Election special No 9 – Invisible – The great disappearing act of Liberal candidate Jaymes Diaz

Proof that ratbags are not confined to the fringe parties.
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If there is one thing most people hate it is buying something and getting it home and it is not how you thought it was going to be. What you thought was going to be useful turns out to be useless and what you thought was going to be great turns out to be utter crap.

Those who own a business or work in HR must also know the feeling when you hire a candidate and they don’t quite match all the glory of their CV. Someone you thought to be qualified and have the necessary skill-set when they rock up to work it turns out they aren’t fit to mop out the toilets.

A similar dilemma hangs over the heads of voters of the Greenway electorate in Sydney’s western suburbs.  They are asked to vote for someone they don’t know much about and make a leap of blind faith…

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7 thoughts on “Election special No 9 – Invisible – The great disappearing act of Liberal candidate Jaymes Diaz

  1. Of course the Cheshire Cat Jaymes Diaz, isn’t the only Liberal candidate who has disappeared up their own fundament. Many of those who would only be back bench seat polishers, if elected by an asinine electorate, have also been given orders to not talk to ANYONE & that means the voting public. The Liberals want you to vote for their people on their say so & trust, but they, themselves, do not even trust them to be able to say the right thing. Must think we are nuts but, unfortunately, we do know many voters are.

    • There are many such seat warmers in the Coalition ranks in NSW and Queensland after their unfortunate electoral victories.

      In NSW many of these clowns do not even live in their electorates and are never seen. Their effects are though – job cuts, service cuts and disasters like the one which happened at Campbelltown hospital where a teenage girl with acute appendicitis was left lying on the floor for 9 hours.

      Complications from this illness, unless it is treated, can include peritonitis and in the case of girls, long-lasting effects to the reproductive system.

      What did she get? An apology. Coalition words are cheap.

      Welcome to a preview of what it will be like under Tony Abbott.

      • Exactly MMU. Our electorate’s NSW state member didn’t even live in NSW let alone the electorate. Yep, he’s a National & the idiots voted him in despite the fact he lived in Qld so he & his wife couldn’t vote.

        It was a by-election as the sitting Nats MP admitted he had lied on a stat dec & stood down. No other action has been taken about this which in itself is questionable. Others have gone to gaol for such offences.

        In the case of that poor girl think it was more than over-crowding as they didn’t even give her pain relief. Just tossed a blanket at her. Jillian Skinner would have been screaming from the rooftops about this when she was the Opposition’s shadow Health spokesperson. Now she is minister she hardly has a word to say, although, in this instance, she was forced to say something (not much though) on the TV news.

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