Breaking News – Old Tricks: homophobia in Moreton and Blaxland

This unauthorised piece of homophobia has surfaced in the Division of Moreton, currently held by Labor’s Graham Perrett.

The flyer implies it is from the LNP, but LNP sources have denied it.


The flyer carries no party endorsement and no authorisation, hence it is illegal under the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

We uploaded this one to this site which is run by Open, a democracy advocacy site.

There are some virtually identical leaflets which have surfaced in Blaxland as well. Blaxland is held by Labor Minister Jason Clare.


This one however carries an authorisation

Authorised by A. Campbell 56 Brushwood Drive Alford’s Point NSW


We know that there are several fringe fundamentalist parties and candidates standing in this election who oppose homosexuality and same sex marriage.

We also remember the concerted campaign against the Greens run by the secretive Exclusive Brethren sect.

The Brethren have extensive property and business interests in the north-west of Sydney and run a school at Meadowbank under their MET trust.

* We have obscured the faces of the little girls used on the pamphlets

14 thoughts on “Breaking News – Old Tricks: homophobia in Moreton and Blaxland

  1. well i havent heard the libs with any policies about kids… they should stop with this homophobic shit n if they want to keep “loving kids and putting them first” they should start with the child abuse issues tht occur constantly…

  2. This was posted on the GMRA Facebook page in relation to these pamphlets:

    “The postcard’s author “G. Duffy” appears to be Gavan Duffy, a fundamentalist Catholic associated with the nasty National Civic Council and who used to write for the NCC’s magazine “News Weekly”. The NCC is the source of the Labor party’s hardline Catholic Right (eg. the Shoppies Union and Joe De Bruyn) and it also runs The Australian Family Association.

  3. Rather ironic if it is the NCC and the DLP – the Catholic Church was one of the agencies which forcibly removed thousands of babies from their mothers for the “crime” of being single.

    And we have a Royal Commission going on at the moment on institutional abuse…

  4. I’m straight! and yet i find this to be highly offensive . It just shows how pitiful politics really is! I will not be voting for this group nor person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go jump! this advert only makes me want to vote for the ones they say not to…..disgusting. Doesn’t matter who the carer or parent/s are if a child is loved by both, whatever the gender (or a single parent for that matter), it will grow up happy and healthy. Dont use pictures of children in your political rallies. vent over

  5. NCC & DLP ARE Tony Abbott’s true political home. He only joined the Liberals, after originally voting Labor, as he felt they were without principles & would be easier to mould in his direction. Well, he has finally succeeded. The Liberal Party of today is nothing like the Liberals of Menzies era thanks to Howard & Abbott.

    Also be wary of the Exclusive Brethren as they think nothing of pouring their tax-free dollars into any conservative campaign even though they do not vote. They helped to unseat a really good hard-working ALP state MP replacing him with a Nats seat-warmer.

      • Yes I know, MMU. 😦 It was BA Santamaria who pointed Abbott towards politics He was a failure at anything else he dabbled in until he found his way into parliament. Has always had men of power behind him for whatever reason.

        Unfortunately, many, including those in his electorate, are unaware of Abbott’s background & his true political leanings. It’s not a pretty sight.

  6. Opposition to gay marriage is not the same as homophobia. You can be friends with a person and still think that person has a mental illness. People do it with alcoholics and drug addicts all the time.

    Kids do deserve a normal family. Homosexuals who adopt kids are just plain selfish, only caring about their own desire to feel normal.

    But homosexuals are not normal. They will never be normal. It’s a shame, but it’s not the fault of kids. Kids have enough problems in life without having this to deal with.

    I also don’t even trust gays with kids. They might sexually molest them. I wrote about it the other day:

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