Election special No. 13 – Lib’s plan to microchip suspects by sniper rifle


August 31, 2013

Heath Aston
Political reporter


Liberal candidate for the federal seat of McMahon, Ray King. Photo: Wolter Peeters

A Liberal Party candidate proposed a radical new policing system in which criminal suspects would be injected with satellite-trackable microchips shot from a ”high powered sniper rifle”.

Ray King, who is contesting the western Sydney electorate of McMahon, was behind the idea, which he claimed would improve productivity of the NSW Police Force.

Mr King, a former police commander in Liverpool, landed in hot water on Friday over critical comments he made about burqas at an election campaign function where guests included the disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson and current assistant police commissioner Frank Minnelli.

In 2011, Mr King outlined his ideas in a 12-page essay, Microchipping of human subjects as a productivity enhancement and as a strategic management direction of NSW Police.

The paper was submitted to a police leadership conference shortly before he was promoted from Cabramatta to Liverpool.

”What has limited our effectiveness for decades has been the restriction on how police obtain information and having to prove before courts that we have acquired our information by legitimate means,” he wrote.

”What I propose and will endeavour to convince the reader of, is the implementation of microchip technology similar to that used in controlling the activity of domestic animals, will quantifiably enhance the success of law enforcement.”

The most controversial part of Mr King’s plan was the means by which microchips would be inserted into the body. He named Danish company Empire North as having patented the ”ID Sniper Rifle” as the ”long-distance injector” of the microchip.

But a search for Empire North in Copenhagen suggests the company does not exist and the ID sniper rifle is actually part of a plot of a Danish sci-fi docu-drama called Empire North.

A Liberal source said the essay was a ”futuristic scenario” but, in the Liverpool Champion on March 30, 2011, Mr King raised microchipping as a genuine prospect. ”I’m an advocate for this type of technology,” he said. ”I think we need to explore the use of microchips to help put criminals behind bars.”

with Anthony Brewster


9 thoughts on “Election special No. 13 – Lib’s plan to microchip suspects by sniper rifle

      • He is too, forgot about old Roger. You don’t have to scratch too far under the surface to come across a putrid stench within the Liberal Party. Aided & abetted by the complicit MSM the Libs have the hide to talk about Labor corruption. They would be unwise to shake that tree too often.

        • Funny that, Rogerson is also known as a Liberal Party supporter. How ironic, one of the most corrupt cops on Earth supports a party which claims to be the one most for “law and order”. BTW, is it just me or does Mr King look like he’s got a Hitler moustache?

  1. Jeebus H Christ this lunatic is a former copper, running for parliament with a party that unfortunately looks like winning government and this dope could get a seat at the big boys table. Anyone not frightened of this muppets thoughts on this ought to be committed for a psyche evaluation. I noticed when I ventured into the dark corners of the rabid right, “patriotic” forums and pages a clear opinion of being anti-government in their lives, so even the bogans and bigots should be thinking what the fuck. Mainly because they are mostly the people this asshat intends the targets of micro-chipping to be, some of the bone heads I spoke to were deeply involved in criminal enterprise of which online hate was just a part of doing business to threaten or intimidate others they dislike or are dealing with somehow. Most of them would have lengthy criminal, traffic and civil records that the police would surely like to know at a road side RBT where they run a scanner wand over a persons biceps or shoulder and bingo in all its glory is the complete A to Z of dick head old mate here!
    This should not only be roundly condemned by the parties contesting the election but by the National Liberal body including the (now) shadow cabinet. If Abbott is anywhere near this in even not slapping it dead then he is as compromised as the nut proposing this shit. Does old mate want to volunteer to be the guinea pig for this brave new world? I bet he doesn’t, politicians are human and have records or history as well, they have family who are not always on the right side of the law so this surely will never gain traction? If it does I am emigrating, fuck knows where but I will be out of here, this would be the 1933 Germany all over again.

    • He won’t get much traction with that. I notice he left the Force soon after that paper was presented.

      I shall say no more.

      There are a lot of well-educated immigrants in that seat – surely they will see through this sort of rubbish.

      I think Chris Bowen is fairly safe there.

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