CA slams ‘bigotry’ against Ahmed

Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland has condemned ”bigoted” comments about Australian spinner Fawad Ahmed, after former rugby union international David Campese said he should ”go home” if he didn’t want to wear a beer sponsor’s logo on his playing shirt.

Campese was commenting on a story that appeared in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, in which former Test batsman Doug Walters was quoted as saying: ”I think if he doesn’t want to wear the team gear, he should not be part of the team. Maybe if he doesn’t want to be paid that’s OK”. Campese tweeted: ”Doug Walters tells Pakistan-born Fawad Ahmed: if you don’t like the VB uniform, don’t play for Australia Well said doug. Tell him to go home.”

Ahmed was granted refugee protection in Australia on the basis that Taliban commanders in his homeland threatened on multiple occasions to kill him for coaching local children and promoting education free from religious extremism for women and girls.

He was granted permanent residency in Australia last November and in July became an Australian citizen.

Sutherland said the comments were ”out of order” and a poor reflection on Australian society. ”Fawad is an Australian cricketer, he is as entitled as anyone to represent his country. He was made a citizen in July, he has a passport, he has chosen Australia as his home for very good reasons. The Australian cricket community has welcomed him and we’re very proud to have him,” he said, adding that he had been dismayed at the ”opportunism on some people’s parts to reflect bigoted views”.

”He is a cricketer who has religious beliefs and he is an Australian. Irrespective of cultural background or religious beliefs, if you are Australian you are eligible to play cricket for Australia and if you’re good at cricket we want you in our team.”
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CA is determined cricket will become a more diverse sport, as Asia becomes the biggest source of migration. Sutherland also revealed it was CA that approached Ahmed about the alcohol advertising, not the other way around, and said there was no suggestion – either from within cricket or the sponsor that he should pay a penalty for declining to display the logo. ”We were the ones that raised it with Fawad to ensure he was comfortable, knowing his religious background and where alcohol fits in with that.”

Campese claimed he didn’t care about Ahmed’s religion but objected to his beliefs impinging on the sporting arena. He said: ”well why did he come to Aussie in the first place. A better life? Now he is telling people what he wants.!

”They is a lot more kids who would love to play for Australia. And they would t complain.” ”we were supported by XXXX and I was not a beer drinker. So Doug is right go back to where you come from”.

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David Campese is wrong: Fawad Ahmed is already home

12 thoughts on “CA slams ‘bigotry’ against Ahmed

  1. David Campese is a self-centred, self-interested fool. Always was & still is. He wasn’t even a team player when he was a Wallaby. It was all for him never the team. As for Doug Walters, well he has probably had too many beers in his life. They both should find out the facts before they shoot their mouths off. Typical.

    Another thing, isn’t it time that sport was separated from reliance on alcohol advertising altogether?

    • They got rid of cigarette advertising, so it is time alcohol and gambling ads were removed from sport. There are plenty of other companies who would advertise. We do not need these.

      • Very true MMU. Conceited Campo has always had opinions about everything, none of which were worth any consideration.

        Incidentally, I don’t think his Wallaby uniform had booze advertising on it when he played.

  2. I am a former Alcoholic & have drunk enough too buy a house for myself so I know what damage alcohol does should it be forced down my throat & should I be made too feel less Australian because I no longer drink??? Fuck You Campese

  3. In some countries, booze and cigarette ads are banned from the telly but people continue to drink them more than ever. So it doesn’t really matter, and I agree there are many other advertisers who will pay top dollar for advertising on a tee.

  4. Campese is just a footy player. Now we have THAT out of the way, this is about a man’s right to express himself and to stand up for a principle. Cricket and sport generally need to be weaned off sponsorship from industries that actually run counter to good health and even good order! I respect a values based outlook more than a sell-out mentality. Good for you and let’s see more men like this representing us and fewer puking, groping drunken morons.

    • Yes – but please remember that some of us are happy drunks who know when to stop and who respect others even when we are drunk. Many of us do (all of us can?) enjoy a few beers without groping, fighting or getting to the stage of puking.

  5. As someone who loves beer, cricket and Australia (not necessarily in that order) I was delighted to watch the emergence of Fawad Ahmed as a bowler and a person.Wonderful story.

    This sad little addendum to it by some ex-Rugby star, not -so-much. What a shame albeit predictable that people would have a problem with Ahmed’s beliefs and/or ethnicity. I’d love to shout Ahmed the equivalent of drink (a non-alcoholic one) anyday, good on him and why not let him choose what he wears and have one less sponser – fine by me.

    Campese OTOH should go back where he came from -Rugby and leave the cricket commentary to intelligent (& non-racist) people.

  6. Is Campese saying Beer companies should sponsor sports?

    If he is, then he has proven he is more interested in chasing $$$ then a rugby ball.

    • Campese gave up chasing a rugby ball years ago, Keith, & has only ever been chasing the almighty $$s. Interestingly, he never really gave back anything to the sport that gave him “fame” & fortune, unlike others such as the Ellas, nor did he have to wear any company’s logo on his Wallaby’s shirt.

      It was the CA who approached Fawad Ahmed about the beer logo not the other way around, apparently & the beer company concerned is quite happy for Ahmed NOT to wear the logo if he so chooses. It is all an ignorant beat up by two of sport’s has beens, Doug Walters whose claim to fame was how much grog he could guzzle & Campese who probably would have only ever drunk “fine wine”.

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