Daniel Moran Admits he is a Mong

#auspol #ausmedia

Heads up if you’re playing at home – @962810 is Daniel Moran. Just like his eBay homepage that has nothing, and his YouTube channel that also has nothing, his Twitter and Facebook accounts have nothing… except hot-headed, trolling, racist ravings.

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13 thoughts on “Daniel Moran Admits he is a Mong

  1. Ahhhh Crown Lager. It’s really only Fosters, but it’s the drink of choice for the bogan sophisticate. Dumb fucks will believe anything.

  2. I really object to the terms “shit skins” and “dune coons” can he not just use proper language for the ethnicity, as soon as I hear that I tune out. Alcohol is actually a carcinogen, but obviously this moron doesn’t have a clue. The eye brow ring says it all.

  3. Clearly this moron is oblivious to the fact that all life began in Africa, but then science is often too difficult a concept for the type of scuzz who feels the need to trawl the internet trying to offend random strangers in a sadly transparent quest for his keyboard warrior badge. That sort of anger and hatred can only be indicative of one thing – poor tiny man.

    • Believe it or not, they don’t agree. Many of the far right, the ADL, APP idiots, believe that humanity apparently developed, completely separately at more or less the same time. Occam’s razor be damned!

      And they have science to back them up. And by science, I mean, someone who is smart in one thing writes an article on a topic he knows nothing about. To be precise, in the case of former APP leader Darren Hodges, quoting an internet essay written by a mathematician, stating that all black people are actually apes. I’ve asked him previously if accepting the word of an expert in one topic for an essay on a completely different topic is fine, would he accepted the work of a law expert in heart surgery, but funnily enough he never answered.

  4. I sure have…. according to the Darwinian theory of natural selection, the human races developed in different places and at different rates. The full title of Darwins book is.. “The Origin of Species through Natural selection”with the subtitle “Or the preservation of favored races in the struggle of life” Woops…now did the antibogan see *that* coming? But of course.. Darwin did not say much about the implications of this in terms of which race(s) might have developed faster and further than others. That is up to the individual and science to speak on. However, it certainly does not mean that black people are less developed than white, though it could!…. we just don’t know. In any case it’s more in the territory of the Fabian Socialists who believed that the worth of a person and entitlment to life, could be determined by their eugenics dept.
    But let’s go back to the enlightenment and see where ideas of ‘racism’ came from?
    Prior to the enlightenment, racism was not a major problem in the world. The concept that black people were inferior to white came from the so called ‘enlightened’ science of the Voltaire era. These academics were now liberated from Christian ideas about the equality of mankind…and now had *science* to work for them. The next step was….”classification” of all things. (a very scientific exercise right?) So they classified humanity and the linked this to the great chain of being, which came originally from Homer, and by which all creatures in the world and the heavens could obtain their identity. At the top was God in heaven..(the enlightenment philosophers were deists) then angels kings, nobles and down to ordinary man then apes and devils and hell. Black people by this model were slotted in between “man” who, on the basis of the greek sculptures which were used as the reference model for perfection, was white, clean cut and muscular).. and the apes. Fortunately the Bible was able to solve this problem and declare all men equal, and that race, slavery and sexism were not valid ideas. (Gal 3:28)
    Hmm.. moving on now to Yale Psychology dept. and the same from MIT and a dabble at Berkley’s congnitive science faculty, we find that mankind is defined as a few bones, some skin and flesh and a rather impressive bunch of neural networks. Man’s natural inclination is….wait for it… to look after and promote his own genes. This applies to each group of mankind.. the order of preference naturally is…
    i) Self
    ii) Family
    iii) Tribe
    iv) Nation
    So..if a person who is black…encounters someone who is white.. he will care less for such a person than for his own family and gene pool. Same for a white person who encounters a black. Same for an Asian who meets a caucasian and vice versa. Fortunately.. this is not something that needs to be argued as it is established scientific fact and is based on sound biological evolutionary principles.
    IMPLICATIONS FOR RACE RELATIONS IN AUSTRALIA. If therefore follows with the most basic reasoning, that different races in one place will be competitive and ethnocentric. This applies as much to minorities as to majorities.
    Add some religion into the mix and we have a time bomb waiting for the right trigger.

    • Here we go again, the pseudo-intellectual of the far right bubbles up from the pit.

      Weren’t you calling yourself “Jonathan Paul” a while back? Why would you suddenly become a Polish cadaver?

      Your “race theory” is outdated nonsense. We are all from the same ancestors with minute differences from one individual to another.

      the order of preference naturally is…
      i) Self
      ii) Family
      iii) Tribe
      iv) Nation

      WRONG. Going back to first principles selection is on the basis of desirable sexual characteristics (which one wants passed to one’s offspring) and the female selects the male. Nothing to do with such relatively modern concepts as “nation” and settled societies have by and large abolished the concept of “tribe”.


      Australia will increasingly become a mixed-race society. Which is all to the good.

      Now I will let JM maul you.

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