Solution for asylum seekers? Reintroduce slavery

Random Observations of Life

I really don’t get the problem with all this asylum seeker nonsense. The solution is simple and we don’t even have to go and capture or buy them from West Africa like the Americans did back in the day. They come to us for free! In fact, some even pay smugglers to get here, so why turn them away?

Look, it worked for England and America and a few other countries: they built great economies on the backs of the slaves. Politicians are always saying we need to improve our productivity: what better way than not having to pay for labour!

Instead of paying billions to send these obviously fit and able-bodied non-whites to PNG, why not put them to work? Everyone wins! The asylum seekers get a safe haven and Australia gets a productivity increase!

Some basic slave protections will be needed, to at least look as if we…

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3 thoughts on “Solution for asylum seekers? Reintroduce slavery

  1. Slavery??? Dont you mean capitalism?? So if you work for money you are a slave, then we are all slaves, but I guess according to the left wing agenda pushers like this blog, only black people and unfortunate asylum seeker types can be considered slaves. This is what capitalism is, you work, pay taxes and buy things with your money, If you need further information, please Google “capitalism”.

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