From Ballarat Buy & Sell: These People Will Decide Our Next Prime Minister

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17 thoughts on “From Ballarat Buy & Sell: These People Will Decide Our Next Prime Minister

  1. $55000 ? Where do they get this drivel ? This is of course the issue with democracy. It means everyone can vote, even if they have no idea of the things they are voting for or against, or the reality of the things they believe.

    • They are fed it via the media and they take it on board because it matches their warped, narrow and hateful world view. The only “influence” they have is when they mindlessly follow their hatred onto their voting paper.

      • I think it has more to do with jealousy and fear. They think someone else is getting a bigger handout, and they fear people who are not ‘like them’.

  2. Indeed Christian. It’s also an issue with our self regulated free press, that can print all the bigoted lies and nonsense they choose.
    Too sad that none of these people have either read or thought much beyond sensationalist headlines..closed hearts and shuttered minds 😦

  3. This the same with all such lies, especially those being peddled by the LNP. They dog whistle this crap & want those people who are already bigoted to allow themselves to get “outraged” by it all. These lies are spread amongst the dullards via social media & they all end up happily voting against their best interests.

    It’s the way the conservatives have always operated & modern social media just makes their job easier. Their ranks are full of the unthinking, unquestioning morons who WANT to believe such garbage. They revel in their anger as it make them feel “important” when in reality they aren’t.

    • Their anger always has another source

      1. No job – blame asylum seekers

      2. No skills – blame asylum seekers

      3. No money – blame asylum seekers

      4. No girlfriend/boyfriend – blame asylum seekers

      5. Too lazy to work and save for a house – blame asylum seekers

      Then there are the ones who go on about how “asylum seekers” take money from “arr pensioners”, “arr homeless” as if they themselves give a fuck about either.

      The most hypocritical of the lot are the ones who carry on about “arr Indigenous” as if they wouldn’t turn around and defame and kick Indigenous people if the asylum seekers were not there to be targets.

  4. Ah the $55,000 rumour. Of course it’s false (Hence me going to St Vinnies begging for a client to get any furniture whatsoever, and seeing if he can get a loan to get a fridge for his empty house), along with the whole “Asylum seekers get the same as anyone else on the dole” (They get less, of course).

    There were some good suggestions-getting in touch with the salvos or St Vinnies would be a great help, as both are open to assisting Asylum seekers. Unfortunately, as always, the good information tends to be overwhelmed by the bullshit.

  5. This is one reason I don’t like compulsory voting, apart from it being the opposite of democratic in that the choice to vote is not given, as well as the fact these muppets would only rally and vote if their local issue were important or worthy of them getting out of bed or putting down the X-Box controller and gong to vote. This is why the major parties will never change the compulsion to vote they need it to campaign to their target audience.

  6. Ballarat sounds like a winner of a place then (I actually live there… how embarrassing). Thankfully I know nothing of these people, but I could guess which parts of town they might come from…
    And, what a weird forum to have this discussion on?! Sort of like discussing politics on ebay or having a debate about climate change on craigslist.

      • Ballarat should be a lovely place (if you ignore the drizzle, cold, occasional snow, and low-quality housing stock), but is plagued by a very ‘meat & potato’ outlook on life, despite its status as ‘the birthplace of Australian democracy’. It’s a city of contradictions. And being centred on a swamp, there are *plenty* of swamp-dwellers calling it home… Thanks for helping to call them out!

  7. This is the trouble with compulsory voting. It means that ill-informed idiots such as these go off to vote. However, were it voluntary then 99% of these twits would choose a day in front of the telly getting pissed rather than taking the time out to vote, therefore leaving those who actually care and have actually gone out of their way to be informed to attend to choosing the next government.

  8. Apart from the fact that there does not seem to be a single factual statement in that Facebook dribble (apart from the fact that there have been/are arrivals of Asylum Seekers by boat), Hence LACK of common SENSE (DO your research people) I just cannot believe the lack of compassion.


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