24 thoughts on “Aussie Nate Fullerton Admits to Raping Women

  1. TELL THE POLICE. If he admits to raping surely there is SOMETHING that can be done!? Also I checked out his profile. He likes White Australia. This guy is a psychopath.

  2. OMG! The Police and the ADF need to be informed of this! He’s an admitted rapist and he wants firearm and weapons legislation changed – this violent madman rapist is a walking timebomb!

  3. Agree with the above commentators. If he’s actually raped overseas he will rape again in Australia. If he has started to think he can get away with it with particular ethnic groups overseas, he will believe he can get away with it with particular ethnic groups in Australia.

  4. Yeah, this crosses a line from “dumb bigot with reprehensible views” to “dangerous arsehole who really needs a visit from the cops”.

  5. Us calling him a rapist is totally fair, we’re not calling him something that he has not claimed to be.
    Therefore, us reporting him to the AFP is not making such a heavy allegation after all. Just food for thought for anyone a bit worried about reporting him. We all should be doing it.

  6. “All should”

    Can’t wait for an update. Can’t wait to hear of the action you took. You won’t, not one of you but it’s funny to watch.

  7. It has been reported to ADF and the Victorian Police. He is actually from Broadford Victoria. He was dumb enough to leave his real name on his Facebook URL and sign petitions against gun/knife laws with his real address. What the police will do remains to be seen. If you want to speak to them about it contact them or crime stoppers victoria.

  8. I called a friend in Vicpol and the first thing he said to me was, “it’s not a crime to be a bullshitter or a shit stirrer”. Reported it anyway. Burn him!!!

  9. Like I thought. Nothing but crap. Rah Rah Rah. I am a anti bogan. I’m calling the police, again, to make them do something, and they won’t ignore me just because I call up talking shit most weeks anyhow.
    How did you go getting forensics onto that racist letter? snicker

    • So, you complain that no one is doing anything, then when people report things to the police, your response is “Well that’s pretty much nothing”.

      What exactly were you wanting to happen?

    • Wait, when we do nothing you complain, when we make a complaint you complain, but when asked what to do, you say nothing which is what you were complaining about in the first place. You don’t really know what yoy are wanting, do you?

      And just for the record, talking and allegedly perforning acts of rape us trivial, is it? Have you told the women in your lfe this?

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