’re not” ignore them, then repeat step one again. Whenever anyone in the far right grouping referred to as the loser parties does begin to ask “what are we doing wrong?” The response is almost always “Nothing! Australia will love us eventually!”

      Seriously, my pug is nowhere near a genius, but one example of being trodden on was enough to teach her not to run under a person’s feet. Nick on the other hand has been repeating the same task for years, failing each time, and expecting a different result.

  3. Yep that will definately get the attention of the worlds media, the federal government and all the patriots lol. I mean are they not happy with the government they just elected treating asylum seekers like cattle?

    • What indeed? Socialist?

      I think these guys are at the opposite distant fringe end of the political spectrum.

      Its great to see really how little support – at least open outright support – for those racists there is.

      • Or /and how incompetent they are when it comes to drumming up awareness / publicity / media attention for themselves.

        (To be honest the only place I really hear about them is here – and once on SBS ‘Insight’ as an audience member same as when I first discovered TAB if memory serves.)

  4. Wasn’t the aim of this rally to sway the federal attorney general to ban a certain organisation? I’m sure the attorney general will be informed by a bunch of nazis who chose a random location to protest. Like all previous protests, zero attempt at swaying opinion or gaining supporters. Plain pathetic. No wonder Darrin has fallen out with former protege Nick!

      • @ mindmadeup : But you forget they have no shame to begin with – otherwise they surely wouldn’t be what they are! 😉

        (Or am I thinking of empathy? Both maybe.)

        Wonder how many such disappointing rallies it takes before they give up or at least realise they’re just not that popular and stop bothering to hold such “events”?

        • Good luck with that. Seriously, racist groups tend to hate each other for the minor differences even more so than those who have big differences (“I hate Jews and Muslims and you only hate Muslims- so I hate you even more than I hate the Jews!”), and the frequency racist groups implode as they attack each other on these tiny differences, you would have more luck organising pigs to run for parliament.

          And you won’t find any educated people to join your little club. Because educated people, by and large, don’t support racist beliefs. Something to do with meeting more people from a range of cultures when you go to university I suspect. And you’d know that if you actually went to university, which we all know you didn’t.

          Anyway, as I was saying…good luck with that.

        • You aren’t Amy or tony or no more foreign. You are a troll with a porn obsession. That is all.

          You have been made to leave before, and will be made to leave again, leaving your protest against non white people to be limited to the type of pornography you watch. That will send a message, you tell yourself while jerking and crying.

          How does it feel knowing you are going to die alone with your body only found once a smell is noticed by neighbours?

        • You went to university? Who as? Amy, Tony, Carol?

          And we all know you didn’t, because the University cannot be named, right? It’s the Voldermort university.

          You are a troll with a porn obsession.

    • Wait….you’re arguing with yourself? You just responded to and disagreed with your own comments!

      Anyway, you are a racist scum bag, but you raise a basis for some good ideas. You see I worry that if we don’t do anything this country will be overrun with racist scum bags, and I think we should act now to prevent it:

      1. I order Amy/no more foreign/tony to sterilise himself immediately (though with the constant sex changes this may have sort itself out). Having children from racist parents increases the strain on the country.

      2. Don’t buy from shops run by racist scum bags.

      3. Don’t visit prostitutes. Seriously, a lot of them have ended up in this line of work through force or coercion, and by visiting them you are creating a market for the force of further girls to enter the sex trade.

      4. Support non racist organisations, and don’t employ racists if you are an employer.

      5. Everyone should have a better health standard, and with racism leading to higher rates of heart disease, stress and stroke, it’s a view which is damaging your health.

      6. Little steps, big change. Everyone can help make this happen. We are all part of the solution, and we non racists have done a lot of great things in the past. If we work together we can make this happen, we can stop racism and safeguard australianfrom racism.

    • Really, this Amy “thing” needs to take their medication. They are probably the biggest purchaser of made in China products themselves. Someone with that little intelligence doesn’t have the nous to seek out Australian made products.

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