Nazi extremism and the ADL

Reblogged from Aussies Against the Australian Defence League


One of the biggest problems with starting a group such as the ADL is that although most of what happens is brushed off as ‘harmless’ and people merely ‘venting their frustrations’, there remains the potential for a single member to take this ‘harmless venting’ and act it out on actual people in the real world.

This is radicalisation, and this is what the ADL does.


Enter Benjamin ‘Benji’ Henigan.


The proud grandson of a member of Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS).



He appears on a thread in ADL’s private ‘community’ group. 

A ‘harmless venting’ about Muslims and the ‘final solution’.

He complains that it’s too soon to bring up Genocide, as it might turn away potential members and get some bad publicity.


He then speaks about what he thinks ADL needs to encourage more members.
Secretly ‘ignite an incident’.


But that could mean anything. Other ADL members join in suggesting that getting rid of ‘mosks’ is the way to go. Benji has an idea for that too. Pipe bomb anyone?

*URL provided for the authorities, the comments are still there at the time of writing.


He then sets out trying to challenge the ADL to get active, or sit on the internet playing soldiers.


I wonder if he put any of these thoughts onto his application to join the army.


Perhaps he’s serious and a genuine threat, or perhaps he’s slightly damaged from historical drug abuse.


Perhaps a bit of both.


6 thoughts on “Nazi extremism and the ADL

  1. Nazis huh? These minority nobodies are a joke, all the lauding of the ss etc is just piss and wind. Young idiots who will be lucky to make a life out of minimum wage fantasising about power and, by the looks of it, their own bodies. Disappointing to again see so-called ‘veterans’ involved.

    • It’s easy for me to claim that I’m a veteran on the internet, it’s pretty easy to do in real life as well. It’s gotten so bad that there are a couple of mobs to attempt to call out people that do it.

  2. is tht karl dude talking bout the spanish inquisition?? n how ferdinand n isabelle back stabbed the muslims at the end?
    also is tht benji grommit claiming tht the muslims did all tht shit in the balkans?? wow he really must’ve smoked a lot of pot to confuse himself like tht… YO BENJI!!! the 10,000 bodies found in the mass grave in srebenica were muslims not christians…

    my great uncle was also n SS soldier… but he was with the partisan underground as well…

  3. As a German-born Australian, it makes me utterly sick whenever whenever morons such as Benji like to mention how they’re (part) German. My grandfather was a member of the Wehrmacht who fought in Russia; when he came back from the war, he had not a kind word to say about war or the ideologies which drive man to inflict such upon another. Clearly Benji hasn’t been to Germany, for if he had he would have picked up on just how anti-war Germans are, and just how keen most Germans are on calling out guys such as Benji for the sociopathic knuckledraggers they are.

  4. Please don’t see this as an endorsement of the SS, but do these sad inadequates think for a minute that they would have got any closer to joining than cleaning their toilets?

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