14 thoughts on “Aussies Publicly Admitting to Food Tampering

  1. I think you should pick up a biology book and toss out the Koran. If you’re getting upset about the above insult then perhaps you’re being a bit precious, it’s both dead animal and should be either eaten or chosen not to be.

  2. Wow. What does that even prove ? If they don’t know they ate pork, how does it hurt them ( leaving aside the question of why you’d want to hurt someone who has done nothing to you ) ? Talk about childish and pathetic. Perhaps someone should slip some horse or dog in to their mince. It’s perfectly edible, we only don’t eat it for cultural reasons and they clearly think that such views should not be respected.

    • It’s worse than that. This to me isn’t a case of food tampering (The phrase “Sat it right in the middle of” suggests that he just picked up a package of food and put it in a different area.

      So to any Muslim shopper, the situation has now become:
      Instead of reaching the beef aisle and picking up a pack of beef first time-they will see “Oh, that’s pork!” then have to choose the second pack of meet they see.


    • @christian “Perhaps someone should slip some horse or dog in to their mince. It’s perfectly edible, we only don’t eat it for cultural reasons ..”

      Not sure about here but wasn’t there recently a scandal in Europe (UK?) where meat supposedly sold as something (or even a lot of other things?) was actually horse meat?

      This vomit-worthy idiot putting pork in on on other meats to hurt Muslims – what a petty, hateful sack of shit and how sad his life must be to think doing that is in any way a good idea.

  3. There is also the point that product tampering is against the law. Woolworths would sack this bloke if he worked for them. How else would he have access to the meat products? Otherwise he talking BS.

    As someone who would want to get beef mince when it says beef mince on the label I would be upset to find out it had been adulterated with pork mince. Nothing to do with this alleged halal garbage.

    • I think we’re expecting too much of these people. To me it sounds like he just took a pack of pork mince and placed it with the beef mince packs.

      You see, if he was actually tampering with food that would be terrible. But as it is, it’s just pathetic and sad.

  4. a few yrs back i went to the US n a group of us went out to dinner… my bestfriend knows my allergies n her boyfriend didnt… but when it came to ordering dinner… unlike here they dont list all the ingredients in the menu… so we’re questioning wht i wanted as a side… so i went for mash potatoes… u’d think tht’d be the safest things… our meals come n my mash has something in it… we question the waiter… he is adamant tht it is just potato skin… my bestfriend tries it n cant tell wht it is by the taste… as i’m allergic to pork… we both know wht the reaction will be… so i start eating my dinner n have some of the mash… n then it starts… i look at my friend n she just grabs me n we’re off to the toilets… she’s screamin puke it up… i puked everything else up n for the next 3 days i survived on soda water n maxalon… coz my reaction thankfully isnt anaphylatic shock its just severe nausea n vomiting… so its not tht i dont eat pork coz i’m a muslim n the koran tells me not to… i avoid it like the plague coz it literally makes me puke… n along with the puking i get the agonising cramps tht come along with puking nothing up…

    woolworths introduced halal products for the same reason they introduced gluten free… they want customers n they want to keep making money… so they will meet their customers needs…

  5. Do they actually even sell halal meat at Woolworths and Coles? I’ve never bothered to investigate, as my wife and I shop at a halal butcher regardless (it’s just easier for us, even if the major supermarkets DID sell halal meat.)
    It’s just, of the Muslims we are close to, not that I’d necessarily know in all cases, I don’t know any who buy meat at a supermarket. Especially given the wide array of halal butchers in the area, and the fact that everything within is halal certified (and that cross-contamination is a concern for us to begin with.)

    You’d be surprised how often we Muslims seem to talk amongst ourselves about ‘what’s halal’, ‘where’s halal’, ‘where to get halal’, etc.

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