10 thoughts on “Julia Gillard’s Achievements

  1. History, I think, will judge Julia Gillard a lot better than many idiots currently do. I think she was a great Prime Minister who should and one day will be a lot more widely respected and appreciated.

  2. I supported the carbon tax. We have to start somewhere with pollution. Unless we can clean up coal, it’s going to be a massive source of pollution for years to come. I think julia was right with the carbon tax idea, she didn’t know how to sell it or implement it. With out new technologies and ways to minimise the impact of the carbon tax, it’s not going to be as effective though. What’s needed is new technologies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

    • Definitely Carol, so very true. I supported the carbon price / tax too. Yes, the effort to fight global Overheating has to be global but why shouldn’t Australia pull its fair share and /or lead the way?

      What would the Climate Deniers prefer as an alternative? Buried heads in sand and ignoring reality even when the Bureau of Meteorology notes record breaking angry summers and overly hot too early springs time after exceptional time? (Check out their website now – really. Plus the climate Council one too.)

      Does the rest of the world really need to drag us kicking and screaming out of the Coal Age and into the Renewables Age? Should Australia just freeload on Europe and China and the others when they act and, if no one is acting yet when action needs to be taken then why not be first to step up show the way and take the lead? Someone has to and they get the opportunities and the historical credit which will fall due – as will the historical blame and cost of missed chances?

      Aren’t the bogans proud of Australia and keen for us to lead and beat the world and punch above our weight?

      So … Arrrghh! Why?

      Why this fear and unwillingness to have us lead or even just do our fair share when it comes to making the future better not worse for everyone on the planet? Incl. especially ourselves?

      Julia Gillard accomplished what Kevin Rudd, Malcolm Turnbull, even John Howard wanted to do but couldn’t. I do think that was one of her greatest moments.

      In time, I’m sure we’ll all see that former PM Gillard – and the Greens – were absolutely right on carbon pricing and acting to fight Global Overheating.

      PS. Sorry if this rant is straying too far off topic – please let me know and delete this if so but, yeesh, this gets me cheesed off.

  3. Julia’s achievements:

    1. Running record massive deficits.
    2. School hall fiasco s.
    3. Etc etc etc.

    Now that the dust has settled boys- how do you feel. Labor has been routed. Palmer and right wing micro parties hold balance of power.

    How do u feel?

    Like a drunk grasping the filthy toilet pan in the pub toilets . Dreaming about all your failed lefty fantasies I’ll bet.

    You ‘ve got six more years boys to wallow in your own failures.

    Mainstream Austrslia has repudiated left wing extremism .

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