14 thoughts on “A sad Aboriginal grandfather reflects

      • If they were locals shouldn’t that make them care *more* to keep their community’s reputation free of the taint of such ugly blatant racism? Shouldn’t they be ashamed to have their town sullied with such disagraceful conduct and attitudes?

        Clearly not. How pathetic and how sad.

  1. The NSW NRL should be notified of this disgraceful behaviour. Normally there are serious consequences for this type of disgusting racist barracking by supporters & players. The people of Glen Innes should hang their heads in shame.

    This despicable behaviour seems to be getting worse & it will be open slather if the Indigenous People’s “friend” Abbott gets his way with watering down the anti-racism & anti-vilification laws.

    • No it was a correction we made to the name of the town. The person who posted it had made a subsequent correction in a following post. He had written “Inverell” when he meant Glen Innes.

      In accordance with our normal practice we have suppressed the name and picture of the poster so he would not be harassed by trolls and other Facebook scum.

  2. I don’t believe this was posted by the grandfather. it was a troll or informer. the true facts aren’t known. what happened two weeks before when the moree boomerangs “smashed them on the field”? Typically you now consider and generalize that glen innes is a racist town. get over it you whingeing wankers. pixelating the identity of you’re informant does nothing to hide his identity! Funny how joy cooper blames everything on the change of government. IT is a total whinger! and mindmadeup is a” troll and is facebook scum”. I have not forgotton boofhead!

    • “Not forgotten” what, ed kellyt? Where did I blame the change of government for this type of despicable behaviour? Just stated the fact it WILL get worse if the watered down anti-racism, anti-vilification parts of the so-called freedom of speech laws get brought in.. That is a fact as there are already too many instances of this kind of behaviour already.

      Were you present at this game? Are you from Glen Innes? So how do you know it did not happen.

  3. The aboriginal people deserve better than this. Nobody should be called a black C***T or similar. This is destructive and dividing behaviour.

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