Election special No 17 – Greens’ office vandalised by morons

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Something I want you to see-but wish didn’t exist

When I arrived at work this morning, this is what I found. Ripped up banners is one thing (they were left outside the office), but the letter left with them is something else altogether.

Reading the first line of the letter was sickening: ‘The only thing that should be authorised is your deportation 2 China”.

I have posted the letter here because – election or not – the best thing that can come out of this sort of racist, homophobic and xenophobic attack is that we speak out when it happens and expose it.

I wanted you to see it because I know that so many of us stand together each day to fight this kind of discrimination and hatred – in our local communities  and in our laws.

Whether you were born in Australia or arrived here as a migrant or refugee, whatever your sexuality or gender or religion, we all deserve to be treated equally with dignity and respect.

Racism has no place in modern Australia. Homophobia has no place in Australia. We are better than that.


The initials at the bottom are “JF”. Such a hero. We’ll just call it “Moron”.

We managed to transcribe Moron’s scribblings below:

What should be authorised is deporting you back 2 China

Fuck your authorisation on refugee with rights the boats should be shot & sunk

Fuck bringing low life Muslims to a Christian country

Fuck you again with your authorisation with marriage equality face it it won’t happen Vx (sic) gas should rage, STD,AIDS, it will then stop

Fuck teaching our kids its OK for 2 faggots to hold hands kiss and walk down the street together

Same as to lesbians what difference would that make

Gas would work in a day

Best way to stop it

But it’s people like you, that have low self esteem, that advertise this shit

As for your banners they were all down in a few hours


Fuck off, get out of.


Your not wanted

Don’t you see it?

Don’t you get it?

Yes you fucking idiot we “get” what you are – a miserable snivelling worthless racist bigot with no brains, like all of your kind.

Australia needs to address its mental health problems – such as Moron “JF”.

28 thoughts on “Election special No 17 – Greens’ office vandalised by morons

  1. Disgusting stuff.
    As a side note though, I never expected a bogot to have such legible hand-writing…
    Has any “JF” been featured here that anyone can think of?

    • A sexist bigot – obviously lesbians would be there for your own immature male fantasies.

      Always have to laugh at men who get off on faux lesbian porn. Real lesbians wouldn’t give you the time of day. You should hear the colourful spot-on terms they use about men and faux lesbians.

      • I was thinking back to when I was in high school. I don’t have an issue any more, though I’m not comfortable when they compliment my appearance

      • Do homosexual men view Madonna in the same way? She has claimed to be a gay man is a women’s body.

        Personally, haven’t been interested in the lesbian thing for about 20 years. Do you always take comments so seriously?

      • I don’t like the fact that homosexual sex spreads HIV and other diseases. You can’t tell me that there is just three types of sexual beings. Straight, homosexual and lesbian. Some people are Bi sexual, and others occasionally have sex with the same gender, but mostly have sex with the opposite sex. I don’t believe in labels.

        Bi sexual can mean anything from once having sex with the same gender to mostly having sex with the same gender, I believe bisexuality is much more common than being a homosexual or lesbian with no attraction at all for the opposite gender.

  2. Let’s hope the police forensic branch can garner some DNA or fingerprint evidence from this and whatever else could have been handled by the asshat who left this behind

    • “Let’s hope the police forensic branch can garner some DNA or fingerprint evidence from this and whatever else could have been handled by the asshat who left this behind”

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Of course they could. But they won’t because no one who matters actually cares. That’s why none of your complaints have ever amounted to anything but piss and wind on this little used page. Keep it up.

      • Well I imagine your fingerprints and DNA have already gone into the system for whatever offences you have been sprung for. But never mind, here is a challenge for you, have a look at the pages of examples on here that have been uploaded for all eternity for everyone to see from just searching a name via Google and others, then see how quite a few are now looking for employment, looking for new friends or partners and generally who have had consequences for their bigotry, racism and hatred being aired in public. Maybe you are one of them who knows, in fact who cares. So have a look and then decide if this page is little used or irrelevant. You see these days HR and staff departments of all government agencies and a large portion of private enterprise do some simple searching online for information to assist in the hiring of staff, they know that their reputations can ride on who they have on the books. No smart employer is going to give a job to a person who wallows in ignorant hatred, they lose business from that. Also, the attempts of the likes of you to troll or insult or threaten frighten no one, well not me anyway, and just add more to the files that do make their way to the police for follow up, in fact there is a bloke in Rockhampton right now that QPS have a major hard on for, all thanks to the folks here who posted the shit he loves to brag about on an open profile on Facebook. You really ought to keep your mouth shut as opening it and talking shit just confirms what peoples opinion of you is, an idiot, much better to be thought a fool than confirmed as one don’t you think? Regardless, please tell me if you are offended and make the usual threats, if you do, I would be glad to take you up on anything you might have in mind, I can clear my diary so don’t be shy.

  3. FYI, sexually transmitted diseases are more common in the heterosexual community. Check the stats. AIDs is more common in heterosexuals now too. The vilification of AID’s being a gay disease bought about more awareness and protection in the community. Straight people think they’re fine, they have more unprotected sex, and get checked for diseases less often, thereby spreading them around easier. Biggot I know you aint really one, you’re just a boring troll

  4. The racism implicit in your statement is astounding. You’re effectively putting a colour-bar on democracy. I always understood the political partisan nature of this blog, to see that extend into racism makes this site appear as ugly as those it rails against.

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