Election special No. 3 – Marella Goodwin-Harris receives “endorcement” (sic)

In its eternal hunt for candidates, One Nation certainly digs down the bottom of the dumpster. Here’s yet another one to join the departed and unlamented Stephanie Banister.

Marella Goodwin-Harris might even be marginally more intelligent, though an association with thuggish street gang the ADL does not help any perceptions of either intelligence or sound mental health.

Here she is bubbling with excitement as she announces her “endorcement” (sic) as a One Nation candidate to a bunch of ADL desperates huddled in one of their noisome Facebook groups, as they explode in a frenzy about the potential for enlisting signwriters for the coming struggle against normal mainstream Australia.

ADL sign-writer at work


Marella is no newcomer to hate politics. Here are some of the groups she “likes” on Facebook. We are still processing the notion of an EDL group for gender- diverse people.

Sounds like these Fascist street thugs want to attract them over so they can more readily beat them up and harass them.


She is already a member of weirdo conspiracy theorist coven the Q Society and has a disturbing obsession with halal.

And it does not really like anyone who is not like its members.


Here she is on yet another forum protesting that someone has unfriended her after finding out about her obsessive xenophobia.

We would think most sane people would be unfriending her too.


And last year Marella was the President of a so-called “Hoxton Park Resident Action Group” leading a campaign to get rid of a Muslim school in Hoxton Park

Here’s a lovely shot of Marella fighting the good fight against those lethal hordes of Muslamic terrorist schoolkids watched by a handful of what we presume are locals.

We are very familiar with Resident Action groups and can say that most of them are a good thing – an opportunity for locals to band together and to fight the encroachments of greedy developers and environmental vandals.

We are not so sure about HPRAG. We find no evidence of any ongoing concerns from them for sustainable development or for the preservation of high conservation value areas in this fast-growing area of Sydney.

So we are pretty much convinced that it is a front for Islamophobia.

This is a new and disturbing trend with the far right as they attempt to cloak their ratbaggery in legitimacy by attempting to hijack respectable causes such as the environment. Or secular humanism

World English Dictionary
entryism (ˈɛntrɪɪzəm)

— n
the policy or practice of members of a particular political group joining an existing political party with the intention of changing its principles and policies, instead of forming a new party


— n , — adj

Want more evidence that it wasn’t “just about” development?


55 thoughts on “Election special No. 3 – Marella Goodwin-Harris receives “endorcement” (sic)

  1. We don’t need Mussie schools in Australia, if they can’t fit into a normal school then they don’t belong here. Shouldn’t we be deciding the people migrate here? i can’t imagine many people would actually want a full on Mussie school. I think we should just be taking from the Uk and Western Europe. Give them all medical checks before they come also. No Aids in Australia.

  2. actually when the catholic school was being built on hoxton park rd… no one spewed about the traffic it will cause… n hoxton park rd has been upgraded continually for the past 20+ yrs… it originally started as one lane each way n now has 2-3 lanes depending on which part of the road ur on…

      • @”Michelle” : “This school will affect the water supply! It’s an environmental disaster.” Citation very much required.

        Why would a Muslim school be any worse than any other new school in doing this?

        *If* there were specific ecological issues; eg. some sort of drain from the school kitchen into a nearby creek or a new car park proposed for construction on top of a scrubland with endangered orchids or suchlike – which you have provided not a jot of evidence to believe is the case – then those issues should be brought to the attention of the council and the school administrators and fixed without needing to ban the entire school surely?

  3. michelle, the antibogans are trolls if they don’t like you they will hack you’re facebook and try to ruin you’re reputation. beware of these boofheaded dickheads

  4. you are trolls and have informants on facebook looking for soft targets. ruin their reputations and careers. you go too far you boofheads. and i don’t really give a shit about you or why you think i should be afraid.

    • How exactly does anyone ruin anyone’s career? I mean, if you say something stupid online and lose your job because of it, that’s your own fault. If you don’t say anything stupid, but be fired because of it, it’s your employers fault. How is anyone ele to blame here?

      Unless you’re saying the people featured here are not responsible for their own actions-they’re wards of the state or something.

  5. Ed how do they ruin careers? There are many cases of people being fired for statements said on social media as reported by a colleague, or customer.

  6. wake up idiots ..its so nice that people can put together news paper clips and attribute comments to people that were never even stated by them .. the anitbogan machine is so screwed up they think they are god … heaven help the world ..if the case against the school so so wrong .. why did the HPRAG groups .. under the leadership of this person .. win 6 straight court cases .. including the HIGH COURT case…. the fact that she managed to prove thru the courts .. that the DA for the school was invalid .. that the APPROVAL given for the school by the Liverpool council was also INVALID .. would recommend that you all learn to read both planing laws and court judgements .. before you post your small mid opinions

  7. No its not still going ahead .. they have not met legal issues yet regarding the fraud committed by AFIC on the school, and they still have a court case to address issued by the NSW Government on the illegally obtained $9 million dollars..

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