One Nation many lies

The anti-Muslim group We Will March are supporters of One Nation. How do we know? They said so.


Does One Nation lie? Well here’s one porkie, courtesy of the EDL, another pack of liars.





And what else do they lie about? Lots.

5 thoughts on “One Nation many lies

  1. Cute how they changed Kelly Winter’s name just enough that they thought they were safe from a simple Google search. Such morons.

    Not that they care about her or anything (or anyone, for that matter.) But also absolutely sick they would use the image of a victim of domestic violence and fabricate a story to go with it. Not that I believe they care, as I said, but it’s like the very issue of domestic violence means nothing to them.

  2. One Nation? Isn’t that a joke? Please continue to split the conservative vote, every little off-shoot splinter group is just another example of the right wing’s disunity and weakness 🙂

  3. Stop Press! Someone’s being wrong on the internet!

    One Nation is undeniably awful, and there’s no doubt Facebook brings out the worst in people (Kempsey Racists? Australian Nazis? Ew.), but you guys kinda dropped the ball on this one. That’s one lie, you’ve shown us, and finishing off with “But trust us, there’s heaps more, we just couldn’t be fuuuuuccckkked looking for them” was lame. Pointing out the problems with One Nation should have been like shooting fish in the barrel. How did you guys, who are usually so good, manage to suck at this?

  4. That makes more sense. Maybe you could have put a few more visible links in there? It just came across as half-arsed. I think it was just the lack of content, with that obnoxious final sentence (which, to be honest, sounds like the sort of thing the people you are lampooning would say.Or maybe Today Tonight) that I found annoying.
    Looking forward to these ‘titillating goodies’ 🙂

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