16 thoughts on “The Bullying of Julia Gillard

      • What does this signify? You giving out my email address for everyone to see? How nice of you… Instead of showing everyone my email address, you could of come up with a better response. Oh well, some people get their rocks of by being assholes.

        I hate Julia, she doesn’t care about anyone other than herself. At least Rudd took care of the people. I hope he wins the next election. If Abbott wins, I’m sure there will be more assholes the likes of Gillard, and now you guys… I had respect for you guys but it just seems you don’t try to have a decent argument, you just post details about people who come against what you say..

        Ah well, whatever, there is always a delete button on emails.
        Have a nice day.

        • Meh hate Julia,but they sure well be holding their hand out for she offered?

          And in writing “At least Rudd took care of the people” is Meh claiming they spoke to all of the people in Australia, even those they didn’t contact me and many people I know.

          In other words, don’t claim something when others can see it is complete BS.

        • Meh have a nice day trying to work where you f**ked up including thanks to your own rants, your opinion is not based on anything decent especially The BS.

          But from your own rants I am surprised you hate Abbott as your rants and that of Abbott and other Liberals are on the same level attacking Gillard.

    • I didn’t really like her but I certainly don’t think she deserved anywhere near the level of abuse she got. If she had been a man, her policies may not have been any more popular but we wouldn’t get shitheads throwing around abuse like “lying bitch”.

    • How stupid are someone that they have to get their information from The Media especially Alan Jones and The Liberals?

    • Why are idiots like Meh, silent on thanks to Abbott and The Liberals, The Gillard Government passed many things especially those that Meh would be using like The NBN?

      And so don’t like Gillard then don’t hold your hand for she offered you weak SOB.

  1. how could anyone say, she does not care about anyone except herself. she was trying to achieve so many things for everyone, and the health of planet earth, which is the only home we have. tony abbott cares nothing for anyone except his own ambition.

  2. What happened to our first female Prime Minister is something that future historians will look back on with shame and horror. A massive appalling injustice and a national disgrace. It has put the lie to the idea of the land of the fair go and revealed the ugliest aspects of Aussie culture.

    I cringe looking and listening to that. Powerful, confronting stuff.

    Julia Gillard deserved better. Anyone would deserve better – but her especially. Throughout it all Julia’s tenacious, courageous grace under intense fire deserves extra credit she no doubt (mostly) won’t get. For a while at least, history’s verdict on her will be kinder and on her critics far harsher I suspect than many now realise.

  3. All i can think off is the media is responsible for generating a culture of hate against julia gillard, People it seems are sheep and follow the pied piper ( Abbott ) where ever it goes. Abbott feeds the generator ( media ) and they crank it up to full capicity.

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