LNP Dirty Tricks in Rankin? Election 2013

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You be the judge. These flyers were dropped in mailboxes in the Rankin electorate. This is clear propaganda suggesting that Labor would take people’s property if elected in order to install the NBN.


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29 thoughts on “LNP Dirty Tricks in Rankin? Election 2013

  1. Have the police been notified? This is right up there in the top of the heap of dirty tricks if it is true. At least it didn’t stop Rankin from being retained by the ALP.

    • Not the point, Colin & this egregious act should not be dismissed so lightly.. It could/would have fooled plenty of voters & is an illegal tactic. This is a common LNP trait unfortunately. Their lack of ethics is astounding especially as they feel they are truly born-to-rule.

  2. This has all the hallmarks of that vile campaign from the 2007 election campaign (where they tried to create the impression of a link between Labor & Radical Islamists). Seems that they are utterly incapable of fighting fair.

  3. This is so wrong! Fucking LNP! How can people trust such a dishonest party? There would be plenty of people who actually believe that it came from Labor, and probably still do…

  4. It seems extreme even for the Libs. Labor should prosecute the perpetrators, providing they can get proof it is genuine. Watch out for more dirty tricks as this “Government” settles in!

  5. Not to install the NBN but to build ASAP accomodation. NBN shares given as possible compensation for properties. Please be accurate in these details. If legal action eventuates it must be undertaken on the facts.

  6. Obviously it didn’t achieve the desired affect. I don’t think any of the major parties would release statements like this in the lead up to a general election.
    The electorate rightly didn’t take notice of it Foul play? definately, proving who was responsible more difficult to discover.

  7. Hard to imagine this having been sanctioned by the LNP. I suspect it’s just a supporter. The LNP would have done a better job of making it look official. Still pretty dirty though, and reflective of the scare tactics employed by the Liberals under Howard.

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  9. The Liberal candidate for Rankin was David Lin. The guy who outspent the Labor candidate, Jim Chalmers, 10 to 1 (Lin spent $1 million on the campaign). I live in Rankin and Lin’s face was EVERYWHERE. I know of a few people who became annoyed by his face.

  10. While this is abominable if true, a few points should be made.

    Firstly, the statement “propaganda suggesting that Labor would take people’s property if elected in order to install the NBN” is not correct. It states that their homes would be demolished for public housing for asylum seekers. The NBN reference is that the homeowners may be paid the value of their homes in NBN “stock option”.

    With that cleared up, the important points here are:

    * NBN Co is a GBE – (Government Business Enterprise) – under a similar structure to Australia Post. There are no such thing as “shares” or “stock option” in NBN Co. It is not listed on the stock exchange.

    * There is nothing to suggest or confirm that this was a campaign undertaken by the Liberal or National parties. It could just as soon be – (and is far more likely to be) – a LNP supporter who thinks it is funny to scare the shit out of people. It is therefore dangerous to straight up call this “LNP dirty tricks”.

    * I’m against the current LNP as anyone, and I’m not trying to stick up for this leaflet – just urging a bit of caution in making wild statements without any proof of *who* concocted this blatantly false “scheme”. Be careful not to jump to the conclusions you want to jump to.

    * Frankly, anyone with half a brain would have been able to see this was false. Unfortunately, this might have worked on the people out there who might have English as a second language, or who don’t regularly follow political discourse. This should be investigated, and the perpetrator prosecuted to the full limit of the law. It’s disgraceful.

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