Election special No 15 – Holz claims growing support for plan to ban burqa

We wonder how many Muslims are living in the Division of Paterson. Thousands? Millions?

According to the 2001 ABS figures updated in 2003, the number of Muslims in the Hunter region which roughly corresponds to the Division of Paterson is 985. Let’s assume around half are women. Most of those women live in metropolitan Newcastle/Lake Macquarie. Only a small part of metropolitan Newcastle is in Paterson.

Assuming that based on a proportion of figures for areas of Sydney with a high Muslim population maybe half a dozen of those wear face covering (not “burqas”) we are talking about SIX WOMEN.

Assuming that these women probably live in Newcastle rather than in the rural and coastal areas which make up Paterson we are looking at NO WOMEN.

So old Bob is fired up against something which does not exist. Then again he is a believer…

3 thoughts on “Election special No 15 – Holz claims growing support for plan to ban burqa

  1. Wouldn’t Section 116 of the constitution make a Burqa Ban impossible?
    So much for ‘keeping Australia Australian’…You know, disregarding the constitution and people in our nations GUARENTEED rights.

    I saw some Rise Up Australia morons holding very similar signs on the Princes Hwy in Hallam last Monday evening, in peak hour. URRRRGH. 😦

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