The modern day Aussie woman is a phenomena, not a relic

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When will all those attention-seeking, headline craving sexist males accept that the modern day woman is not a relic? Nor an object. She is a phenomena.

Let’s face it; the treatment of Australian women from the good ‘old Aussie blokes’ is appalling. No woman is immune. It matters not if they hold the highest office in the land or one far less prestigious. Equally as appalling is the alleged calibre of the perpetrators: those that espouse to be pillars of society. Those who seek respect from others but themselves offer none. It is the public display of sexism from political figureheads or aspirants that disgusts me the most. Do these people realise that their behaviour towards the Prime Minister – clearly a person they dislike – is degrading to most women – not just the Prime Minister – as well as being considered grossly offensive by an equal number of…

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5 thoughts on “The modern day Aussie woman is a phenomena, not a relic

  1. I’m divided here… The article in question makes numerous valid, reasonable and mostly accurate points on the treatment of women in society…and at the same time makes a few assumptions that are a bit outrageous. Yeah, it’s fair to say that women want to work, have careers, be successful. But you can’t suggest that EVERY woman wants this because it is vastly untrue; there are many women who prefer to stay at home, be home-makers and take on the ideal of a ‘housewife’ There are. This isn’t a sexist claim, its a realistic claim because there just are.

    Another point to mention…Men are often labeled in stereotypes as well and its impossible to deny this. Men get shoved into a ‘gender-role’ just as much as women do; albeit to a less degrading degree.

    On the topic of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott… I’m heavily biased in that respect so I’ll neglect that. However…Gillard is as much at fault in ‘War of the Sexes’ as Abbott…At least in my opinion.

    • Very few women stay home these days unless they have very young children. In fact 79% of mothers are in the workforce and this increases as the children get to school-age.

    • @Luke W : I get the feeling Prime Minister Gillard is a classic catch-22 here.

      Ignore the sexist misogynist abuse and it will continue pouring down seriously nasty misogynist shit upon her and give the signal that that’s “natural /acceptable / to be expected.” (So wrong it hurts even typing that.)

      Stand up to it, shout clearly that “No. This is unacceptable!”, call it out for what it is & she gets dammed for supposedly playing the “gender card” as if it hasn’t bene played aginst her since birth. She -and others insimilar situations canot win.

      Plus, oh yeah, I’;m a bloke and I can see this – is it really that hard a thing to miss?

      When people make and proudly stand in front of signs saying evil crap like “ditch the witch, print menus crudely describing a woman’s body as meat, question your partner’s (& by implication your sexuality) on national radio like its something that actually matters .. well, can you really say “Canberra, we don’t have problem here?”

      (With apologies to Apollo 13 for that paraphrase.)

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