Macquarie Park Railway Station racist rant leaves immigrant ‘shocked and traumatised’


Robbie Patterson       Northern District Times
August 28, 2013 9:30AM

Henri Fanda who works at Macquarie Park was racially abused by a commuter at Macquarie Park Station when he was with his young daughter and her friend. Source: News Limited

A MAN who suffered a racist tirade at a Sydney train station wants CCTV footage posted on YouTube to shame his attacker.

Henri Fanda who works at Macquarie Park was racially abused by a commuter at Macquarie Park Station when he was with his young daughter and her friend. Source: News Limited

Jakarta-born Henri Fanda his daughter, 10, and her friend were waiting for the lift next to a middle-aged caucasian man at Macquarie Park Train Station.

Mr Fanda said the man “unleashed” a string of profanity-laden racist comments, leaving he and his daughter “disappointed, shocked and traumatised”.

Gladesville Police are examining CCTV from the station.

“I was waiting for the lift while this man, he would have been about 50, was in front of me … I had taken my daughter and her friend to a Total Girl Magazine photo shoot, so they were a little excited,” Mr Fanda said.

“When the lift arrived he went in first followed by the girls and then me. I thought I heard him swearing or not very happy … I asked ‘what’s wrong mate’?

“He just turned around and unleashed.

“He said ‘you don’t belong in this country, go back to your country’.”

Mr Fanda has lived in the country since 1988 and became an Australian citizen four years ago.

The man told Mr Fanda that one of the girls had ran into him, but that both girls denied it.

“But even if they did, come on, they’re just kids,” he said.

To Mr Fanda’s surprise another man, about 70, got on the lift that “was taking an awfully long time to move”, who also abused him.

“I was just lost for words … I didn’t want to confront him … my daughter was nearly in tears,” he said.

Mr Fanda wants the CCTV footage released on YouTube to shame his attackers and “show people how ugly racism is”.

Gladesville Police crime manager Detective Inspector Doug Revette said police were investigating whether they was enough evidence to charge the man with racial vilification.

“We were investigating whether under the anti-discrimination act it is racial vilification. But the act is quite restrictive because it usually involves physical violence,” Insp Revette said.

Racial vilification carries a $5,500 fine and potential for six months in jail.

“There is no place for it in today’s society,” he said, addling that racially-charged verbal abuse can escalate into very serious crime, very quickly.”


14 thoughts on “Macquarie Park Railway Station racist rant leaves immigrant ‘shocked and traumatised’

  1. The worst thing about these stories is how often some other stranger comes across the situation – and not only do they not help but they actually join in the abuse. You could pass it off as just the ocassional crazy person if it was just one person involved, but when so often these things just happen to occur right near like-minded people … it really makes you fear the worst for our society.

  2. Get ready to see more of this disgusting crap as people feel emboldened by the return of coast to coast conservative governments. Howard originally okayed this type of behaviour by grabbing the worst of Pauline Hanson’s racist rants & dog whistled them throughout the community.

  3. This is sickening because it’s literally down the road from me, and seconds away from Macquarie University, which is full of international students. Any one of them could have been a victim of this arsehole and his big mouth. What the fuck are these people ON that they think they can talk to people like this in a public space? It seems these creeps have to inject their racist opinions any chance they get. Case in point: I had a racist driving instructor who at first seemed like a courteous, sweet lady. Every lesson she would start making little comments about muslims and sudanese people here and there but made it out as if she was “concerned” for them. later she revealed her true colours when she went on about how “this area used to be a decent place to live until THEY got here”. What really got to me was she knew my mum looked pretty ethnic but still decided to continue telling me her little opinions. You just can’t escape this shit.

    • As a victim once before in 2009 (though mild, in comparison to what I’ve seen on YouTube in the same category.) I can say this honestly does not surprise me.
      I don’t know what it is about public transport that brings out the worst in people.
      The captive audience perhaps?
      The few escape routes for the harassee?

      Out society sickens me at times. It’s seriously time some kind of prosecution comes from an incident like this and these scumbags actually see some sort of consequence for their actions. They are a truly aggressive cancer on our socety.

      • So very true Abu. Unfortunately the very few which do end up in court just seem to get a mild slap on the wrist as punishment as witness the woman, on the Balmain, Sydney, bus, who racially abused two school children of Asian appearance. She wasn’t actually charged with racial abuse, if I remember correctly but with using obscene language (or something similar). Got away with just a caution or less, I think.Disgraceful.

        • Targetting children. See these are the low lives who resort to these attacks. Bringing the single most innocent group in our society into their bubble of hate, and victimising them based on nothing (appearences don’t count. It’s *still* based on nothing.)

          Abusing adults is deplorable enough, though most of us are mature enough to be the bigger person and walk away from it with little more scarring than simply a stry to mention here and there when some power-hungry moron needed to make themselves feel big.

          Children, I don’t know. I just can’t help but wish someone there stepped in and said something that stopped the attack in it’s tracks. So much more vulnerable, especially in the presence of what bring them up to believe are their examples in society (read: ‘mature’ adults.)
          The proof is in the pudding (the article, I mean by that.) Look at how the attack affected Mr. Fanda’s daughter and her friend. 😦

          End of the day, I hope the CCTV footage of the attack winds up on YouTube – it wouldn’t be dissimilar to the good work being done here at the anti-bogan in publicising abuses of free speech. I also hope he gets the six months in jail, and we’ll see if he still comes out a ‘big man’ wanting to terrorise people he doesn’t know at train stations.

        • Yes. The penalty for racial vilfication like this is there noted in the article (“.. a $5,500 fine and potential for six months in jail.”) but when is it ever applied. Both the racist on the Balmain bus and this one should feel the full weight of the law be made examples of and then maybe, maybe we’d see a lot less of such incidents?

          Why, I wonder, don’t the courts and police take this more seriously and not apply he proper judicial consequences for such racist spewings?

    • Yes Abu Umar. Your comment made sense and I agree with it completely. My own grammar probably isn’t the best* but it looke dand read fine – and powerfully – to me.

      * Despite me being a native english speaker, I almost always end up with heaps of typos in everything, sorry. Your comment is clearer than a lot of mine over the years.

  4. What is also a worry is if a person being abused or vilified or even assaulted defends themselves verbally by arguing and most likely raising their voice or worse having to physically defend themselves, are instantly turned into rabid and violent assholes who should be deported (forget they may have actually been born here), and the likes of shock jocks and politicians quick to capitalise on the situation jump in and make it worse, as if a white Australian male wouldn’t react and be peaceful and docile in getting abused. FFS they are quick to condemn but if it was one of them they would be all outraged and justifying what action they took. Personally I encourage people to just try and stay neutral and non combative, try and remember as many details as to time, place, description and what was said, even better if they manage to get a phone video working or sound recording on the phone going to get details then report it. I do however have a habit of intervening regardless much to my families worry as I know one day I will get a flogging, but shit, doing nothing flogs my sense of fair play and moral compass. A few punches would be a small price to pay to fucking hammer some ignorant fucktard a few times.

    • Well said Dave & Abu.

      What seems to be even worse is the fact that the second man entered the lift & joined in the abuse without any rhyme or reason. Two completely racist pigs who think it is okay to terrify young girls. .

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