Kempsey’s Finest… Racists

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Kempsey Macleay RSL Club email contact:

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Our senior source has just come through with some more gems from the lovely Rebecca.


We’ve never heard of the “oad” before. Is it a new dance craze?

If you mean the ODE please spell it properly or GTFO.


So if you criticise a town somehow you are racist…?



And after this incoherent rant came this pearler


We just checked and none of us own a BMW or Mercedes, sadly. Nor do we sell drugs.

Maybe Rebecca and her mates can fill us in on this?

184 thoughts on “Kempsey’s Finest… Racists

    • Some of these people really should take English classes, the irony is that a lot of immigrants would have better English skills then fake blonde Rebecca and her friends.

  1. This we know

    1. If you are ignorant you are likely to want rent-seeker Pauline Hanson in Parliament

    2. Kempsey men like to flash

    3. People in Kempsey don’t sing the national anthem (and singing it didn’t do the Wallabies much good)

    4. There are no dentists in Kempsey. Nor are there Muslims.

    • Why pick on someone because of their physical appearances? Your no worse than the people in the article you wanker. The guy your referring to in point 4 had nothing to do anything said on Facebook, either has that sexy gentleman in the seductive gas mask pose

        • No the nipple rubber and gas mask man… same man. Not mentioned by name anywhere. You posted photos of the wrong person haha. Quality 🙂

        • That’s not the same person, the person in those two photos have not been named on this blog, or has anything to do with this crap. And I was referring to the man you commented on his teeth.

  2. Are they taking our jobs, or dole bludging? I’m confused… I grew up in Kempsey and my (completely non-racist) family still lives there. I think I can fiarly safely say that for the vast, VAST majority of ‘born and bred’ Kempsey dwellers, their only exposure to Muslims (or almost any clutural minority) would be from watching “Sunday Night”, “Today Tonight”, “A Current Affair”, “60 Minutes” and any other biased, sensationalist bullshit.

  3. And Glenn proves he hates backing up your claims with evidence with a passion.

    As he knows he didn’t speak to every non-Musl and he only spoke to himself while he was looking at himself in the mirror stroking you know what.

  4. I think the Bogan and Bigot community have their new role model citizens and location, just look at the fine specimens on display, read the witty repartee and incisive comments, I think Martin Pink has a serious boner for Rebecca Farrell, there could not be any other reason for that lube job prior to anything except penetration, I mean he is according here accolades you would probably hear at a citizen of the year awards ceremony, not a page filled with the usual cocktail of ignorance and hate. There is a page these fine people can join, it is called no hope for the human race. Kempsey proves it. Good grief what a cluster fuck.

  5. So both of the women went to the same catholic school. This school must be so proud of their former students & how well they exemplify the school’s motto “Let Your Light Shine”.

    Is there any truth to the rumour that inbreeding is common in Kempsey? The town is the pits & the best thing that has happened is the new Kempsey bypass which recently opened on the Pacific Highway.

      • Great journalism! You must have alot of spare time to sit and lurk on others Facebook pages until you find something ‘juicy’. I wish there wasn’t a keyboard to hide behind and you had to say this stuff to anyone involved in the photos themselves. Big Knox will fuckin eat you!

        • We have lots and lots of senior sources. Ours are real, not like those of the MSM.

          I assume you mean the cretin with the underarm problem? Looks like the brain is not connected to the rest of the carcase.


        • Just FYI, people contact TAB to bring their attention to the likes of these people. So the nagging question for all of you making the comments, who dobbed me in? who felt strongly enough out of my friends and family, and people they know, who by default you trust because your mum or brother are their friends, who out of them or even closer notified this page? Your being safely tucked under the wing of family and friends no longer exists, your family, and friends and others are the ones who got this rubbish its 15 minutes of fame, you all need to keep an eye over your shoulder, that really nice chick on Facebook your sister knows, she might be the one who sent TAB the info, or that bloke you added to your friends from the bar you drink at, maybe him or someone he knows saw the BS and was disgusted enough to let TAB know. So the people at TAB do not troll through Facebook looking for this shit, it comes looking for them courtesy of your circle of friends and family, and that, for me, is priceless lol

        • The only people we’ve not heard from are parents and grandparents. Lots of others emailing us and contacting us via twitter and Facebook.

        • Quality article how do you and your mates from APP and other racists do it including Big Knox? Between getting pissed on Fridays and reporting to Centrelink, having lots of time to sit and write BS on Facebook pages that is clearly not based on facts?

        • Big Knox’ is actually a total marshmallow, so forget that ‘he’ll eat you’ crap. And having heard Matt (and many others on here) rant about what a shithole Kempsey is on more than one occasion, I fail to see why he would get upset. Interesting how many of the people going on about how great Kempsey is don’t actually live there, and wouldn’t in a blind fit! South West Rocks is nothing like Kempsey, (which is where most of these people actually live) so why carry on as though they are one and the same place? And where, exactly, are all these Muslims that are causing so many problems? I’ve been looking, but I can’t find any. I know a group of Egyptian Christians living in Kempsey, who have copped a great deal of crap from people, because everyone assumes they are Muslim, but that’s it.
          Quite frankly, it seems that the people who get upset, simply because not everyone loves Kempsey, are all people who have grown up in the area, but have never actually left the place. Try getting out and seeing the world, there is a whole lot more to it than just Kempsey. But be warned, if you do, you may experience some unwanted side effects, such as learning about other places, cultures, and (dare I say it?) RELIGIONS. You may find that the narrow minded opinions you once held simply don’t make sense, and form new, logical, well thought out, educated ideas. But once you do this, there is no going back. Never again will Ms Farrells sad and pathetic comments be rallying words to you. So it might just be safer to stay home, and cling to your ignorance. That’s what Rebbecca would recommend, as she obviously found Sydney more than she could handle, anywhere else would leave her paralysed with fear! I just live in the hope that my luck continues to hold out, and I never cross paths with this moronic female. I should be alright. Cause the best thing about Kempsey? There are a lot of roads that leave it!

    • Alfred these people are different to the people they are complaining about, as these racists are complete idiots who clearly based their rants on believing MSM.

      • No. They are projecting their personality flaws onto another group, then they are complaining about that group.

        • Yes they are projecting their personality flaws onto another group but are too weak or stupid or both to accept this.

      • They are clearly aggressive and intolerant. They have chosen to complain about a group that they believe is aggressive and intolerant. Therefore they are complaining about themselves.

  6. Yeah you go girl! Coz Kempseu is FULL of Muslims do you know what you’re talking about.
    Isn’t it? Full of Muslims and not a dying on the vine shitty little nothing town with one of the states highest domestic violence and unemployment rates?

    • And if you’re so ashamed of the way you look that you colour your hair, do something about those Oasis eyebrows.

  7. I agree with exposing these racists, but attaching the word Kempsey – why? Doing this is a gross generalization of a community, which I thought most anti-racists were against. LOL

    • You are on an article about racism and generalising yet your making jokes about low iq’s and ‘bad teeth’. Your as bad as anyone ‘oursandy’ you hypocrite

  8. I’m a frequent TAB reader and supporter and I’m “fortunate” enough to live in this town and even went to school at St Paul’s. this sadly is the view of the majority of people here. However, please do not throw us all in the same category as these vile creatures as there are some in this place with a conscious who aren’t so narrow minded

  9. Just a note. The second Matt Knox thing is not marijuana it’s a fish which you’ve taken out of context.

  10. Grew up in this town, went to that school and was in the same year as Mr Knox. There is a huge attitude problem in the town and a hell of a lot of people who live there are narrow minded bigots. It was not easy growing up there as a non-footballing, non-drinking, non-christian, non-heterosexual guy. Oh the stories I could tell… Really disappointing that this is the legacy the town leaves in its wake. People need to take a look at how they represent themselves.

  11. I lived there. I grew up there. Trust me not all people from this town are that fucking stupid and bigoted. I went to school with a couple of these people and they are and always have been fuckwits.

  12. Wow!!! lets write a peice which singles out a few people from Kempsey… Better write one about a few people in every town, city and shanty shack in Australia as well. Your rasict for assuming all of kempsey is like this. “Racist” or just pathetic humans with no idea. 🙂

  13. Ahahah wow, this is one of the better articles I’ve read. It’s got everything; parroting misinformation and urban legends, disrespect of the flag in ignorant patriotism and, of course, many spelling and grammatical errors. Well done, these lowlifes are lower than most.

    A couple of general observations about this one:

    1. There has never been any serious suggestion from any politician that the Australia Day holiday be changed to “Citizen’s Day”. It’s a hoax that starts up every year, generally with a prominent politician’s name attached. This blog even featured last year the newest round of bigoted morons to latch on to this stupid hoax:

    2. The anthem is not “said”, it is recited (or more commonly, sung). And while most schools don’t have their students “say” the anthem every day, that trend has been in place for a long while. I didn’t “say” the anthem every day at school when I was last there 15 years ago.

    3. The genius up there is giving the thumbs up in front of an upside-down flag. So she works at an RSL, claims to love her country so much, and defiles the flag. Great work.

    I could go on, but why bother? These people clearly just believe everything the media tells them, me ranting about it on a message board probably won’t change anything. I do wonder if any of them have actually met, let alone interacted with a Muslim at all…

    • Yet another grammar Nazi/keyboard warrior. Who gives a fuck if people misspell words or don’t use proper punctuation, they are still getting their point of view across and you can still interpret every word said. Fuck me you know how to dribble some shit, get a life. This site is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen and I know many of the people its directed at, you’ve seen a few photos of them which are meaningless, its blown out of proportion and yet you feel obliged to call them lowlifes?

  14. I employ Muslims who don’t show bias, work hard, share mutual respect for all who they work for; I am a female boss and have never felt uncomfortable giving instructions to a man who worked for Hussein. I feel people are generally victims of circumstance and just do the best job they can. Why should all people pay for extremists of religion? I chugged a beer in front of my Muslim worker one day, he smiled and laughed and so did I. I did this as I bought one for another worker who was having a breakdown, and I thought to share with him, it wasn’t intended as a challenge and wasn’t perceived to be. His wife is doing her doctorate in English literature and works for us occasionally. They are honest and have no secrets as I have known them for three years and they share their experiences freely with all at work. In the end, no one has any right to generalise as we are all intelligent individuals who are capable of discerning right from wrong, even with religion embedded into our psyche from young children, we never are unable to make a choice. There are extremists everywhere, and those of you who have stated such hatred of those you have never met, where do you think you stand? Chill out and get to know someone. Learn, read, meet.

  15. This is a great example of Bourdieu’s theory of cultural and social reproduction. Kempsey seems to breed this narrow minded, idiotic sense of self importance. Its unfortunate that the majority of open minded school leavers in Kempsey pack their bags and go to universities or the cities to further themselves. Leaving SOME riff-raff to breed a super-concentrated generation of narrow mindedness.
    And to Rebecca Farrell I am forwarding this blog to the Return Service League’s Sub Branch President because it is absolutely disgusting that the RSL employes someone of your calibre. As a former serving member ADF who has deployed, and worked with muslims in Afghanistan for over 14 months it makes me sick that you have this much hatred for a religious group with your views shaped by social media and primetime TV.

  16. Wow. This is saddening. Saddening in regards to the bigoted, racist and unintelligent comments coming from so many people from my home town.
    However I don’t think it was necessary to pick on anybody’s appearance, though, that’s a little pathetic.
    I also think it’s ridiculous that so many of you people are assuming every body within Kempsey is racist and bigoted. It’s a small town, and heck yes, there are probably too many narrow minded, shallow and racist people around but that doesn’t mean everybody is. It’s stupid that you’d generalize an entire population over several peoples dumb Facebook posts.

    • The title ‘Kempsey’s Finest… Racists’ is

      a) obvious sarcasm as these people are clearly Kempsey’s worst;
      b) a play on words – they are Kempsey’s finest racists.

      Normal Kempsey people are not lumped in with these idiots.

  17. ‘For those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share’.
    Something tells me these people probably don’t really know what the national anthem is about. Or don’t know the second verse. Always learn the second verse! The rest are a bit weird though.

    • Hi Keith.
      I am an upset person. I do personally know the man exposing his nipples in the photo. I have tried to comment on here and clear up that he:
      1. is not friends with matt knox
      2. is not a racist and has many cultured friends
      3. is not from kempsey.
      i find it highly offensive and in bad taste that they used that particular image as it has no reason to be there. If it was me i personally would be seeking legal action.

      • Hi bf (Best friend?) aren’t you just a little bit upset and find it highly offensive to see these racists coming up with abuse that is clearly based on only accepting what comes from The Media?

        • bf is my initials keith, i definately am not best friends with matthew knox i know him personally and he is an idiot. and i do not understand your comment sorry, please re phrase it in a simpler way.

        • Caught out lying, how can Greg be their real name when they said bf is their initials (July 7, 2013 at 11:25 pm)?

          And why should I write my comments in a more simple way, when Greg, bf or what ever they want to call themselves cannot understand it now?

          But those who claim they cannot understand another person comment, comes from those who cannot face and accept the truth that others have asked or written.

      • But question is, people would take group photos so bf is it wrong for racists mentioned above to put this group photo on say Facebook even those the others in the group had nothing to do with the racists and their BS even those the public would think they did, because they are in a group photo?

        • surely everyone wouldnt generalise the whole group as racists? unless all viewers of the image are close minded. i still do not fully understand your question sorry.

        • bf who is now Greg whats next? Can understand my question, they are just too weak to say he doesn’t have a answer.

        • you seem like a really odd guy keith who rambles on a bit. i wont be answering your pointless boring question as i dont know how to

      • You already threatened “legal action” Surf Boy. The admin at the page sent me an SMS and we had a good laugh.

        Still am going to run that guy past ADFIS. They are cracking down on racists, bigots, sexists and homophobes so a lot of your ADF mates might be out of a job.

  18. Far out all you people have too much time on your hands…. when did you all forget about living your own lives ???? you all do have a life dont you ?? well live it, no need for all your keyboard warrior shit. Farrrkk sake

        • Does God know why someone called themselves Greg, when they said bf is their initials (July 7, 2013 at 11:25 pm)?

        • I know there is no way of finding you with my limited computer knowledge, but to the faggot trolls I truly hope you slip up and expose yourself. You are sad sad individuals, I won’t threaten you on this because it will most likely be passed on to the police but if I was to come across the name of a certain someone who runs a certain page it would most likely end in grievous bodily garn to the person in question and thier families. Especially children, easy targets 🙂 stay classy keithyboy/ mindmadeup

        • Greg minehan

          IP Address:
          ISP: TPG Internet Pty Ltd.
          Organization: TPG Internet Pty
          Region: Homebush (AU)

          CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 31
          Documents containing threats

          (1) A person who intentionally or recklessly, and knowing its contents, sends or delivers, or directly or indirectly causes to be received, any document threatening to kill or inflict bodily harm on any person is liable to imprisonment for 10 years.

          (2) It is immaterial for the purposes of an offence under this section whether or not a document sent or delivered is actually received, and whether or not the threat contained in a document sent, delivered or received is actually communicated to the person concerned or to the recipient or intended recipient of the document (as relevant in the circumstances).

          By the way “document” includes electronic communications.

        • Fucking classy. Rather than acknowledge that a friend (or cousin or sister or whatever) made public comments that would breach anti-discrimination and racial hatred legislation, you instead reserve special threats towards anyone whose name you can track down and their children.

          Sick fuck. We’ve got plenty of info on you and will be passing it onto authorities if you keep your threats up.

  19. Reading your shit you live somewhere in sydney… you better take this down.. that is my cousin you have put under the spotlight so what she voiced her opinion to her friends. i bet you would find the same thing on the opposite side of the fence if you went looking.. just delete this story mate…

    • 1. You live in Sydney as well? How nice.
      2. We don’t respond to threats but the police do.

      IP Address:
      ISP: Optus
      Region: Liverpool (AU)

      CRIMES ACT 1900 – SECT 31
      Documents containing threats

      (1) A person who intentionally or recklessly, and knowing its contents, sends or delivers, or directly or indirectly causes to be received, any document threatening to kill or inflict bodily harm on any person is liable to imprisonment for 10 years.

      (2) It is immaterial for the purposes of an offence under this section whether or not a document sent or delivered is actually received, and whether or not the threat contained in a document sent, delivered or received is actually communicated to the person concerned or to the recipient or intended recipient of the document (as relevant in the circumstances).

      By the way “document” includes electronic communications.

    • If Aaron is really concerned about his cousin, he would be talking to them and telling them to delete their racist rants and don’t do it again.

        • Well hopefully she’ll learn that when she next decides to make hate filled comments on an entire group of people she knows nothing about, she might just decide to do it in a way that as few people as possible need know about it.

          It won’t end racism, or prejudice, but if more people with hate filled views kept them as dirty little secrets they were ashamed of, the world would function a little better.

  20. Dont be a smart arse.. if you want to be Journalists, maybe do something with a little more taste, this is just ripping of a young girls posts and making a mockery of it all. whilst potentially putting her in danger. wake up to yourself mate.if anything did go down i am sure the police will be knocking on your doors.

    • She made a comment in a public domain that was hate filled. If she is proud of these comments, she has no reason to feel ashamed that they are idstributed further than she intended. If she is ashamed of these comments, why did she make them in the first place?

      Just for the record, who do you think is responsible when someone says something stupid online? The person who says the stupid stuff, or everyone else?

      • its not the fact that she may be ashamed or not, its the attention she will, and most probably has received due to the way it has been posted on this site..

        of course its the person but would you be reading it right now if it wasn’t here? unless you go stalking random females on fb I doubt you would of , and if you did, you probably wouldn’t care about what they have to say.

        • So, to be clear, a person is responsible for whatever they say, but if someone says something stupid, no one is meant to repeat it? Does that apply in all public situaitons, or only the internet? Like, if she said this stupid stuff loudly in the middle of the street, would we all need to ignore her?

          Again, if she’s proud of these comments, why would she have a problem getting more attention for them? If you want to post around something I say, like “I like pie” then go ahead. I won’t feel ashamed, and am happy for the rest of the world to know I like pie. And if she has no problem with her views of muslims, she would have no issue with the rest of the world knowing her view of Muslims.

          If, however, she is ashamed of her view of muslims, then that’s something she needs to sort out with herself.

        • Really if she was the pm of Australia I would expect the words to be all over the place.. but she is a girl from the coast who talked with her friends yeah it was hate filled..

        • So if the PM says something publically it’s okay for her words to go over the place, but when someone else does it, it’s wrong? How does that work? Are we meant to accept hate filled messages from the public? Would you accept a hate filled message directed towards you from the public, and only be angry if it was made by the PM?

          The PM like all politicians are held to a higher standards than the public. This does not mean there is no standard the public should be held to.

          “yeah it was hate filled”

          And that’s all you need to know. You don’t want her name turning up on this site, tell her not to post hateful ignorant stuff in a public forum. That seems the most complete way to avoid any negative attention.

          After all, even if this site didn’t exist, employers still would check facebook, people would still report facebook comments to the AFP, facebook comments would still turn up as news stories. All these things would happen irrelevent to this site.

          However, if she stopped making stupid hate filled comments publically, then there would be no problem with employers, this site, or anyone.

    • She wrote what she wrote in PUBLIC. All we did was REpublish it to another PUBLIC audience.

      Are you fucking stupid? We don’t purport to be journalists. Get a fucking clue.

      • Well sorry if I see the words, World press in the back ground, and assume like most would, that you are some kind of wannabe journalists, and I use the word wannabe because if this is the kinda crap u produces. you will never be. If your not journalists what are use? a group of bored late 20’s men trying to get a spark from a group of people so you can be entertained?

        by the way the screen name mind made up sounds a tad bit, bigoted to me.

        • Wait, you see the word “word” and immediatly think journalist?

          “a group of bored late 20′s men trying to get a spark from a group of people so you can be entertained?”

          Yes, I was wondering when we’d get the “You’re just bored people wasting your time, unlike me who is not wasting his time by posting on your blog” response.

          If this site is a waste of time, you wouldn’t be here.

        • Well the whole thing just feels like a mockery especially with your main man mindmadeup.. and yeah it does feel like it is for entertainment rather then any serious issue not saying there isn’t issues here that don’t need to be discussed.

        • Well mocking does come into play. After all, it is a good way to correct behaviour. The child who exposes himself at school doesn’t stop doing it because they have learnt proper behaviour, they do it because other children point and laugh and make them feel embarrassed.

          Other blog posts go into detail to explain ‘This belief is wrong because……” but they are long and detailed, and the people featured here are unlikely to read them in their entirety. So, in the meantime, making them feel embarrassed is a good place to start.

    • Is Aaron stupid or what?

      How is reposting a rant that was made in a public forum, ripping of someone else post that has the spell of outside dunny?

      And the police well be involved getting evidence from forums like this on the racist rants.

      • SomethING tells me you have been drinkING lmao see what I did Keith ing buddy. .

        To be honest, I didn’t know she had her profile on public when I wrote my first response. I still think this didn’t need to happen.

        I haven’t been one bit racist I got nothing against any race.. but I do agree with some of the things Rebecca has posted ( the rests I think she was just having a laugh, with her mates), I just would of worded it differently if I was to voice my opinions.

        End of the day we are Entitled to our own opinions. To each his own.. We do live in Australia mate…

        • No one is trying to prevent her opinion. Quite the contrary, we are publicising it far and wide, spreading her opinion across the internet.

          “To be honest, I didn’t know she had her profile on public when I wrote my first response. I still think this didn’t need to happen.”

          So if she does something in public that’s hatefilled and stupid, we should all ignore a hate-filled message, because…..why? Why is it okay to ignore hate filled messages? If someone was posting that you were hate filled, that all you brought was war and violence, that you and your entire family are only ruining Australia, and do not belong….would you be happy with this?

          And incidentally, which are the non-hate filled ocmments? The one about Asians not being able to drive-that’s certai nly a loving statement. Or the ones that say Muslims by and large just want war? Which are the ones you are supporting?

        • Her opinions would be shared by many here in Australia. Yeah sure maybe she needs to learn a bit more before speaking out. I really don’t think she should be under the spotlight for voicing her thoughts to her friends.

          If you left out the information on the people involved, and the added sarcasm as well as made it less of a personal attack against people and a town it would be more appropriate ..

          As for how I would feel, yeah I would be pissed.

          This is a complex issue.and almost all of what Aussies know of there religion/ beliefs is mostly bad… and that might be because we don’t look any further then what the latest headlines are telling us. My opinion would be if you are going to integrate into society work with them and follow their laws ( and most foreigners do). sure believe what religious views you want but don’t preach or push on to others, that’s my thoughts on all religion. lucky we are in Australia a western society where any thoughts or views can be voiced…

          I am Agnostic my belief is behind science.. if your are religious well you would say I am going to hell.. lucky I believe I am going to the worms lol

          I just don’t appreciate you naming and trying to shame my cousin. her comments would not have went very far from her fb page.

        • Facebook has almost a billion members who can potentially access her vilification.

          If she wants to keep on hating tell her to go hide in the shed where no one can see or hear her and practice her perversions there.

          We are not religious either but we don’t go dumping on innocent people.

        • “Her opinions would be shared by many here in Australia.”

          So, you later say you would be pissed if someone attacked you with similar statements as she has made, but when she does it it’s okay because her opinion is shared by many in Australia?

          First off, you don’t know that. You know she shares your views, and people who talk to you share your views-that doesn’t mean many.
          Second off, so would you be okay with a person commenting how you are spreading violence and are ruining the country if you were confident that many Australians would feel that way?

          You are against personal attacks, demonising of individuals, so why aren’t you also against demonising of groups, as she is doing? After all, groups are made up of individuals, and is far worse that demonising an individual, as it’s far worse to say “All Muslims are dicks” than it is to say “This one particular Muslim here is a dick”, right?

          “This is a complex issue.and almost all of what Aussies know of there religion/ beliefs is mostly bad… and that might be because we don’t look any further then what the latest headlines are telling us. ”

          So….her comments are fine because she doesn’t know any better? Is ignorance an excuse now? If I wrote up terrible allegations about you, not knowing any better, that would be okay?

          ” My opinion would be if you are going to integrate into society work with them and follow their laws ( and most foreigners do). sure believe what religious views you want but don’t preach or push on to others, that’s my thoughts on all religion. ”

          Do you have any first hand examples of migrants or any ethnic group not following the laws or integrating into society? After all, you say most foreigners do, so why the need to demonise an entire group online? If a small percentage is not following the laws, they should be punished, but why demonise an entire group when all groups have members who don’t follow the law?

          “I just don’t appreciate you naming and trying to shame my cousin. her comments would not have went very far from her fb page.”

          Except they do. The explosion of social networking means that all beliefs, no matter how terrible, evil or perverted they are, can find acceptance and sharing within some groups. And then we have the amplification effect. This is how it goes:

          One person writes something terrible, hate filled and ignorant. Most people ignore it, others cheer the comment. All people involved in this post, those who read it, those who wrote it and those who respond to it, interpret the comment as being fine, as being acceptable in modern society. Because if there was something wrong, someone would complain, wouldn’t they?

          This on its own allows for amplification-if she can get away with saying “All Muslims cause war and ruin Australia”, why not extend even further when she feels like it “Gosh, why can’t we just deport all the Muslims”

          But it’s not just on its own. Because those people who respond, cheering her on, post their own response, which may be a little bit more extreme. Each individual’s hate filled statement is a justification for the slightly more extreme one that follows. Because this is all they are talking about, and no one is intruding to present an alternative view, the problem appears greater than it is, and suddenly “We got to do something!” leads to actually doing something. And whether that is joining a group of like minded members (Leading to a greater amplification effect-I’ve seen far right groups support the extermination of the disabled with no one complaining)

          At no point does any new information come in, making it harder and harder for new information to come in, because after hearing only the same information over and over again, they are highly resistant to accept any information that goes against this belief.

          And that’s just what happens with her. There’s also the effect on anyone who reads the comments. Anyone who has a slight bias against Muslims has their views accepted and supported, which means they feel more comfortable spreading their view as well. Even if they don’t post it on facebook, or tell anyone else, a mindset of “Muslims are bad” would justify a person’s suspicion, mistrust, and anger towards any Muslim they meet.

          So it’s not just “A comment between friends” a hate filled comment effects large numbers of people. What this site aims to do is intervene before she ruins her life, or her comments have a chance to ruin anyone else’s. And your appearance here suggests that it’s having an effect, that she and you will think hard about what you post in the future.

  21. You seem to have somewhat of a minor intellegence. You said that in reply to me earlier. “July 7th 5:57” Im sideing with anti rasicts and bigots. Which is neither side in this argument. So no need to become aggressive and just as bad as the people you report against champ

      • to whom it may concern she is very sorry for her actions she never intened to be racists her facebook has since been taken down she regrets her comments and has learnt a lesson she is not this kind of person and it will not happen again she made a mistake which we all do she has lived with the shame of being on this site i ask that you take down all photos of herand the guy and her facebook she is very truly sorry

  22. Amazes me that so many haters like Rebecca support ANZAC day, ANZACs fought against their type and will be turning in their grave seeing flag used as a symbol of hate.

  23. Greg Mineham is a very confused person who doesn’t know who they are by forgetting to take their pills?

    Because if they are Greg “I am Greg, Bf is a different person” and by writing “greg July 7, 2013 at 11:25 pm bf is my initials keith” they also must be bf?

    And those who threaten like Greggy or bf, must know their own threats well be used as evidence.

  24. mindmadeup nah I don’t want Greg/Greg Mineham to be my bf as he doesn’t pay me unlike his other friends he pay off.

  25. “I can’t believe this Muslim on ‘Sunday Night.” – Rebecca Farrell.

    Take out the words “this Muslim on’ and you have a reasonable sentence if the promo clip of this interview on a so-called “current affairs show” titled I think Sunday Night or suchlike screened in the ads is anything to go by. From the looks of that alone (didn’t see the actual show, think its the TV news item she’s referring to but cannot be 100% sure) this “news” show was an inflammatory, vile piece of media hate deliberately designed to upset and anger people and create exactly the sort of racist reaction. I think the media here has a lot to answer for & has in many cases whipped up a lot of the racism for ratings. Hopefully they’ll feature on Media Watch, hopefully there are / will one day be some laws and penalties for that sort of TV “journalism” designed to exploit the very worst in the very least well informed.

  26. Ignorance from conservatism is rife in small-town communities and areas with low socio-economic and employment opportunities, It’s easy to publicly mock this ignorance and conservatism but a whole lot harder to actually understand how and why this is so prevalent in these communities, The ‘city’ ‘country’ divide you seem to be striving for is ignorant in itself. I was raised in Kempsey, have since attended University in the city and I wouldn’t change a thing about the way I was raised or the place in which I was raised simply because I am able to understand that the few you have named and shamed are not indicative of the attitudes of the whole community of Kempsey.
    Let’s counter racism and ignorance with divisiveness and more ignorance and applaud the ease with which one finds stupid comments and re-publishes these comments whilst pretending to be making a sophisticated piece of social commentary.

    • We don’t pretend to be anything else but what we are.

      Those people were educated in NSW at Catholic and public schools hence had exactly the same mandatory multicultural and Aboriginal perspectives education that my kids had. So a lack of education cannot be used as an excuse.

      Those people live in an environment where we have state and federal anti-discrimination laws – not the case when my generation were growing up. So they have the support of the law if they are discriminated against and the sanction of the law if they discriminate.

      So what’s their excuse for their pig-ignorance and stupidity? And how many Muslims live in and around Kempsey? Very few.

      • I don’t refer to myself as a bogan or a racist I don’t live in kempsey though I did use to work their. with Rebecca at the RSL. I don’t agree with some of the stuff she posts on Facebook. displaying statuses and photos then exposing her details to the World Wide Web. Why do people make sites like these? what do you have to prove? and why should your opinion matter over anyone elses. what gives you the right to Broadcast someone else’s life? A site like this only encourages key board warriors to say things over the net that they will never have the guts to say in person. Couldn’t give a flying f if you try and hack me and put my details up all because you don’t agree when other people voice their opinions. Keep on living the online dream 🙂

        • She said something stupid online, in a very public way. People complain that she says something stupid online in a very public way. For some reason the people who complain are the problem, to you, not the person saying the stupid stuff to begin with.

          ” displaying statuses and photos then exposing her details to the World Wide Web. ”

          No, these were already exposed by herself. She exposed herself to the world wide web.

          “Why do people make sites like these?”

          For the same reason you yell at your puppy for shitting on the rug. This sort of behaviour is not acceptable in modern Australian society. You want to shit, you do it in private, where no one can see you, and you don’t feel the need to tell everyone about it later.

          ” and why should your opinion matter over anyone elses. ”

          Oh, it’s just an opinion is it? A hate filled statement directed towards Muslims, and Asians is just an opinion, and must be accepted because of that reason, right?

          Wrong. If someone wrote how you personally are ruining australia, causing only war and violence, and that you and your family need to be dealt with, by someone with balls, would you just nod and accept the opinion? No, of course not, you’d complain.

          But for some reason when a person targets an entire group that isn’t you with hate filled messages, you accept that because….well they’re not targeting you so it’s not your problem?

        • Ginger should asking the following.

          Why are they defending racists? Why do people write rants that is racism? what do you have to prove? and why should their opinion be ignore even those they are against the law?

        • So in asking the admin of this site “what gives you the right to Broadcast someone else’s life?” I guess Ginger thinks racists posting their racism in a public place like Facebook is ok and proves Ginger is on the side of the racists and what they do?

        • Good on you Ginger living reality.

          Defending racists that are saying things over the net that they will never have the guts to say in person especially not agreeing with others migrants coming to Australia and bringing with them, food, drink and items these racists would use.

  27. It is just so funny to see these bogans run off and hide (their profiles) once they have been outed on a public forum! Priceless!

  28. So I really hope the comment posted by the fella who’s DP is a fella on A bike was taken the right way. It was in no way supporting ANY damn thing that the, ahhh, opinionated ms Farrell had to say. There may have been a few more anti-bogan comments in that post by that same fella that I would encourage the admin to re-post. Please take note, that person IS from Kempsey.. Not all Kempsey citizens are unintelligent racist muts..

  29. Non-Muslims killed and injured people in The FBI Building, Northern Ireland and England etc and Rebecca doesn’t care?

    Yes I noticed The RSL Club took down her image.

    But does she work there?

  30. John I wont say anything about your parents as they are good, but you have proven you were a mistake.

    So best wishes in your future and hope you get away from your fucked up life you have now.

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