Islamophobia Lingo for Dummies

By Yasmina Reality on May 3, 2013

Being a Muslim, #MyJihad Activist has been like boot camp.

I learn more about my faith and get stronger in my faith through activism.


I also get the opportunity to interact with Islamophobes of various degrees.

(Tip: Islamophobes are OFFENDED when you call them ISLAMOPHOBES. Weird huh?)

Degree 1 = Degree 1 Islamophobes are those who hate Muslims and hate Islam bar none. They are not changing their minds. No way. No how. Wilful ignorance is the name of the game with Degree 1 Phobes- and any lingo goes- including cursing! (Say what? You ask. I know! I say back.) A degree 1′s best friend is their computer. Their only knowledge of Islam is from Islamophobic websites. They drink a lot of milk to get Vitamin D since they don’t go outside much into the real world. If they do step outside once in awhile to get the mail, you will see them squinting at the sun and screaming, “My eyes! My eyes!”
Degree 2 = Those who thought they hated Muslims and weren’t afraid to say it until they met a few Muslims and learnt a few things that changed their minds quite quickly. It’s like they didn’t mean to be Islamophobes to begin with- but they just didn’t know any better. These are peeps that eventually become happy to call Muslims friends and will hang out with Muslims and think its pretty cool.
Degree 3 = These folks truly have unfounded fears of Muslims and Islam. They think that Muslims are hiding under their beds, are going to enter their nightmares and scare them silly, and are going to take over the world with Sharia, Taqiyya and other really scary “IAs” that they haven’t learned of yet- but that they are sure are out there! There is hope for Degree Three-ers! If they would just come out from under the covers and TALK with Muslims in real life.


There is common lingo among Islamophobic circles. Some use real words with made-up, distorted definitions. Others use words that are seemingly made up. In any case, these Islamophobic words seem to be like security blankets to the Phobes. The more they use them, the more they think they are getting ahead in the life of Islamophobic hysteria.


Supremacist, terrorist, Islamist, Imperialist, Fascist, Communist etc. No Islamophobic rant would be complete without spewing lots of ISTs at Muslims online. When Islamophobic blogger, Pam Geller, tweeted at me and fellow Activist, Angie, calling us “Islamic Supremacists!” we were flattered that she recognized our SuperMom powers. We are Supremacists, darn it!


No- not tequila, but taqiyya. This is a word Islamophobes use when a Muslim (or other person properly versed in Islam,) provides truthful information that they can’t argue with. When an Islamophobe is at a loss for a counter-punch, they scream TAQIYYA! implying that Muslims are allowed to LIE at will according to Islamic doctrine. TAQIYYA! (For the real scoop on taqiyya- read this: Taqiyya Explained)


Sharia is a word that Islamophobes use much more than actual Muslims use. Sharia is a favorite word of Degree 3 Phobes because it represents the essence of manic hysteria. Sharia is certainly a supremacist, imperialist THING that is coming to get you! Get us! GET THE UNIVERSE! MWAAAAAAH (For the real scoop on Sharia, read this: Sharia explained by an actual Muslim who actually understands actual Islam- no really— I’m being serious … ) (Where is the mass hysteria about getting struck by lightning? I urge you to write your Congressman and insist on anti-lightening strike legislation. It only makes sense.)


This is another one Islamophobes like to use WAY more than Muslims ever say in real life. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard anyone BUT Islamophobes use this word. They love to hear themselves say that Muslims hate infidels and want to put them on sticks and roast them over an open pit fire whilst screaming “SHARIA FOR EVERYONE!” Here is the real scoop on how Islam views INFIDELS:

Do Muslims Hate Infidels?

Wait for it …..

Wait for it ….


Islamophobes love this word because they have decided that it means blood and guts and war and everything that is bad about anything anywhere- but oh yea- only when Muslims are involved.

Nope! Gotcha again, Islamophobes. Jihad does not mean blood and guts and war and all that. Jihad means struggle. (I know. Sorry to burst your bubble. Jihad can actually be boring.) There is an entire, world-wide, public education campaign dedicated to explaining the proper meaning of Jihad: The MyJihad Public Education Campaign

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived life as an example of how a perfect man should live. As an example for humankind. He was humble, moderate, patient and selfless. And whenever us Muslims get into a jam or are confused about what to do next, we often ask ourselves (or ask each other): “What would the Prophet do?” And then usually someone (who actually knows the real stories about the Prophet) will remind us of an instance from his life that relates to the circumstance at hand. They will draw a comparison offering inspiration and guidance as how to behave today.

Islamophobes love tearing into the Prophet which is very offensive to Muslims. Tearing into any Prophet (ie Moses, Jesus, Abraham etc. peace be upon them all) is offensive to Muslims. Here are a few articles that address Islamophobic misconceptions about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

Was Prophet Muhammad a terrorist who killed innocent people? (Yeah, right.)

No- our beloved Prophet was not a pedophile.

Did the Prophet plan genocide against the Jews? The story of banu qurayza

Did the Prophet kill apostates?


Are there some bad men on this planet of ALL faiths that treat women badly? Yeah. Are there women on this planet that take crap from bad men who treat them badly? Yeah. Does Islam teach that women are inferior to men and should be abused?


Women are put on a pedestal in Islam. Big time. Don’t believe me? Go out and talk with some Muslim women and ask them about this topic. Women are treated better in Islamic doctrine—- than any other doctrine I have ever known or learned about. So enough about this women are oppressed business. It’s getting old, Islamophobes. What else ya’ got?

There are SO many great websites for, about and by Muslim women. Here is just one that I happen to like that explains just how empowered and respected women are in Islam. It answers questions about marriage, the hijab (head covering) and great women in Islam: Islams Women

Trust me. I am a stubborn Muslim woman. I would never subscribe to a doctrine that would make me a second class citizen. It is one of the primary reasons I love my faith and am drawn to it. Islam empowers me to be who I am- a strong woman- sister, daughter, mother, wife, friend, neighbor, activist, worker. Islam gives me that empowerment to be who I am. SubhanAllah.


When all else fails, you can resort to curse words that you can randomly tweet at people on Twitter. You can also download apps that will auto-tweet the same Islamophobic hate speech over and over again since you will surely run out of things to say.

Like this guy does:

I mean- when you run out of ISTs and ISMs and IAs, you can always just call Muslims “Welfare Parasites.” Who can argue with that kind of logic?

No – not really. It’s just the same old Islamophobia.


15 thoughts on “Islamophobia Lingo for Dummies

  1. This would have to be the worst post on the website so far. While I object to the term “Islamophobia” I will leave it aside for a second. It is not a good thing to deal with misconceptions about Islam by doing futher misconceptions. First of all Islam and Sharia does oppress women, in Islamic law a womens testimony is only worth 1/4 of a man – not from some anti-muslim website, this is from the greatest Islamic scholar Averroes. This is an unacceptable form of oppression of women and there should be no ground given to such views.
    As for claims about Muhammed not killing apostates the article deals only with the statements in the Quaran and Hadith, not with what actually happened under Muhammed. Muhammed and his followers went on raids, destroying large numbers of pagan temples in Medina, Mecca among others killing followers of other religions in the process – this is very well documented from both Islamic and non-Islamic historical sources.
    You cannot fight misconceptions about Islam by putting up such demonstrably false statements about the nature and history of Islam. There are a lot of valid criticisms of Islam and Sharia Law that are not racist or “islamophobic”. Secular democracy and enlightenment values are absolutely better than a desert philosophy of the dark ages.

    • We don’t subscribe to any religions here – our attitude is that if people want to follow them and their private beliefs don’t conflict with our law then they can go ahead.

      Can I just remind you that Sharia does not form any part of our common law system, though there is evidence that parts of it did form the basis of the evolving common law and that it was transferred via the Norman invasion.

      At the time Islam evolved, there were lots of instances in the non-Muslim world of atrocities performed in the name of some god or other (the ancient Hebrews were quite adept at smiting unbelievers), and these continued well into our own times.

      You will find that the phobes who turn up regularly here rely not on informed and respectable critique but on a handful of scurrilous websites similar in intent and purpose to the infamous anti-Semitic Russian propaganda The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

      • You’re evading the issue here – reading over my previous comment I did not argue that there were no atrocities committed by the non-muslim world nor womens rights not being respected in the non-muslim world. The article you put up (obviously only with the most cursory glance at its contents) is not “informed and reasonable critique”, the article you put up is complete shite and is full of demonstrable falsehoods. The reverence for Muhammed (i.e. the pbuh nonsense) and the glossing over of the lack of womens rights in the Islamic world degrade the quality and objectiveness of the article, that should have been a redflag for you.

        There are some ridiculous memes in the community which are racist and discriminatory against members of the Muslim community. The idea that muslims are going to somehow with less than 3% of the Australian population suddenly take over and impose Sharia law is ridiculous. The use of the mistreatment of women in the Islamic world should not be used as a stick to beat migrants and members of the Islamic community in Australia with. This is racist and discriminatory.

        Being for the separation of church and state – upholding s116 of the Australian constitution is not discriminatory. Engaging in historical critique of Muhammed without putting PBUH next to his name is not discriminatory. Being in favour of Western legal traditions over Islamic sharia ones is not discriminatory. Highlighting the lack of rights of women and supporting women everywhere to take a stand against men (including muslim men) who advocate and commit violence, is not discriminatory.

    • I believe the greatest scholar in Islam is recognized as Aisha (RA) because she was incredibly intelligent for her age and memorised thousands of hadiths. When Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers did have any raids and what not. They were justified by the regulations and requirements that the Qur’an asked for like a) don’t try to kill them and b) don’t drive them out of their homes. As for “statements in the Quaran and Hadith, not with what actually happened under Muhammed”, you’re forgetting hadiths are QUOTES by the Prophet. Way to contradict yourself.

  2. Thank you for that comment Davoe and I hope more people can understand that not wanting oppression of women, genital mutilation and many other dark age ideologies is not racist, it’s enlightenment. We are better than that and as a western women I do not feel racist in saying I completely object to allowing any of this to happen in Australia. I’m not happy that it happens in the middle east and is allowed to occur and it should never happen in western countries.

    • FGM is done by Christians probably to a greater extent than it is by Muslims. It is also an African custom dating back to animist times. Muslims from Turkey, South-East Asia and the sub-continent (the majority of Muslims in Australia) have never practised it.

      It is most definitely illegal in Australia. Just like rape and sexual abuse of children – though that doesn’t stop perverted non-Muslim men from doing both.

      So why are you phobes so obsessed with women’s genitals?

    • Fair point, but this has less to do with Islam and more to do with conservative religion in general. Conservative Christians don’t exactly have a healthy outlook on women’s issues either.

    • If you want to have a look at how Islam does not oppress women, you can have a look at the links in the post you commented on. FGM is also forbidden. These are two pretty common misconceptions, so yes if you agree that a religion and its practitioners are a race, you’re being racist by being ignorant and conforming to the belief in their incredibly negative stereotypes. “Enlightenment” is defined as to give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation. You don’t know about these situations if the only arguments you can cook up are just the common and haughty ones. So that not only makes you ignorant but also arrogant.

  3. Also with regards to the treatement of women, you are aware that until very recently Muslim women had more rights than Christian women aren’t you

  4. [Davoe said]. “First of all Islam and Sharia does oppress women, in Islamic law a womens testimony is only worth 1/4 of a man”.

    Incorrect, this is a sweeping statement that all the misinformed OR the dishonest love to state. A woman’s testimony is not worth 1/4 of a man. The Qur’an states that when it comes to financial contracts and transactions and debt collection that men are to be primary witnesses, two men, or one man and two women. Clearly historically and in that location women were not in charge of finances and were not common in the dealings of treasury, hence in the case of financial rulings only, one man as a witness is to be matched by two women, in any other case one woman is a witness. A hadith states when a woman was attacked/raped her testimony alone was enough to sentence the man to death.

    [Davoe said]”As for claims about Muhammed not killing apostates the article deals only with the statements in the Quaran and Hadith, not with what actually happened under Muhammed..”.

    Ummmm what “actually happened” under Muhammad IS found in the Qur’an and hadith primarily, they are the two most depended on and reliable accounts of the life of Muhammad during his era.

    [Davoe Said] “Muhammed and his followers went on raids, destroying large numbers of pagan temples in Medina, Mecca among others killing followers of other religions in the process”.

    These “raids” were placed on the caravans of the Quraysh tribe, you know the people that openly opposed the Muslims and actively evicted them from the homes, tortured and tormented the believers and had a bounty on Muhammads head? Most of these raids were in retaliation to the Quraysh tribe and their theft and distribution of Muslim property that was left behind once they were forced to flee Mecca. Name the temples that were destroyed, the Kaa’ba only had its idols destructed and not the structure itself. In fact during warfare Muslims were encouraged NOT to harm other religious buildings, which is why you find when Muslims made conquests they’d convert previous churches and temples into Mosques without destroying a brick.

    Get your facts right, you try to sound stable and level headed but the thing is you spew the same inaccuracies as the “Islamophobes” we talk about. Regards- a Muslim that knows about his own religion, thank you.

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