Breaking News – When a little guy took on the Libs

One day recently a guy decided to make a website.

We liked this guy’s work so much we linked to it on Facebook and also published individual pics from it on our Facebook page.


“Macro-economics is not a household budget” – an example of the little guy’s work

However the Liberal supporter swarm did not like it very much, probably because it highlighted their dodgy propaganda.

People with extreme notions of self-entitlement and a born-to-rule mentality tend not to like when little guys take them on.

We know he wasn’t threatened just because he wrote a few swear words.

He was threatened because he actually dared to compare Labor and Coalition policies in a number of critical areas – and guess whose policies came out better?


We have contact details and a name for the little guy but we will not publish them.

So let’s see what his attackers have done.

1. Alleged Liberal Party lawyers demanding his personal details from his ISP – this is illegal by the way without a subpoena

2. Sharing his personal information online

3. Threatening him regarding his career

Sound familiar? We know only too well what these creatures are capable of once their mendacity is exposed

You can check out their high “calibre” here

19 thoughts on “Breaking News – When a little guy took on the Libs

  1. While I’m neither a Liberal or Labour voter the website in question retarded. Hot tip- There is no such thing as free speech in politics- what the fuck did he/she expect (read retarded)?

    • Let me guess, you read somewhere Australia doesn’t have “freedom of speech” and figured you’d keep that little tid bit of information for later use. I hazard a guess you also feel a sense of superiority every time you post it because now you look smarter than everyone else.

      Unfortunately, you missed the bit where we do have a right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression. In fact, politics is the one place we were are given serious protections by the Australian Constitution and the High Court against censoring of information and coercion. Political expression and communication is considered fundamental to a democratic society. Censoring a website with a political message you don’t like the are the known actions of communist China, not democratic Australia.

      The little guy who owned this website was well within his rights and the people threatening his job and family in an attempt to get him to remove his political opinion were infringing it in the worst possible way.

      Someone needs to brush up on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of which Australia is a signatory to, and apparently it’s not just you.

  2. The Libs have to lie, bully, manipulate, cheat, coerce, vote buy, do whatever Machiavellian trick it takes because without that they’d never win elections. They are rich men’s scum and nothing more.

  3. Of course there is free speech in politics, James. A person can make political statements without being subject to threats and harassment. In fact, threatening or harassing someone is illegal. So pretty much what you said, EXCEPT THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

  4. I printed it out and taped it to a pedestrian traffic pole at a major intersection in Tony Retard’s electorate. In less than 12 hours someone ripped it off the pole.

  5. Use scare tactics against the hosting provider (abuse of legal authority and misrepresentation by the lawyer/s), and then use the personal details obtained to slander and threaten the individual. Sad that they can do that apparently with impunity. Thats what would happen if we let any one party run the show permanently, shows how easily corruptible. We might not have ‘freedom of speech’ enshrined in a constitution, but we do have privacy and defamation laws.

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