Clueless Hugh “Biggles” Cronin and the gay Muslamic camels – or something

Meet Hugh “Biggles” Cronin, fly-boy from Queensland. Hugh no doubt does not fly a Sopwith Camel but probably ferries cashed-up corporates around in a nifty little Beechcraft Baron or Cessna 310.

So is he pleased or “somewhat threatened” to have met a gay helicopter pilot?

Why is it of interest – it’s a bit hard to get it on anyway while driving a chopper no matter how enthusiastic one may be. Try it sometime.


Biggles Takes It Rough (1963)

Next Hugh makes his opinions known about Muslims.


Biggles of the Camel Squadron (1934)

Hugh without a Clue has some difficulty distinguishing between Lebanese and Americans of Greek origin it seems.  An Indigenous person then chimes in to set Hugh right about the history of this country only to be brushed off by the Winged Whinger.

Biggles Sees Too Much (1970)


Biggles in Australia (1955)

Book titles from here

13 thoughts on “Clueless Hugh “Biggles” Cronin and the gay Muslamic camels – or something

  1. Hugh is not a pilot, he is just high in other ways?

    And I am wondering of he is related to Mick Cronin the former Rugby player?

  2. Hi Everyone,

    We have received emails from some of the people following this particular website asking why Mr Hugh Cronin is employed by us.
    For the record, Mr Cronin has never been employed by Skypac Aviation in any way shape or form and has no association with Skypac Aviation in any way, shape or form. Why he has chosen to put our name down as his employer is a complete mystery to us.
    We have requested that he remove our name form his Facebook page.

    Thank you all for bringing it to our attention

    Kind Regards,

  3. What is with these dickheads, why do they want to put Employers and Education Places in their Facebook profiles where they have NEVER been employed or got an Education? Is it their own wet dream to do this?

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