Little Dumber Boy Karl Ralfe gets chewed up by TABsters

No doubt about it Ralph Cerminara, the lonely computer guy and T shirt loving Inner West Fascist, wastes no time in recruiting and grooming little boys for his Pied Piper army rabble (one of the) ADL(s).

Here is one of them, tasked with spamming the TAB page with rubbish.


Karl Ralfe who calls himself “Karl Eks” ( + a jumble of initials which are supposed to show what an awesome street soldier he is but which actually make him look like a fuckwit) and who has no face or one so hideous it cannot be revealed, arrived at TAB with the following drivel which we thought we’d put up here to give everyone a laugh.

Now Karl actually doesn’t like what TAB does. And TAB doesn’t really care what the little dumber boy thinks of what it does.


But we will say that if the likes of Karleksadlnfse went near an NGO to offer his services they’d be well advised to call the cops. And they don’t like his sort at schools either.

As a matter of fact TAB does not spend all its time toppling tiresome intolerants like Karleksadlnfse. Among our large number of supporters and activists, you will find people who actually work for NGOs, and in hospitals and schools – except they don’t trumpet it from the rooftops because they do not need the approval of the likes of  Karleksadlnfse


We don’t have to humiliate and belittle the likes of Karleksadlnfse and his ADL mates. They do a great job of that themselves.

We worked hard for our education. You don’t have to be “well-educated” anyway to be compassionate,  non-discriminatory and tolerant.  Just try being compassionate, non-discriminatory and tolerant.

And yes, we detest fringe extremist groups like the ADL because we remember that a hell of a lot of good people have died fighting their sort of Fascism.

We aren’t interested in giving Karleksadlnfse and his sort a platform for hate speech, nor do we tolerate dodgy links from shonky websites.

That’s not news. That’s far right propaganda.


Gillard is actually flipping the bird at the likes of Karleksadlnfse. Far right males with exaggerated notions of entitlement put a nation’s openness, cohesion and tolerance in jeopardy.

They are also very boring.


This spam was so incoherent and so lacking in purpose that we decided it should go up. 🙂

Oh NOW we get it…


Funny thing is, no one at TAB said anything about the military not being necessary. Karleksadlnfse must have those voices in his head again.

We find that most people who join groups like the ADL are psychologically troubled.


Can anyone translate this into English? You get a hot date with Karleksadlnfse if you can.



Being a refugee or asylum seeker does not mean you do not have money. Being a refugee or asylum seeker means you are likely not to be alive if you remain in your country of origin.

Refugees often carry their money with them either as cash or in the form of jewellery. They are liable to be robbed and ripped off in their journey to asylum. They know this.

They have done this as long as there have been refugees.

And Karleksadlnfse is a bullshit artist. The only “official government documents” he would have ever seen would be the ones the police officers bring to the door.

We wonder what “diseases” this moron is talking about. We worry more about the obvious psychiatric conditions which Karleksadlnfse and his sort are manifesting.

The real problem boat people

The real problem boat people

3 thoughts on “Little Dumber Boy Karl Ralfe gets chewed up by TABsters

  1. hhhmmmmm the usual BS dressed up in correct spelling to give a degree of legitimacy to the comments, if as is hinted at in the body of the text this chap is Aboriginal what is his point, his ancestors paid a price so high that even today the extinction of the race he identifies with is still possible, I do not see him addressing that? Just regurgitating the ADL and other head cases mantra of hate, fear and ignorance.

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