Stop the boats and start the tweets – Tony crosses the Delaware


Who’d have thought that Tony Abbott, armed with his luxuriantly opulent taxpayer-funded company-funded gold-plated Paid Parental Leave scheme for rich mums only, could take the USA by storm?

But that is what has happened according to this TrendMap which monitors Twitter followers.

So we predict one of two things will now happen. Either there will be a rich people’s baby boom in the US or an overwhelmed Obama will vacate the White House so Tones and Margie can measure the curtains. Or both.

After all if the US is like Australia 1% of US mums must be wealthy. That’s about 1 million extra uterii for Tony’s largesse to fill.


And this explains why.

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5 thoughts on “Stop the boats and start the tweets – Tony crosses the Delaware

  1. That sums up conservative policy right there, doesn’t it? Welfare and tax breaks for those who need it least, fuck everyone else.

    • It’s been decades since there has been a clear right/left split between the major parties. Labor supporters used to be mainly working class, whilst the Libs supporters were middle class. Neither party can afford to focus on either of these groups any more

  2. Looks like a bunch of Tea Party bots. This is the type of politics so beloved by Lib’s Cory Bernardi who is involved in the Tea Party up to his eyeballs & has now heavily infiltrated the Australian Liberal party. Nasty stuff.

  3. Tones can never take up residency in the White House, because if you ain’t born in the USA you can never be President. I wish beyond all else that the same applied to the Australian PM’s job. A native born leader just can’t be Tony Abbott and that’s all I need to know!

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