6 thoughts on “Racism as permission

  1. The short version, as any social psychology student will tell you, is bystander apathy. The more people present, the less likely any one person will be ‘the one’ to stand up. Humans fear embarrassment more than they fear death. There’s more chance of someone standing up on a train that’s NOT crowded, where they are the only person in a position to do so.

  2. Actually Christian — your feedback is not the short version of the writer’s article.

    The “bystander effect” does not explain the culturally, socially and institutionally sanctioned practice of “White dominance” in this country.

    White people may be the majority but that does not mean that the racial minority must always be rendered inferior, subordinate and invisible to the majority.

    However, if that is implicitly the case in Australia, then please get rid of the pretense in believing in human rights.

    Unless in the Australia context only White people are considered “humans” (and thus are entitled to rights) while the rest, non-Whites, are not (and thus are not entitled to any equal and equitable rights as the majority are).

  3. Those racists who attack others because they are migrants who are not illegal (Those who overstay their visa are illegal) remember your own family from years back were the first migrants on the first fleet.

  4. I’d stand up if I was on a train(god knows why i would be my car would probley get broken into in the car park by no doubt an immigrant) and tell the person abusing someone to stfu!

  5. But I am confused Wayne would tell the person abusing someone because they look or sound different to stfu, but think it is ok to be blaming a “immigrant” for breaking into his car

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