43 thoughts on “Muslims Chased Out of Shopping Centre by Mormons and Christians – BEST THING TODAY

  1. Winners, one and all.

    It always amazes me the authority they speak with: “No one wants them in our country”, “We don’t want them here”, etc. What makes them think they speak for the majority? I guess that’s what comes of only interacting with other bigots; when your whole life is one big echo chamber I guess it’s easy to get a warped frame of reference.

    If it was up to me though, and I had to choose between the above and some “filthy sewer rats”? Bring on the rats, and these wankers can fuck off somewhere else.

    • And what better joke is there than one that involves running out a group of people who were peacefully shopping out of a mall.

      Seriously-is this something you’d be okay with, Nissan? Someone talking about how you and your family were forced out of a shopping centre and called the spawn of the Devil? That make you laugh?

    • Australia is NOT a Christian country. Australia is a secular country, with Christianity as the most common religion (Unsure if it’s even a majority at this point).

      There is a clear difference-and that is a secular country allows the free expression of all religions, as long as those religions do not attempt to restrict the freedom or impose themselves on non-practitioners.

      If you wish to disagree with that, that’s your choice, but as a proud Anglican, I’m kinda happy I don’t have any Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hare Kirshnas, Pentecostals, or Catholics blocking me from buying my groceries.

    • @Luke : It always amazes me the authority they speak with: “No one wants them in our country”, “We don’t want them here”, etc. What makes them think they speak for the majority?

      They sure don’t speak for me. I’d much rather see Muslim refugees in our country than hate-filled bitter and nasty racists anyday.

  2. Such a fake story you racist bogan bush pig, Australia isnt even a country thats built on a specific religion, if us muslims wanna stand in a shopping centre then we can, don’t think we’re scared of rapist priests or mormans darling we just don’t need the head ache. ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION and will continue to be. 🙂

    • For what it’s worth, the few Muslims I know are all, without exception, really great people. If they’re anything to go by, then bring on Islam.

      • I’m working with a lot of Muslim kids at the moment, and honestly, I’m finding no real difference in terms of personality styles than all other kids. Some are rude and pushy, some are polite to a fault. One thing I’ve noticed though is that the messages of the media of “Muslims are incapable of being good” is filtering down to the teens, so that when kids get in trouble they blame their culture rather than take responsibility. This isn’t anything to do with them being Muslim,it’s because they’re teenagers, and teenagers hate to take responsibility for thier actions (And if the media is going to give them a good excuse they will take it-I’ve seen other kids blame their truancy on listening to gangster rap for the same reason).

  3. What planet do these ugly people inhabit? If I went to a shopping mall which allowed religious fruitcakes, of any kind, to spout their crap I’d leave also & go elsewhere, after notifying management of the reason for my decision to do.

    • I was wondering that as well, Joy. All the shopping centres I’ve attended are quite strict about anyone preaching or performing inside them, including buskers, unless they are authorised by management (To the point that Hare Krishnas walking through and singing resulted in security forcing them out).

      Now street corners, or public property would be different,

      • Agree, JM, that’s why it was mentioned the posts by the disgusting Raylea Paterson were a bunch of lies. No shopping mall management would allow such bible bashing nutters to preach their crap in the malls, impeding & driving off shoppers. I know I would leave any mall that permitted such religious cretins to harangue the customers.

        Also, most people of Muslim background would not worry about such bible waving idiots or allow them to drive them out of a shopping mall. Especially as we know it didn’t happen.

  4. I think they all have a chromosomal disorder and are from the developmentally delayed social group…….these poor souls are the dumbest of the dumb. It sure does show in their faces.

  5. I’m appalled by their spelling to start with!!! What are these people even doing to be allowed to have keyboards? I’m surprised they got past the crayon stage! I’m disgusted also they they think they think they represent the views of everybody in Australia! How dare they think they speak for me?!!!

    • It’s 2013 not only Islamic people or arab or whatever you call it write like that . If your 50 that’s not our problem but that’s the way people talk on the Internet.. Where not filling out our resumes like that!! Grow up

      • Ah, Hanna, I’m pretty sure Laura wasn’t referring to Muslims when she was complaining about spelling. The article itself features many mispelled comments from people criticising Islam for stupid reasons. This website is to mock those who are racist.

        • Thank you JM I was responding to the post that was the subject here – THEIR spelling was atrocious. I apologise for any confusion. I was expressing my disgust at these people that posted the comments not the people here on the forum! Peace!! (PS My daughter’s name is Hanna)

    • Just because your 50 and can’t keep up with the century , we don’t only speak or write like that it’s everybody else , that’s how u write on the internet it’s slang!! Computer language. We don’t write like that on our resumes grow up!!

      • It’s how lazy morons write on the internet, sure. It’s forgivable in an SMS or tweet where you’re limited with your characters, bloody lazy and stupid everywhere else.

    • People like that tend to confuse the little gang of idiots that surrounds them with society at large. Most bigots assume most people secretly agree with them, but they’ve been bullied into keeping quiet by some kind of hippie muslim terrorist greenie lefty socialist conspiracy.

  6. The Mormons I’ve come across don’t preach… even the one’s tht do the door to door walks… as a matter of fact there were 2 younger men tht would walk door to door in my old neighbourhood n they were more intrigued with our culture n language tht they’d come back every sunday just to learn bosnian…

    also did anyone actually notice tht ellen jarrett chick is wearing a hijjab??

  7. First of all Australia is against racism and u guys a 100%racist, u keep putting religion and culture toghether, u can have an Australian in the middle of all u and he could be Muslim, religion is in your heart not on your face. So take these words and mark then on your stupid foreheads , We are here to stay , We are not going anywhere , We are stronger then ever so I suggest u guy find proper priest who dnt rape little boys rather then focussing and putting all the attention on us, as much as I love attention!! U guys need to grow up, if u can’t grow up how do u expect the little ones to do so!! Grab a tohey or two, grab a martini or whatever u call it relax take a chill pill or a pipe and have a shrimp on the barbe!! Salams my Australian GROWN UPS!! Dnt forget WE ARE HERE TO STAY SO BACK OFF

    • Hanna, this site isn’t criticising Islam or Muslims, but idiots who are racist against Muslim. The article itself is criticising people for celebrating persecution of Muslims, and the comments are (Mostly) mocking those who are racist or prejudiced.

      You’re very welcome here, but please read the article in full before commenting.

  8. U talk about preaching Jehovah’s Witness always knock on my door and I have never ever been rude to them , I had a Asian man in a Buddha out fit knock on my door same thing never did I direspect him, but u guys wait for the Arabs or Muslim people to do something just so u can have an excuse to jump!! But u all think u are to strong behind your computers u weak people!! There’s always nice ways about going on about something, u guys are just the same as we are, Islam , Christian , Buddhist, orthodox, ect!! These are religions and u can enter Australia as a orthodox and months on u become Muslim, so when u say we dnt want u in our country , get out, u people and all your other jibrish crap, just remember this is a multicultural country, u can pick or choose but at the end u just have to sit and watch . One more thing go listen, or read the Australian anthem and if u can’t obey by those rules then your not an Australian heart, 100%aussie I am and proud, born and breed here!! Take care

  9. I just asked a question because she does not seem like the average Muslim woman. It doesn’t bother me either way, I’m literally interested. Dating does not always mean sexual contact btw JM, a kiss on a first date is not really sexual contact. I would say touching breasts and bum constitutes contact of a sexual nature and this rarely happens on a first date.

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