Midnight’s Nutjobs

We thought we’d share this full-blown crazy from tonight with you. He posted this to a months-old blog post exposing a racist soldier.

It is not often we get someone who ticks all the conspiracy theory boxes in one post but this fruitcake manages to do so.



Don’t think he has left anyone out though we are happy to be corrected on that.

BONUS – the late great Billy Thorpe

3 thoughts on “Midnight’s Nutjobs

  1. At the risk of sounding silly I don’t agree with all of his statements, however evidence is growing of things which are not quite what they seem, that’s all I will say as I have reason to believe some things he mentions but this is not the forum for personal opinion. My goal is to address the vile and rabid racism shown by the likes of people highlighted on here, this guy doesn’t fit the bill to my mind, he is close but not worthy of this page, let him make a fool of himself elsewhere.

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