Australian Defence Force Infantry Linked to Death Threats on Asylum Seekers

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The administrator of the Royal Australian Infantry Facebook page broadcasted this anti-asylum-seeker joke to an audience of:

19,021 followers of the page +
180 (shares) x avg. 200 Facebook friends each (36,000)

= approx. >55,000 people.

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10 thoughts on “Australian Defence Force Infantry Linked to Death Threats on Asylum Seekers

  1. What does wealth have to do with seeking asylum? If there are people abusing the system to get into Australia who are NOT valid refugees then we need to tighten our policy toward such people, but people fleeing for their lives from persecution and murder do not immediately coalesce into a conglomerate resembling the liberation of a death camp. It is possible that people have taken whatever was convenient with them as they have escaped from their enemies. I find it ridiculous that these morons are commenting on the appearance of people because they don’t look poor enough. WTF??

    • Also, these people are escaping through Asia, the mecca of counterfeit goods. I would bet 100% that those are all counterfeit clothes cost not hundreds of dollars, more like $5-$6 in total.

      Also, having said this, they did tell Bernard Gaynor that he was full of bullshit.

      Bernard Gaynor
      I’m getting kicked out of the Army for questioning Islam.
      Like · · Share · 11 June at 08:00

      [ Royal Australian Infantry ] Sounds a bit like Catholicism to me. Post your bullshit elsewhere.
      Like · Reply · 15 June at 09:25

  2. The ADF would love to know about these racist idiots. It does happen is absolutely correct. These morons are placing Australian prices on the items they costed when they judgementally assessed these refugees as being “wealthy”. Not a word was mentioned that this refugee family was carrying & wearing all they owned in the world.

    The Chief of the Army would be horrified to see a FB page such as this & I doubt these imbeciles would be allowed to stay in the infantry, that is if they ever were there in the first place.

  3. Here we go again an unruly head of hair named George and an incompetent pet owner. To his credit George does have the right idea, “tow them back to international water” 100% agree, but what I don’t agree with is that unruly mop he calls his head of hair. And Carl uhh just give the cat to someone responsible. We don’t need any more feral cats in Australia.
    Feral cats are the real pests, people just need to be responsible de sex your cat.

      • Well you need to look at the situation long term. The people are paying a people smuggler good money for a reason. They are not being paid to be towed back on a failed journey, they are being paid to reach Australian waters and be granted Asylum.
        That’s the motivating force, the reason this is happening in our country as opposed to however many other countries they have passed through or resided in to get to Indonesia. When there is a strong deterrent and lack of an incentive there will be less people paying a people smuggler to try and obtain Asylum. When the boats are towed back or towed to a different place in the pacific, boats destroyed also, and boarder protection tightened to send a definite and absolute message, lives will be saved, because less people will be getting on a boat to make the (unsuccessful) journey. I praise John Howard for his firm stance, it ultimately saved lives, Tony Abbott has the minerals for a firm stance also, and this will stop people attempting the journey in the long term, which is what we all want.

        • John Howard saved lives? Siev X didn’t happen did it? Suicides in detention-never happened?

          The reason asylum seekers are attempting to come to Australia, rather than Indonesia, Malaysia, etc is because they can live and settle in Australia. In Malaysia and Indonesia, as they do not have the right to work legally, they risk being deported at any time to their home country. They can’t work, and can’t live safely.

          The other problem with towing the boats back is….what if Indonesia doesn’t accept them? And let’s be clear, Indonesia has already said they won’t accept this, and are getting quite annoyed that Australia, a fairly wealthy country, is trying to push its asylum seeker problem onto Indonesia, which is not as wealthy. Are you suggesting our royal navy forces boats into Indonesian ports, and hopes this will be okay with them? Can you imagine any country accepting a foreign military forcing ships into its ports, then destroying the ships?

          And as for Tony Abbot’s firm stance-he knows his plan won’t work either. He likes to talk about turning the boats back, like he likes to talk about all slogans, but the truth is he knows it wouldn’t work. Hence why, despite multiple opportunities, he has never talked to Indonesia about it.

          But ask yourself this-if it’s such a good plan, why won’t he talk to Indonesia about it? Why does the Navy object to it? Why do all people involved in implementing the plan oppose it?

  4. Whether a refugee comes from a moneyed background or not is irrelevant. One does not need to be dirt poor to be persecuted for their beliefs/ethnicity/religion/opinion etc. Shit, I mean if I was trying to get out of some evil shithole like Syria or Iran I too would try to take along whatever valuables (i.e. money, jewelry etc) I could, simply because it improves the odds of one’s survival.

  5. This is the insane thing. Many of these people *are* wealthy. They are the petty bourgeoisie in their country. They sell their lands and borrow money. They have initiative and tenacity enough to get here. They are educated. They are far from Islamists: they are Ahmadis, Bahais, gays, atheists, Hazaras, secularists, moderates fleeing Islamist and Western terror.

    These people are an absolute fucking asset to this country – you couldn’t get a better type of citizen but instead, just for racist votes, they are treated like shit, locked up in remote islands. Now they’re not allowed to work – forced to rot, forced to struggle on $30 a day for five years after being incarcerated for looking for a better life for themselves and their children. If that doesn’t make a person mad I don’t know what will.

    This refugee policy, along with the Intervention aka “Stronger Futures” has got to be the two most shameful, racist policies in this country. The fact that such douchebaggery has bipartisan support is heart-breaking and soul-destroying.

  6. How stupid are these people. If they saw ‘Adidas’ backpacks for sale in a market in South East Asia they would no doubt assume they were fake. But for the purposes of this photo that assign it a $80 price tag. Not that the cost of someone’s bag should determine whether they have the right to seek assylum. Designer jeans? They look like normal bloody jeans to me. Now these poor sods has to justify what they’re wearing and how much it cost? Maybe they got their clothes from charity…

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