98 thoughts on “Josh the Asian hater – “Fuck you Board of Parlament you race trading dogs”

    • I know-I don’t even understand that. I mean, I love cake, and have a fondness for Asian women (Well, one particular Asian woman), but I don’t see any similarity whatsoever between the two.

  1. Maybe he should save up his dollars and buy the land himself, rather than expecting the government to do something.

    But, many racists aren’t smart enough to realise things like that.

    Personally, I wouldn’t like it racist bogans realised that instead of bitching and moaning, they should perhaps buy the land/property/store themselves, or that they should put their own money in their country’s infrastructure and industry.

    But, they won’t.

    They always seem to expect someone else to do it.

    I’m glad they’re not that intelligent to realise that they should put their money towards something for the country.

  2. I would love to know which indigenous Australian tribe Josh’s family came from, Masclet certainly sounds like an indigenous surname not.. Josh feel free to go back to where your family originally came from you narrow minded bigoted bogan.. same applies to Tiffo with her indigenous sounding surname of Partridge.

    • Aboriginals are immigrants too, the only difference is when they migrated to Australia there were no other people here yet. Regardless, anyone who has made Australia their home has a right to be concerned about it.

      • DERP I just dont think that vile racist rhetoric constitutes as concern, threatening to kill any asian they see is nothing more then poorly educated bogan mob mentality.. and if the Aboriginals got here before anyone else then they are the traditional land owners, its not like they turned up on boats, forced people off the land and to conform with their way of life like the good white people did…

  3. Oh, the irony of someone who can’t spell or use proper grammar accusing asylum seekers of being “unable to string two sentences together”. Every refugee I’ve ever met has a much stronger grasp of English than many people I know who were born & raised in Australia.

  4. What their small minds fail to comprehend is that they only appreciate such a high quality of life in Australia thanks to places like China. Idiots.

    • Thaks to China? What a load of crap. People need to get out of their minds that this idea of the China mining boom somehow made us rich. We have always been a rich country, and trading resources with China is only recent. The Liberal National government before Rudd came along is the ones that deserve all the credit. Who do you think provided the massive government bank balance that Rudd quickly and recklessly drained? Yeah, it was Howard. He is the reason this country did well through the GFC. A lot of other Western countries had left leaning parties in that were loose with the purse strings, we had 11 years of a stable and conservative government who build us up into an excellent financial position. The economic growth that occurred with the last liberal government combined with the consistent savings that they made, is what had Australia in such a good position in the GFC. All Rudd did was go and borrow a heap of money of the Chinese which we now have to pay back!

      • Carol, do you realise how much the Howard government F*cked up Australia?? In his time I have seen Australia become more racially divided, due to their political stances and playing each ethnic minority within Australia against each other for their own political gain. They had cut money from education, which is not crap. They cut money form renewable energy and gave it to the big polluters. Their financial policies have made the house prices rise more than 200%. Are you telling me its now easier to buy a house??? Remember when you could get a decent house for about $120,000 ??? Yeah I do, but it was a long time before Johhny got here, so please don’t defend that shitty right wing government. Just watch how Abbott will f*uck the average Aussie in the next few years …. so sad …

        • I have full confidence in the Abbott led Liberal National government. They are governing by the same liberal party principles that the Howard led Government governed by. You have to look at the people who are surrounding Abbott also his team is rock solid. People aren’t being shuffled around and chopped and changed. House prices are determined by lots of factors, House prices have been rising for a long time, nothing new. Back in the 50’s a house would cost $10 K. You talk about cutting money, I point out blatantly wasting money. This idea of we need to pour money into education is rubbish. Education is one area, and the standards of education is the most important factor. It’s not about throwing money at something, that is called being wasteful. A lot of this money going into schools is not doing anything at all to improve education standards. That is being wasteful.

          Look at how stable a party Abbott has lead. He lead the party to victory with the help of a solid team. They mean business this government. When you have competent people in the same positions year after year, it builds stability and experience. The liberal party has that, that is why they are in government, and that is where they need to stay. The Western world needs to get rid of these left leaning loose with the Purse strings governments. I’m confident that The Liberal party will bring new economic growth and savings. That is what is needed. As for these independents like Clive Palmer, I think they should be kicked out, they are nothing but a waste of space. I can’t believe that people would waste their votes on them.
          I think Abbott is a brilliant leader, but most importantly, just like Howard did, he has a solid team. My partner and I are both Liberal party supporters.
          Australia has had good measures in many quality of life measures for years. We have a lot to thank the 11 years of Liberal national government for that. Not only that, they have brought in gun control legislation, a goods and services tax which has worked brilliantly, a working Pacific solution for Asylum seekers, which was dismantled by Rudd leaving our boarders in compromised integrity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BoatArrivals.gif That leaves a tough job now for the Liberal national party to fix up the mess, it’s not going to have effect overnight, but I have full confidence that once again it will be brought under control.
          The Liberal team is governing with experience and stability and that is the difference.

        • You of course realise you lose credibility when you state ‘I’m a liberal member’. Hardly a balanced view.

          At least the ABC allows opinions from all political groups, and the news/ current affairs is obliged to be balanced.

          So everyone is fully aware, I too have been a liberal party member. It was at Uni. Everyone experiments back then (for me the big attraction was the free nightclub membership). Back then it was made clear there was no real difference between the parties, and nothing’s really changed.

        • Elections in Australia are based on the principle that you vote based on what you believe is based on your electorate. Those elected should represent their electorate before a party.

      • Really? Have a look at some of the products you buy. Don’t worry, they can be clothes, electronics, toys, food, blankets, towels, furniture etc.

        Made in China, sold at a low price. To Australians (and the rest of the world). If not for China’s engine of production there are myriad luxuries we’d not be able to afford.

      • Carol
        while i realise that it is utterly pointless attempting to debate someone so completely blinkered and, well, just plain dumb as you i can’t help but ask, did you just suggest that the George W Bush administration in the U.S was a left leaning party? As in, and I quote you, ” A lot of other Western countries had left leaning parties in that were loose with the purse strings”
        Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
        The rest of what you said was also stupid.

        • Well “spike” all I can say is we in Australia live in a democracy and you are entitled to your opinion and your vote as am I and if you are going to sling insults around be prepared to cop some yourself. What I was referring to when I said that a lot of other Western countries had left leaning loose with the purse strings governments, was the case of foreign debt. In comparison, Australia paid back a lot of foreign debt and built up a big bank balance which comfortably saw it through the GFC. A bank balance quickly depleted in a very reckless way by the Rudd and Gillard led labour Government.

        • I’m not an expert, but I don’t accept your suggestion that I haven’t got a clue. Are you claiming to be an expert?

        • I was managing to get through Carol’s post but when I got to “built up a bank balance” my eyes rolled so hard I passed out. Thanks Carol!

      • Carol, without China buying our resources, we’d be scratching for cash. Cast your mind back to those dark, dark days of the late seventies/early eighties, when all Australia had to export was generally f*** all, Hoard as treasurer had royally screwed the economy, and the Hawke and Keating governments had to implement some very painful economic reforms, such as the floating of the dollar, in order to make Australia more competitve. You may also be interested to know that Howard tried to dissuade Fraser from allowing Vietnamese refugees to settle in Australia as having anyone not white settling in Australia did not fit his world-view.
        As for your mate Abbott, he’s about to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a trade agreement that is totally going screw over Australian businesses at the expense of foreign interests. It’s actually such a vicous and nasty little piece of paper that not even Howard in all free-market glory would sign, as he recognised just how many Australian companies will go under as a result of it. You just don’t hear much about it (or its downside) because Murdoch (an American national) isn’t about to tell you about it.

        • We have always had plenty to export. 60% of the agricultural products we have always traditionally produced are exported. The one export that has declined is our manufacturing, and that is not helped by the cheap exports and low cost production of Asian nations. If I will quote some recent figures on manufacturing, “The manufacturing industry in Australia has declined from 30% of GDP in the 1960s to 12% of GDP in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMjvVBW-aJo 2007.”http://www.blakemore.com.au/papers/Australia%20Made%20Paper.pdf

          This is not a good trend for manufacturing, but we can turn that around. We are known for producing quality products which we have a very good history of. There are some really successful businesses in Australia and new and emerging niche markets such as alpaca farming for wool products, meat and possibly even dairy. Camels for meat and Dairy, aquaculture with ocean trout and Salmon in Tasmania, Dairy is doing well in Tasmania with a lot of new technology there and production is expected to increase. The car industry is not doing well, but who knows that might change. There is a lot of technology that allows many things to be done by robots which increases consistency in production and reduces costs, so the future is only what can be made of things. I’m sorry I’m not familiar with the particular trade agreement that you are speaking of, but I will do my best to get up to speed on it.

    • 1. juggalo
      For the most part, an uneducated, pathetic excuse for a human being who listens to the group ICP who are bold enough to actually consider themselves musicians. People you see wearing “hatchet-man” accesories. They should not be allowed to reproduce, because that is too cruel to future generations. ICP isn’t rap, it isn’t metal, it isn’t rap/metal, and it isn’t horrorpop. There is only one way to properly categorize ICP; unnecessarily and unartfully offensive and obnoxious noise.
      That juggalo is stupid enough to think that ICP is music.

  5. I wonder if there is a way to actually conect with these people. Hes obviously bitter angry disconected. Is there any way to turn that around?

  6. Never mind the fact that whatever technological piece they used (smart phone, tablet, computer, laptop) is actually “gook shit.” Idiots.

  7. Did Josh Masclet just issue a direct threat of violence with deadly intent? Isn’t that the sort of thing that should be reported?

    • Yes, and in the country of Austrlia they have a board of palament which trades in races. I wonder how much a bogan is worth?

  8. This makes me incredibly sad. What is it that makes him so incredibly, outrageously, frighteningly angry? I understand that some people are just nasty and racist. I think though, his rage belies something else. I hate reading this. I hate thinking about it. Somewhere in his life someone, perhaps many people, have done this man a huge disservice. So sad.

      • To be fair to Adelaide, these specimens are actually from a place called the Copper Coast, North of Adelaide & West of Snowtown. Less Asians, but far more heavy metals floating down from Port Pirie, which may explain the hate.

        • Heavy metals are bad news. Leaded fishing tackle needs to go. Lead and Mercury should not end up in the environment. I believe small amounts of these metals are naturally occurring, however the use of lead and mercury needs to be tightened up on. It was taken out of petrol because of the problems it caused, but fishing sinkers and tackle are still made from lead in some cases. Not good, not what we need in the environment. Brass can be used as can steel, but what should be used is biodegradable materials. No excuses. My guess is that Josh took a trip to Sydney and didn’t like what he saw. I’m also unaware of Asian grand plans in Adelaide.

  9. The pure hate kinda washes over me now, having seen many such comments, which just leaves the lingering question-

    Does he really think there is serious interest from Asian investors in purchasing the entirety of South Australia? Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting Adelaide, but I never got the feeling that if the state was for sale cashed up Chinese business men would be the target market.

    English gentry on the other hand, maybe.

      • That’s simply not true. Howard was the leader in government for 11 years and yes we did have a steady immigration program in that time, but the yearly average of migrants was at 140k compared to a large increase to over 400k per year when Kevin Rudd decided he wanted a big multicultural Australia. Labour then changed their minds on this and brought immigration back to the 200k mark just before the election. I’ve got no comment on it, but those are the facts.

    • Yeah, well that was just last year, just before the election don’t you remember Gillard making changes to immigration policy Aiming for below 200K and then the Liberal party put out their policy of capping number of migrants to 170K and bringing long term migration back to a long run average of 140K similar to the levels in the 90’s under Howard. But check out how many were coming in when Kevin Rudd came into power and did not stop until Gillard realised that it was an issue with voters.

      One year before the election is not representative of Labour failure to maintain an immigration program which the Australian public had confidence in.

  10. Interesting what Bob Carr thought of his own party’s immigration program. “Former Premier of New South Wales Bob Carr remains a vocal critic of high immigration, believing that population growth is unsustainable on a dry continent, commenting in 2009: “because of a very significant ramping up of the immigration intake, really a doubling of the intake, over the last five years, that we’re looking at a population of… 42.5 million by 2055. And I am very worried about that. I don’t think we’ve got the carrying capacity.”.[81] The Australian Greens also favour keeping Australia’s population low on environmental grounds.”

    • Check out table A4. Permanent Overseas visitors. Every year since the Labour government took over we have seen a steady increase. Every year. We have also seen a decline in the percentage of British migration and an increase in Asian and Indian migration as evidenced from your source there. This is what Josh with his rant is no doubt alluding to. I’m sure Josh doesn’t mind about 100K poms a year, but he probably minds with 100k Asians and Indians a year.

      Again, I have no comment, but I’m not going to pretend like I don’t see the point that he is making. I’m sure he didn’t analyse statistics before making his rant, but the migration statistics show a trend especially since the last Labour government towards Asian and Indian migration.

  11. Howard supported mass immigration. Rudd continued it in the first year, then the rate fell substantially.

    Check out the Department of immigration statistics

  12. I will double check this, but when Kevin got in migration was at 316,000 in 2008. You have to remember he had a vision for a population of 40 million, a big multicultural Australia, an idea he back flipped on.

  13. From the dept of immigration – Net migration rates

    2004/5 – approx 150 000
    2005/6 – approx 175 000
    2006/7 – approx 230 000
    2007/8 – approx 275 000 Rudd continues Howards growth of immigration.
    2008/9 – approx 300 000 rudd continues Howards growth of immigration
    2009/10 – approx 195 000
    2010/11 – approx 175 000
    2011/12 – approx 205 000

    In reality we can see Immigration increased steadily under Howard. This trend Continued briefly under Labor, then fell sharply.

    • If you were to graph these figures, you’ll see that the immigration under Rudd matches the trend that Howard was following.

      We can also clearly see that Howard supported mass migration. When Labor got in the continued with Howard’s approach, realised there were problems with it, and scrapped it

      • “the trend that Howard was following” Really? you know what he was thinking? I’m quite sure that Howard copped a lot of criticism over his conservativeness with immigration, boat people and refugees. I recall one example of Howard being criticised for not taking in Africans after intakes in the years before and his response was to the effect that they did not settle well in Australia, we tried and we found that it didn’t work so they took people from Asia and the middle East instead. He was further criticised and I recall him saying if something doesn’t work then you don’t keep on with it.
        I think he was quite strong on immigration myself.

      • What I mean here is that Josh sees a problem with non Western immigration. He has made a pretty strong association with the Labour party and problems with immigration. There may or may not be some basis for that view, that’s opinion and I won’t comment on that, but he is not of the impression that immigration was somehow more restricted under Labour. I don’t think many people are of that opinion. There is a number of different statistics there, I think country of origin for migrants is something that should not be overlooked.

    • Where is your link? one year of over 200K is not “Growth” it was a year before an election and still put the average at 140K. Prove that this is not the case.

      • Immigration was just one area that the Australian public had lost confidence in Labour over. Just one area, but still, it is significant. It’s a democracy and that is what people want. Big multicultural Australia was not what people wanted.

    • This is a statistic that is made up of Australians leaving for long holidays and travelling overseas study and work overseas which subtracts from the number of new migrants coming from places like India and China. This is not the trend at all. Look at permanent arrivals from overseas and their country of origin. China, India. It has increased dramatically since 2007. 05- 06 (LNP) 221,923,
      06- 07 (LNP) 263,296, 07- 08 (Labour) 321,845, 08- 09 (Labour) 389,299, 09-10 349,182, 10- 11 (Labour) 347,843′, 11-12 (Labour) 377,602

      We see a rise in people of overseas origin, of which we can see in the country of origin that most are from China and India, more than people from Britain and New Zealand coming under the Labour government to stay permanently. Many people come on visas, but they are not counted in this, they may overstay their Visas or simply disappear when they get here also, but this is just people coming to stay permanently.

  14. Do you live in Victoria, because these are the migrants you have taken in

    “Since 2003, Indians had been the main source of permanent settlers in Victoria.
    But in 2009-10, their numbers slumped 14 per cent, and China became the state’s main source of settlers.
    Chinese (8151) and Indians (7739) easily outnumbered settlers from Britain (4282) and New Zealand (3696).
    They were followed by Sri Lankans (2484), Filipinos (2112), Malaysians (1638), South Africans (1477) and Vietnamese (1347)”

  15. Your point being? Howard supported mass immigration. Labor, whilst in power, reduced the level to below Howards.

    Check out the dept of immigration

    • No, you meant it as an insult. It was taken as an insult, and you hit your target. You can think what you like, I have shown myself to be academically capable.

      How did you go at school? I only ask because you just asked me.

  16. First at my school in one Subject, top 6% of state. Well in All others too.
    Don’t you just delight when it comes to the slinging insults on ones intelligence. Do you suffer an intellectual disability hahahaha No offense but you are dumb hahaha
    I always make a conscious effort not to resort to personal insults as I feel that this site is about combating discrimination, not perpetuating it. At least that is what I think it stands for.

    • Carol I just want to let you know that if I offended you earlier by accusing you of saying dumb things, and suggesting you were blinkered and bigoted in your comments, please be assured I meant every word.
      I find your attempt to take the high moral ground concerning personal insults contemptable. I could’nt give a shit if you are offended when all you have done is regurgitate right wing talking points and claim them as facts. Fuck you.

  17. Not slinging insults. You didn’t believe something I posted from Monash University. Uneducated people tend to distrust Uni publications as they are unaware of what Uni’s actually do.

    Then when you started agreeing with what I said about Howard supporting mass immigration I became concerned.

    I am dyslexic. Thanks for the spelling correction.

    • But when you posted this I began to think you struggled at school.

      Since 2003, Indians had been the main source of permanent settlers in Victoria.
      But in 2009-10, their numbers slumped 14 per cent, and China became the stateā€™s main source of settlers.
      Chinese (8151) and Indians (7739) easily outnumbered settlers from Britain (4282) and New Zealand (3696).
      They were followed by Sri Lankans (2484), Filipinos (2112), Malaysians (1638), South Africans (1477) and Vietnamese (1347).

      I mean, what’s the relevance? Also, as we both know as we are highly educated, random data like this is meaningless. It would have meaning If the figures for these groups were provided for each group over time.

      Also, as we both know as we are highly educated, the main reason for the fall in people coming from India is that Indians are not as comfortable coming here as they once were.

      Was that covered in article?

      • Well the relevance is that this young man lives in South Australia. He has probably been to Victoria or Melbourne. He is basing his views on something he has heard or seen. I’m sure he doesn’t live in a vacuum in SA. Immigration is a relevant area. I might even be helping him understand how the process works. All he need do is contact a political party with his opinions and concerns to be heard and find out details about said concerns that he has to see whether or not they are validated.

        • We were discussing immigration rates, how Howard encouraged mass immigration and how Rudd did in fact not ‘force’ multiculturalism on us. The link was to a PDF file. Not a website.

          He’s basing his views on the belief anyone different to him is inferior. Very likely he lives in some kind of social vacuum surrounded by like minded people whom reinforce his own mental instability

        • No worries. I saw your initial remark regarding monash uni and took it to mean were negative towards university in general. That’s why I questioned your education. I’ve come across people who struggled at school at are subsequently negative to things published by academics

          Apologies if you felt I was rude. It wasn’t intentional. And I am mildly dyslexic

    • The spelling correction is a correction of my own. I have not criticized you at all.

      The link is to a the Monash University web site.

      Don’t assume I’m uneducated, if you have a link make it specific so we all know exactly what you are referring to.

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