With fans like Keith Harding…

Here’s Keith Harding, supporter of failed Liberal candidate ronnoC ‘O naeS Sean O’ Connor who stood for the safe Labor seat of Sydney at the recent Federal elections.

T shirt and all.


Now you may recall that the openly gay Sean O’ Connor actually supports same sex marriage. His cognitive dissonance with his own leader and his own party must be of epic proportions. It certainly showed in his preference deal.

Sean O’ Connor

But it pales into insignificance against that of his big fan. Though with fans like Keith, Sean might feel he doesn’t need enemies.

Note that Keith takes his own sad selfies in his own bedroom mirror. Dateless and desperate?


Anti-semitism and hatred of black people are not likely to win friends and influence people, nor to attract any votes for his favourite candidate.


Keith doesn’t like asylum seekers either and rather fancies them as targets.


Not much compassion for foreign aid recipients either.

In conclusion – with fans like Keith Harding …

6 thoughts on “With fans like Keith Harding…

  1. Love one of his friend suggestions….”Angela Usher- Abbott get rid of the UN and the C.S.I.R.O. Axe them from Australia, that’s a huge ask, but just do it. It would save Australia and the coalition corp a lot of headaches to start.”….yes they walk among us!!!

  2. Keith’s sexuality is neither here nor there, it’s his politics and racism that should be condemned, and his choice of friends – Angela Usher as an example – who would friend someone who prays to god for asylum seeker boats to sink – that’s just contemptible.

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