10 thoughts on “The Daily Show Exposes our Embarrassing Election Hopefuls to a Much Wider Audience

  1. OMG i’m peeing myself laughin!!!! it was funny watchin the screw ups as they happened but it’s even funnier with the narration attached to it…

  2. As depressing as the current election campaign is, at the very least it has given us some f****** hilarious moments 😀

  3. And that was done before Tony Abbott’s gaffes at the start of this week. We have much more to come.

    Imagine what The Daily Show could have done with those ones. It would have been fantastic.

      • Actually, we need something like this to happen before the end of the campaigning for the sake of Australia. The thought of Abbott as Pm makes me shudder. At the moment he is disguising his more devious & dangerous side with gormless bumbling gaffes.

        • The cynic in me says this is a deliberate campaign tactic. If we’re too busy pointing and laughing at him for saying stupid shit, we’re too busy to pay attention to his intentions.

  4. Meh….While it’s good the pathetic state of politics now has international coverage, the Chaser boys are way sharper with the satire.

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