Channel 9 News and the march of the non-events

Take one TV current affairs Facebook page, add the obligatory file picture of an asylum seeker boat being intercepted, preferably follow with a deliberately inflammatory question and watch the xenophobes crawl out of the virtual woodwork.



Kicking off for the bogot team is Garry, complete with poor spelling.


This is the only person who can legitimately use “que”

For the rest of the ning nongs the word is “queue”. And there is no “queue”.


Here’s Peter Jonsen, showing us yet another reason why it would be good if we could swap asylum seekers with non-events like him.




And to finish off the parade of pathetics is the biggest oxygen thief of the lot.


Why are we not surprised that Old Stalky likes to lurk with intent around shopping centres in his PJs? He does have form after all.

So next time you’re down at the local shops after dark be on the lookout for Peter Tolmie – maybe wearing pyjamas? We hope.

8 thoughts on “Channel 9 News and the march of the non-events

  1. Window shopping after dark in your pyjamas? Ummmm, that doesn’t appear to make sense. I mean, shops don’t stay open too long after dark anyway, so you’d need to be wearing your pyjamas in the early evening (if so, why? And how do you have enough time to come home from work, change into your pyjamas and go out before shops close). Secondly, pyjamas usually don’t have much in the way of pockets-where do you put your wallet?

    I think this can join “throwing bacon in a pool” on the list of “mythical things bigots thought they were once able to do that never happened”

    • I’m not sure why bigots think bacon is some sort of Islamic kryptonite. I seem to remember reading somewhere that if a Muslim either unwittingly or is forced by circumstances to come into contact with pork products, Allah would understand and not hold it against them.

      • I know, but I don’t want to discourage them. I mean, I’ve already seen one poster here saying he covers his car in bacon to prevent muslims from stealing it, ignoring the obvious down side to that (Rats, birds, associated pooping).

        The more we get them believing bacon has super powers, the closer we will come to a bigot rally where everyone is dressed entirely in bacon. No one would need to tell them “Racists get out!”-the seagulls, crows, and ants will do it for us!

  2. Not only is the xenophobia appalling, but also the grammar and speling. Makes me wonder if our high literacy rate is just some cover-up to prevent Australia from being shamed. Those ass-clowns are a disgrace!

  3. But where are the stories of those overstaying their visa’s especially from Channel 9? Is it because staff from The Media especially Channel 9 are breaking the law by hiding these illegal’s in their houses?

  4. Romano, Angela R. (2007) The news media’s representation of asylum seekers. In Lusher, Dean & Haslam, Nick (Eds.) Yearning to breathe free : seeking asylum in Australia. Federation Press, New South Wales, Leichhardt, pp. 183-197.

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