Paul Allison :”kill all the fuckers as far as I’m concerned, throw them all in a big hole, poor pigs blood all over them…”

We don’t have to add anything to this post. It speaks for itself.



Paramount Pictures Australia Pty Ltd

(07) 3368 0621
Lvl1/ 19 Brereton St
South Brisbane QLD 4101

20 thoughts on “Paul Allison :”kill all the fuckers as far as I’m concerned, throw them all in a big hole, poor pigs blood all over them…”

  1. Does Pauly know, what he is threating to do would be considered treason and only a few years ago, he would have been given the death penalty?

  2. why do we let these people live their parasitic lives in our countries we all should start operation clean up our nations. Destroy all of them treat them with pure and utter disgust they don’t deserve to breath oxygen fair dos you will get a small percentage of seemingly decent muslims which is around 5% so kill them all and don’t worry about that extremely small percentage i mean come on we don’t want their evil sex offending ways all these fucking child grooming beasty cockroach cousin shagging sister raping granny bashing fuckwits near the vulnerable citizens of our nations

  3. I say this because that is all i have seen heard and publicised about them you cannot be a positive force in a nation where you refuse to integrate and continue to perform extreme hate, honour killings, grooming young children under sixteen and gang rape them on a regular and inciting fear upon them and their family take the Taliban in Pakistan for example shooting a little girl in the head just for speaking out about education of girls what kind of a dirty fucker do you need to be to shoot a little girl in the fuckin head I mean come on the evidence is all there they act like animals in their home countries and perform sub human acts executing innocents by beheading abusing taunting how can islam be a religion of peace when every single one of the Islamic nations are a disgrace come on look at assad in Syria look at Egypt Libya afganistan Pakistan Saudi Arabia iran these nations are capable of disgusting acts and warcrimes they have no respect for woman treating and beating them like stray dogs trying to hump their legs degrading and belittling them I can say these things with confidence because it is all true I feel that what I have said is not through hate but through despair and being tired of their ways all I hear of them convinces me of their evil minds and hearts

    • Wee cut-and-paste man

      You’re a “Defence League” jessie wi’ na baw in your bag.

      IP Address:
      ISP: Pulsant (Scotland) Ltd
      Region: Edinburgh (GB)

      Fake Scot, real racist

    • It is funny “Wully” didn’t know they calling themselves a ‘scrotum from Glasgow’ and if they are is from Glasgow, they would understand the following?

      “Yer bum’s oot a windae”

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