One Nation candidate speaks out


Yahoo!7 August 7, 6:42 pm
FIRST ON 7: Stephanie Banister – the mother accused of an anti-Muslim contamination scare at a Logan shopping centre – will stand as a One Nation candidate. Erin Edwards reports.


One Nation’s Mike Holt supports malicious food tampering

95 thoughts on “One Nation candidate speaks out

    • I will concede to the fact that this girl does not know what she is talking about, but One Nation is a legitimate political party that has had some very good ideas and policies in the past and received a lot of support.

      • The best it ever did was 11 seats in the Queensland parliament and 9% in the Senate back in 1998. For the most part it has failed to reach quota for most candidates except for Hanson, who regularly scrapes together enough money from it to ensure she’ll be sucking off the taxpayer public funding tit for some time.

        Their policies are largely cut-and-paste from the old League of Rights. Irrelevant and even dangerous to modern Australia.

  1. That was fucking painful, I only managed a minute of her rambling disjointed and stupid discourse. One Nation sinks even lower using this sort of muppet to run for office, if she gets any more votes than just her family voting for her that would mean the electorate she is running in has some genuinely mentally deficient folks living there. My god, “the stupid is strong with this one”…cue Darth Vader breathing!

  2. Wow, what an airhead!! She’s as dumb as a barkless dog. The most disturbing thing is that as the mother of two she is responsible for moulding them so they will become knowledgeable & useful citizens. Can’t see that happening any time soon.

    At least she should fit right in to One Nation Although how she will cope with a debate is anyone’s guess. An average 8 year old could eat her alive & dazzle her with facts.

  3. They have the guts to stand up and say no to things like Islam in Australia and protecting Australia’s ethnic and cultural heritage from the time of development of the country after Western settlement. Some girl made a gaff, big deal, some Asian politician made a gaff the other day also, but yet you don’t see your site talking about that. Just to put things in perspective here. You may as well just say you don’t like one nation. People make gaffs all the time.

    • It’s not about hating One Nation… it’s about not wanting morons to run this country. This girl clearly is lacking in smarts, so she’s not really someone I would trust to make any informed decisions in regard to whatever pieces of legislation she may vote on were she ever to win. The same applies to Mr Dyaz, the Liberal candidate who made an arse of himself the other day. I mean, FFS, the guy’s a lawyer, and as a lawyer he should know that the first thing you do when presenting an argument or any point of view is to know your facts. That he somehow managed to become a lawyer without having learned this lesson makes him not fit to wield political power; all he is is just another of Rupert Murdoch’s puppet ideologues.

      • “protecting Australia’s ethnic and cultural heritage from the time of development of the country after Western settlement. ” Western settlement. Buildings, trains. They weren’t here pre Western Settlement.

        • Neither were the diseases which wiped out three quarters of the Indigenous people. Nor were the rapists and the killers who tried to finish off the rest.

    • Australia is a secular country. The fact that One Nation is trying to stop Islam demonstrates that they are opposed to, not in favour of, Australian Values.

      I thought they were Anti Asia, or against ‘Asianization’. When did did it change to being anti Islam?

      • Nothing secular about Stephanie’s views here…. after all, Stephanie remarks that Judaism is alright as Jews, according to her pig-ignorant little brain, follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. This tells me that in her view you’re only welcome here if you are of christian heritage. Besides such a view being anything but secular, it also runs contrary to section 116 of our Constitution, which forbids government from enforcing any particular religious belief. Secularism, believe it or not, is about being free to practice whatever religion you want but putting your beliefs aside in your everyday wheelings and dealings with others and not judging others on the basis of their own religious beliefs. By rallying against Islam, One Nation is doing anything but being secular in its philosophy, and seeing that such runs afoul of the Constitution, it’s a very un-Australian thing to do.

    • To me it is about hating One Nation. They are a rabble of ignorant morons who don’t display any guts but only the sheer stupidity that doesn’t even realize that they are stupid. They are a blight on our country and have not made a single contribution to it.

    • She made *a* gaffe? I think you’ll find she made a few more than one gaffe here!

      Then too there’s gaffes and there’s gaffes and there’s just plain exposing weapons grade stupidity and bigotry to the world. Stephanie Banister there did the latter.

  4. Actually for me is is about hating One Nation. I despise any group that markets itself to the lowest common denominator and glorifies in their own hate.

    • Luke, it’s not about hate, it’s about maintaining Australia’s identity. We are now about 15 % non white. This figure is growing. Do you want to live in a 90 % non white country? Do you think that is fair, a western country, white Australia policy till the 70’s mind you should roll over and take one up the rump and just let the country be taken over by foreigners?

      We should have just let the Japanese invade in WW2. Same difference. We will all be speaking Chinese if things keep going the way they are.

      I think as long as non whites stay under 10 % of the population then that is fine. Over 10 % and we have problems.

      • Do you want to live in a 90 % non white country?

        Doesn’t bother me. I have non-white family members.

        We will all be speaking Chinese if things keep going the way they are.

        Well the Prime Minister does.

        Over 10 % and we have problems.

        So what about Indigenous people who were here long before the dregs of England arrived and who are custodians of the land?

      • Define Australia’s identity, without reference to skin colour. Come on, if it’s so important to maintain Australia’s identity, you must understand what that identity is.

        • I would include race and ethnicity in Australia’s identity, the most significant group of people in it’s modern history do happen to have a different skin colour to the first inhabitants. To deny the people who came from the other side of the world to settle and lay the foundations of today’s modern Australia is being discriminative towards white Anglo Australians.

          Western settlement has given us modern Australia. To define Australia’s identity today must include the western settlement which has shaped modern Australia to what it is today.

        • So, to be clear, our identity is “We have white skin”-and that’s it?

          No one’s denying the importance of western culture in Australia, but if your entire definition of Australia’s identity is “Less melanin then you’d think you’d need in a very sunny country” then it’s a very shallow definition of identity.

          For instance, I have many facets to my identity-my skin colour’s importance, if it has any importance at all, is incredibly outweighed to my religion, humanitarianism, my interests, national identity, connections with friend’s and family, and my political outlook. When I think of myself, describe myself to others, and say what about me makes me me, makes me special, my skin colour does not matter as any more than a side note.

      • Wow! That was quite breathtaking. You just can’t summon up the courage to say you’re a white sepremist can you, Paul? And such a fact-free slice of chicken- shit paranoia, too. Lucky most of us in Australia aren’t scared little babies like you. Now, if you love this country, as I’m sure you wod claim too, do the best thing you can for it: leave.

      • Paul I would be delighted to live in a country that had less than 10% white people. Especially if it meant that the population of racist bogan douchebags like yourself was lowered.

      • Paul, I really don’t care what the percentage of people with white skin and superficial Caucasian / Aryan features is. 90% or 9% or 0.09% what matters is how they live their lives and what sort of society we have and whether that society is a good ,free, happy one or not.

        If you find it bothers you what skin colour or ethnic background someone is, well,you might want to reflect on what that makes you and what the implications of that sort of focus and attitude are.

        WW2 was a war against fascism and against brutal racially focused intolerant regimes – ironic that you claim to hate them yet seem to share much of their mindset. The Japanese back in WW2 were wrong and deserved to be stopped because they wanted to control people and nations by force violating the rights and wishes of others and priviledging their own group over all others.

        If, we did end up speaking Chinese which is unlikely to occur in our lifetimes but still, *if* what exactly woudl be wrong with that? How would it break our legs or pick our pockets or otherwise harm us or our children to speak another language probably alongside a range of others?

        “I think as long as non whites stay under 10 % of the population then that is fine. Over 10 % and we have problems.”

        What problems specifically and why?

    • Hitler was a master at exploiting hate. One Nation et al try to do so, but thankfully the majority of people seem to have learned from history

      • Well that was because of a couple of groups messing with things in Germany. Hitler got out of control, but the problem was racial. I don’t blame the migrants, I mean some Africans coming from a war torn country I say good on ya mate, I queston our governments immigration program that sees vastly different people come into this country from foreign lands. I don’t have a problem with black people, I just think this is a Western country, a European country, I question why all these other races coming in such large numbers. twenty years ago it was a few, now it’s open door roll out the red carpet. I question that this is what Australians want. Personally I don’t want this, but I question whether Australians want this multiculturalism or would prefer a Western country with a few non white migrants coming into our society.

        • 20 years ago it was a few? Frazer let in 1/4 of a million refugees from Lebanon. That is far higher than what is going on now. Plus the majority of our immigrants still arrive from Britain.

          Are there any facts to your statements. and if so where are you getting them from? It’s almost like your just saying whatever pops into your head, similar to the Alan Jones brand of entertainment.

      • Gypsy’s and Jews are not a massive problem in Australia, but we do have problems with some of our non white minorities.

        • Sorry, the more I read your comments the more I’m amazed. The main problems we have in Australia are to do with whites. This is because whites are the majority. Anti social behaviour is not culturally specific.

        • Did I just read what I think I read?

          (Rereads Paul’s comment here, whistles disbelievingly.) Yep.

          How very disgustingly pitiful and 1930’s of you Paul.

          Oh & “we” don’t have any problems with “non-white minorities. Not me, not most Aussies who are usually decent non-racist people. Racists have issues with them – but we’re not that. Paul might have a problem with them – though *what* exactly I’m not sure – but we don’t.

        • “All of a sudden being an Anglo Australian is like being a foreigner in some places, which is wrong. ”

          What places? Name them. I’ve lived in australia my entire life and never been to a place where I have not been welcomed.

          “Pretty much every non westerner I have known or spoken to hates Westerners like genuinely hates them.”

          Really? How many did you meet? Did they just start the conversation is “Hey Mitch-I hate you because you’re a westerner by the way!”? How did they manifest that hate?

          And considering I’ve met many people from a range of backgrounds, and never had them tell me how much they hate westerners, do you start to wonder….maybe it’s you?

          “: I struggle to see the basis of this “hate” to me it seems more like jealousy. Jealous of the world Westerners live in.”

          So they come to Australia, live in the west, and hate westerners because of Australia. Wait-what?

          The idea of “They hate us because of our freedom” is always false. But this doesn’t even make sense!
          If it was “People in foreign countries hate us because of our freedom”-fine. It’s wrong, but it makes logical sense.
          If it was “People from multicultural backgrounds hate Australia because of it’s liberal attitudes”-fine. It’s also wrong but again makes logical sense.

          But “Migrants hate westernser because they are jealous of the country that both migrants and westerners live in” that doesn’t work. How does one get jealous of a country you already live in?

  5. I actually don’t mind Asian people, I respect their culture when in their countries, but we are a Western country. A European outpost if you like. We are part of the British Empire. British and Dutch settlement and other Westerners. Our people, that’s what went into building Australia.

    All these people who think that migrants who we have only been taking in a short time built the country are wrong. The country restricted immigration up until the 70’s and rightfully so. You build it for your people not for another mob to move in and take the fruit of your labor. Even Greeks and Italians were only brought in after WW2 in significant numbers. The country was 99% Western till recent times. The cities were very impressive in the Early 1900’s when the place was only Westerners.

    If you are going to crap on about the Chinese coming in the Gold rush, consider that they came and left and there was not that many of them anyway. When gold was found they would come in after the sites were abandoned and find more gold, which annoyed westerners and there was a few tensions. The Westerners were the ones making all the mine sites and they would just come in after they finished up. No wonder they left and the country never had any non western immigration until well into the 1900’s.

    Multiculturalism is a direct dilution of the countries Western European Ethnic and Cultural heritage. A direct dilution. Like pouring water over a campfire. We are compromised as it is now.

    I think we need to tackle racism yes, I also think we need to preserve our Western Ethnicity in this country as the dominant Ethnicity that has made this country what it is. The indigenous people were the original inhabitants and that’s fine, but modern Australia was built by Westerners for future generations of Westerners. One Nation are the only political party serious about immigration. The current immigration program is an absolute joke. I have no confidence in it at all. None what so ever.

    • The same. As such Australia is a terrible place for those with fair skin. Nothing to do with the equator, and with the hole in the Ozone layer it is even worse

    • So then you shouldn’t say that I don’t know “much about what causes skin cancer”, you might be surprised what other people know. Besides, it’s not something overly complicated, it has been well known for years the people at risk and that sun exposure at equatorial regions is what causes skin cancer in these vulnerable people. The North of Australia is a hot spot for skin cancer for Westerners.

      • According to the Cancer council 2/3rds of Australians will develop a skin cancer before the age of 70. 2/3rds of Australians don’t live in Queesnland.

        I thought you had somewhere else to be.

  6. People have this silly idea that cancer is genetic. In most cases cancer is caused by a carcinogen, whether that be the sun, radiation, a toxic substance. Skin cancer is pretty simple, look at Queensland, second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. White people in an semi equatorial location.

  7. Paul, you could sit next to Stephanie on the panel and on the ballot and talk in total ignorance of the facts, the feelings of the majority of decent moral and sophisticated people about your weird theories on cancer and immigration and indigenous issues. A match made in moron heaven, hey she is a single mum isn’t she, might be a bit of action you can catch there mate!

    • You’re entitled to your political views, but it’s a silly to say that anyone who disagrees with them is immoral and unsophistocated.

      Stephanie is married to a hard working man. There’s nothing sophistocated or moral about making defamatory allegations about some one you don’t know.

        • Dave came pretty close to saying that she’s a single mother and told Paul he might get a bit of “action” with her..

          I don’t think it’s appropriate for Dave to make derogatory insinuations about her marital status and sexual history.

          Does Dave have any grounds to imply that she’s promiscuous, or is he just slut shaming a woman he doesn’t even know?

          Women cop all sorts of vicious attacks about their sexual history. There’s nothing moral or decent or sophistocated about sexism.

        • There’s nothing decent or moral or sophisticated about racism and bigotry either. I feel really sorry for her kids growing up with such a limited intellect for a mother.

        • That’s not defamatory. That’s Misogyny. There is a difference. Calling her ignorant isn’t defamatory as it’s true.

        • Speculating about a person’s sexuality is defamatory when it’s incorrect.

          Stephanie has a husband and two children. Dave insinuated that she’s a single mother then said she might have sex with Paul. That’s defamatory.

        • “There’s nothing decent or moral or sophisticated about racism and bigotry either.”

          Criticism of Islam isn’t racism. Islam isn’t a race. It’s a religion.

        • Who cares if she’s in a relationship or not? Mind you, we all should be concerned for those poor kids.

        • If you read what was written you’ll seen that the author wasn’t insulting Stephanie. The author was insulting Paul, suggesting he was doing it hard and desperate.
          It’s not defamation to suggest someone is desperate when they are.

      • There’s nothing defamatory about calling someone an idiot, or that anyone who supports One Nation is terminally stupid.

      • Read my comment again, it contains a question as to her relationship status then goes on to have a crack at Paul, so nothing defamatory, and anything said that is factually true is also, not defamation. Her type, your type and the general bogan racist bigoted community have this strange idea in their collective heads that defamation is a one way street when pointing out their shortcomings and that they have somehow had their stellar reputations sullied by scurrilous and unfounded scuttlebutt, when the opposite is true, they are exposed for what they truly are!

      • I don’t mind that Stephanie Bannister disagrees with me. That’s not what makes her immoral and unsophisticated. What makes it clear she’s immoral and unsophisticated are her very own ignorant comments and the fact that she’s a member and candidate for the racist, xenophobic, stupid One Nation party.

        That she’s married to someone who works hard is irrelevant and I find it interesting that you define her by her husband. No, we don’t know her personally but she’s put herself out in public, shown us all what a fool she is and gets that acknowledged accordingly.

      • Bruce :

        “Criticism of Islam isn’t racism. Islam isn’t a race. It’s a religion.”

        Well at least you realise its NOT a country then i guess!

        Yes,Islam is a religion – one that, like Christianity, Buddhism and most others is split into many diverse branches and expressed in many very different ways. Shia, Sunni, Sufi, Wahhabi, Salafi, moderate there’s a really broad range within islam just as you get huge gulfs between Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Liberal Christians who are pro-LGBTI folks and the Westboro mob.

        Its legitimate to make reasonable targeted criticisms of Islam I think, to point out that -just like virtually every religion – it has its nasty and silly aspects /doctrines / practices like FGM and so on.

        But tarring all of Islam and all Muslims as being the same is as silly as saying there’s no difference between the Pope, Sojourners (a liberal progressive Christian organisation) and the Phelps klan.

        Fearing and loathing the Hazara refugees as much as fearing the Taliban they’re fleeing from is plain ignorant and, whilst it might not be specifically racism as such, its a fairly closely related prejudice.

        Oh & FWIW, I’m neither a Muslim nor a big fan of any religion. I’m a humanist agnostic who knows a smattering of history and believes in the idea of a fair go and learning and understanding things not just irrationally fearing others however strange they may sometimes seem.

  8. Don’t think we don’t know her Bruce,,begorrah we know her allright,she is the guise of hate,Theres one in every crowd and often raises her ugly head to propound hate and fear towards those “Others” for whatever selfish reason.has done so in the past and will no doubt do again.Our Job is to counteract her/his ignorant and hateful views as to lessen them to non entities for the betterment of mankind if we are to survive in the distance.Ignorance leading to stupidity along with hate has no place in a modern world.

    • You know “Paul” and “Bruce” we don’t have to have her picture up on this website and call her an “idiot” she does a pretty good job of displaying her lack of intellect with out the need for that. But this website being anti-bigotry sort of has a responsibility to post this up anyway, but a good deal of the world can have a hearty laugh at her now and deservedly so. The worst outcome for everyone who lives here is that someone who makes the news for these types of “gaffes” reflects poorly on the country by making these kinds of moronic comments in the first place.
      So while I sit here watching the video over and over again (pissing myself laughing mind you -especially at the faux-intelligent delivery she has while making these statements), I realise it’s bad for our country and so are you two, “Paul” and “Bruce”. You should set yourselves on fire using kerosene.

      • Don’t set yourselves on fire, disregard that part. That was intended for a different comment box on a different tab.

      • No one is denying you the right to state why you believe Mrs Banister’s views are wrong. Calling her horrible names is a step too far and shouldn’t be condoned. Speculating about her sexual activity and marital status is the sort of crass nonsense I’d expect to hear from a bunch of ‘bogans’ and teenagers.

        I do not think the members of this site are doing the country any favours by using sexist shaming language against a woman just because they dislike her message. Promoting sexism and classism is never acceptable.

        I find it ironic that a website called The Anti Bogan uses the same schoolyard bullying techniques that are associated with brutes and drug addicts.

  9. Kingston – Woodridge !!! Bogan capitol of Australia, maybe the world..I have never seen a concentration of the most stupid people anywhere except these two suburbs. How do I know? Regretfully and ashamedly I have to work with these morons thats why…

      • How exactly was the above comment classcist? It was saying a particular suburb had a lot of idiots. Is idiot your class, Bruce, a title you’re wanting to defend?

        And to be clear, saying “This suburb has a lot of idiots” is wrong, but to say “This entire continent/country/religion/ethnic group is made up of uneducated/cruel/dodgy people who are incompatible to Australia and will destroy this country” is not?

  10. My comments stand, however in light of her marital status I withdraw the single mother tag, but as stated by another I was having a crack at Paul, not her so toughen up princess, if you get your panties in a bunch over some observations, one of which I have retracted on the basis of evidence that she is in fact married (something her and her type don’t do), then that is your cross to bear, I make no apologies in pointing out the shortcomings of anyone as shallow as the person the topic of this thread, as for those who support her, her views and her rights, that is good, but supporting intolerance and bigotry is a pretty low standard to support and reflects the character of the people holding those views.

    • Sexism is abhorrent and has no place in Australian society. Outsiders looking in from foreign countries would be disgusted with this site for its indifference towards classism, animal cruelty that’s performed under the guise of religion and sexist attitudes towards women.

      • So, to be clear, to Bruce, critcising an indivdiual for saying stupid things is wrong, but judging an entire population of people he has never met, that’s okay?

        I mean, how exactly is this site classist? It’s critical of idiots-but why do idiots deserve protection.

        “animal cruelty that’s performed under the guise of religion”

        Please tell me, exactly, how halal food is any more cruel than kosher food, and how is your preferred version of slaughter oh-so humane? Do cows thank you for being slaughtered in the way you like?

        No, they don’t. Slaughter of animals is cruel-but you apparently live in the view of “The way I kill animals for the purpose of killing them is okay, but the way you kill animals for the purpose of killing them is cruel”

        “sexist attitudes towards women.”

        Great. If you want to stop sexism, then naturally you’ll show how you were quick to defend our former Prime Minister from frequent sexist attacks. Or were they only sexist attacks when they involved pointing out, accurately, that someone from your own party was an idiot?

        • Bruce, you say I am full of shit, when I witnessed with my own eyes the use of the electric prongs on sheep and the captive bolt on cattle, whereas you haven’t? Unless I am mistaken first hand accounts trump links to exemptions to stunning for religious purposes, I am sure the RSPCA are genuine in their concern for animals but I tend to believe what I have actually seen verses their interpretation of what religious slaughter is. Now I don’t deny it was a long time ago and things may have changed so will reserve my judgement in that light. However back to calling me full of shit, you speak from a position of ignorance so here it is on easy to understand language, fuck off.

        • So you’re against the slaughter of all animals, then? Why the focus on halal slaughter then-=shouldn’t you be demanding the end of all animal slaughter?

          Or is it again the case, animal slaughter is wrong and evil….unless it involves white people at some point?

      • Outsiders looking in would be perplexed to see that there is even a need for a site like this, let alone a person pointing out things that bluntly put are flaming obvious. What is classism and how is it displayed on this page? We don’t practice the caste system like India, we don’t practice the class system like “mother England”, and we all have a healthy dose of live and let live except where it comes to the vilification and demonising of people individually or in groups based on their ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds. No commentators on here are sexist, pointing out the obvious again doesn’t qualify, and I have yet to meet any livestock that says hey man my uncle Bert the Ram in the top paddock was killed Halal and they tell me it was fucking barbaric, but his ex got killed by the stunning method and was really relaxed and peaceful when she was despatched. Kosher and Halal are exactly the same, and here is a tip, as a young man doing a cooking apprenticeship I spent 3 weeks at an abattoir, some of that time was spent on the killing floor and it was done by the Halal method, with the prayer, the washing of the blade between beasts and the animals were stunned first, sheep with electric prods, and cows with captive bolts so they were killed in a “western” way that was still Halal, kind of shoots the bigot argument down facts like that doesn’t it? See I speak from experience of actually being there as opposed to making shit up to make a point.

    • Worst-Pauline Hanson. Who is pretty much our version of Sarah Palin

      Failed political history – check
      More people vote against her than for her – check
      History of saying terrible ill thought out sentences which are repeated forever – check
      Splits her own party, with her own party wishing she’d go away because she actually loses them votes – check
      Refusal to vanish from the public attention, doing a series of baltant attention seeking behaviours for media attention (I’m leaving Australia-wait, no I’m not) – check
      And when all else fails
      Star in a reality TV show – check

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