61 thoughts on “Bartoli Wins Wimbledon – But Not Good Looking Enough

  1. What the mother fuck is that all about? These arseholes are certifiable, Jesus H, bloody disgusting is what it is, I hope you guys dig up some employers details and serve them a dose of consequences. How many of these pricks have daughters of their own, would they stand for it if others were commenting like that about their precious little Virginia, or Fiona? Not bloody likely. pack of limp dick try hards with mummy issues.

    • Unfortunately most seem to be Brits, and manifestly unattractive ones as well no doubt. Some men seem to think they automatically have an entitlement to “beautiful” women simply because they are male, even if they look like the arse end of an incontinent elephant.

      I’ve heard people sigh over Roger Federer or profess a liking for the cute Rafa, but they do not get on social media and rant if either of those men are beaten by someone who is less prepossessing. This is the main difference between men’s and women’s sport at the elite professional level, and the hardest thing to change. You can equalise the prize money and the number of sets required but the sort of sexism exhibited after Bartoli’s win is the hardest thing to change.

      PS It was also refreshing to see that the awesome Serena Williams is not the only champion who does not need to screech or grunt while playing. THAT is something which needs to disappear.


    • It’s appalling but I wouldn’t want to see AB go after these people too hard. Twitter is notorious for fake profiles and people do often use photos of innocent people. From what I can tell, AB do their due diligence in this regard, but it’d be easy to make mistakes … With Facebook you can confirm that people are who they say they are with a pretty good degree of accuracy – Twitter not so much.

  2. It’s clearly not the point, but she’s not even unattractive, I don’t think. How bizarre. I am not a sports fan, but I’m glad that Wimbledon is a sports contest, and not an excuse to put girls in short skirts and make the winners the people who can play tennis, not the ones with the ‘best’ legs or prettiest face. It’s good that there’s other forms of achievement being celebrated than the most vacuous ( that is, how you happen to look by an accident of birth ).

  3. i watched the voice one night, and the best singer lost. it was obvious to me they chose the prettier one . they said the loser sung the song to perfection, and the winner was pitchy… all about looks.

    • I don’t think they chose the prettiest one the first time around, the girl who won was not especially pretty. She had an amazing voice, I bought the CD, and I typically don’t like shows like that, or that approach to music.

    • Yes maybe so, but who wants to look at someone who is about to have a heart attack on stage? Not me. People need to look after themselves because we have young people having heart attacks from nights out on redbull and vodka when a decade ago or two ago that just wasn’t happening. People are getting cut out of houses because they don’t know what proper food is anymore.

    • It tells me that these women have internalised the message society sends – if you’re a woman, your worth is defined by how you look. I agree, it’s sad. And really, it’s the people complaining who lose out. This woman has still won Wimbledon, which is a hell of a personal achievement and also pays well, I am told.

  4. Some terrible comments you have to wonder about the desirability of the men who are making these comments, you would want to hope everyone thinks you are perfect to be bringing down a tennis star based on her physical appearance. @ Tom Clemon if this woman has a bigger cock than you than I feel sorry for you because she is just a regular woman. If you have a smaller penis that is ok, but smaller than a peanut, you might not be able to do a lot with that Tom.

  5. Maybe Tom is the one that needs the horse milk Allen and Micheal were ranting about. Something to make his penis grow. Poor Tom.

  6. Whenever anyone says that if we ignore hatred it will just go away, whenever anyone tells me sexism, racism or homophobia are over, whenever anyone says “Other cultures need to be more like us, and get over their sexism, and homophobia” I just think of examples such as this, and many many others besides.

    When we say that a particular hatred is “over” we allow it to grow, and I’ve noticed with sexism in particular, vile sexist, hateful comments are now becoming mainstream. We see it from Julia Gillard down to individual women being abused, told they should be raped, told they’re ugly, told they should die, because someone disagrees with them. I’ve seen entire groups develop, celebrating a hatred of women, and cheering each other with examples of their own misogyny; and turn into movements like the MRA movement. It’s really disappointing that while the status of homosexuals around the world is improving, and even racial barriers are being crossed (Though with a lot of work still to do), sexism is becoming louder, more offensive and more intense.

    On a happier note, take a look at this post from the same website:

    Guys opposing gay marriage…..and complaining about how lonely they are. Classic.

    • JM, I think the internet makes it easier to find people like this, but I think that they are still a minority. Sure, we should stand up to them, but we shouldn’t spend all our time looking in the bottom of the cess pit, and worry that everyone we see, is dirty.

  7. Fuck this pisses me off. No one’s going on about how Murray isn’t as hot as Nadal/Fed/whatever, are they? Of course not. I saw so much crap about how women’s tennis is ‘useless’ and ‘boring’ too, and I don’t know what games they were watching but oh my god these girls are so amazing. Incredible athletes who have to be hot or else why else would anyone watch them, right?

  8. Twitter like Facebook especially Facebook so called Community Standards Board, don’t care if they are helping idiots break the law with abuse and racist.

    Just like News Ltd who cares if their journalists break the law by lying with abuse and racist rants, as long as they sell papers.

    PS Cartoon of those way above doing the abuse in Twitter, who should be know as twits in Twitter.

  9. Hi and thanks for exacerbating my depression about how screwed-up the world is. Hadn’t heard a great deal about Bartoli, but am flabbergasted at the spite and venom of those ‘twits’. As a miniature show of support, I have followed Marion on the twitter. I just hope this kind of abuse does her no harm.
    These horrible individuals would do well to remember that the object of their attacks is a *millionaire sporting champion*, who will go down in history as a *winner*. That is all.

  10. Oh sorry with being drunk again (what is this time? Passion Pop?), you have to sober up for anyone to understand you and this could take years.

  11. karen, there was not wrong with that girl, she was pretty, she was intelligent, and she was talented, it was obvious they preferred the looks of the other girl> simple as that. the judges were biased.

  12. Wow i love how you people’s only way of attack is by having a go at people’s spelling! I hope it makes you feel superior.
    Oh and by the way thanks for the exposure of my witter account KEVIN you keyboard warrior why advertise my twitter account for? You know my name why not let me know yours?I bet you won’t

    • And drunkenbum are you going to blame me, for you advertising your own twitter account in another forum and then changing the link to Google, because you are scare of the truth?

    • You are welcome drunkenbum and you have to thank yourself for exposure of your own twitter in another forum and then changing it to Google.

    • Funny enough, it’s the only point you made. You didn’t actually point out any actual hypocrisy, so all that was left, was to point out that you have an opinion you can’t back up, and you don’t care enough about it, to make sure you presented it clearly.

    • Drunkenbum thanks for proving with you are obsessed with being stupid? As who the f**k is Kevin?

      Also how can I be emailing you, as I am replying to you in this forum which is duh not a email address.

      And I didn’t ask you for meeting for coffee, you made the suggestion so who has the obsessed with who?

      So please stop drinking before you reply and before you do further damage to what brain cells you have left. Thanks.

      In fact don’t bother replying and continue to do damage to your brain cells and liver, as I got better things to do then reply to someone who cannot even get someone name right.

  13. Bartoli Wins Wimbledon and @DrunkenYobbo wins The Stupidity Award of the Month, just for getting a person name wrong.

  14. Clearly it’s called auto correct KEITH.You have a go at me for drinking then replying,hmmm maybe you should read what you say before you click send as your English is terrible. For example “just for getting a person name wrong” “who cannot get someone name right” “so who has the obsessed with who”

    You must have down syndrome or something.

    Regards Wayne

    • It is called getting my name right Drunkenbum and you can’t you go off at me mentioning the word drinking, as part of the name you used is “drunken”.

      Normal Liberal Supporter, blame others for their fuck up?

      Also are my English is not terrible, as you replied to them many times with nonsense and the only people who use “your English is terrible” are those who have nothing useful to write and scare of facing the truth?

      So you must still have your head up your arse to see how full of shit you are?

      I was going to tell you to get fucked, but clearly based on your own rants you are fucked. LOL

    • Dwayne,
      You should get a child to proof your rants, to see if contain BS or facts and to see if you are asking a question or expressing another rants, like the following?

      “You must have down syndrome or something”

      Regards Keith not Kevin

    • I have spoken to and worked with The Disabled and guess what Wayne?

      They are 100% better then you especially in communication and how they interactive with others.

      So if you are seeking help, you need to seek help from The Disabled?

      On 2nd hand don’t bother, as I wouldn’t want them to be brought down your level.

  15. Back to this forum and let Wayne worked where he fucked up?

    I meet some English, but those Poms attacking Bartoli proves they are a bunch of whinging Poms.

  16. You are a self hating white that chooses to ignore the real problems in the world because you are obsessed with people from different cultures and you enjoy rooting brown chicks.

    • Why do the comments of the frustrated bigot so often reference sexual activity?

      Fuck, you morons must have IQ levels in the single digits. I’ve included a few words that will make you giggle and grunt:


      • And why do some say there are real problems in the world and don’t say what they are, is because they don’t know what the real problems themselves and making others think they know everything but end up knowing not much or f**k all?

    • So attacking people from other countries, Tushi doesn’t think racists are not obsessed with people from different cultures, themselves?

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