Adam Goodes cops another serve from Adelaide Memes



It’s an “ongoing issue” because jerks like you keep posting idiotic mashups like that.

And Adam Loader gets the award for the dumbest comment of the day as he whines “remember its ok to b racist… unless ur white”


We think Chantel means “calling” not “being” – but with bogots one cannot be sure.


Goodes is no more hairy than most men. And calling an Indigenous man an “ape” is not just a reference to the amount of male body hair. It carries with it the baggage of three centuries of pseudo-science  coupled with white supremacy.


A beard makes you look like an ape? Someone tell Kyle Sandilands. Or Derryn Hinch. Or Santa Claus.

Now the Adelaide Memes Anthropology Team, probably coming to the realisation that they might actually be accused of being racist, scrambles aboard to justify their fake movie poster.

Fair dinkum!


So Andrew wants someone (presumably Adam Goodes) to “suck it up” while Vikki wanders around looking for hairy men to insult.

Adam Johanson then tries but fails to give us all a lesson in prehistory.


And the word “ape” wasn’t descriptive. It was racist.

You can see more here

28 thoughts on “Adam Goodes cops another serve from Adelaide Memes

  1. I don’t know what is worse about this blog. That you forge so much of your information or that your dum fuck followers actually believe it’s all real.

    • I’ve followed links to sources and seen the original posts with my own eyes. Who are you trying to kid? Oh wait, you’re probably just scrambling for the only thing you can think of to take the heat off.

    • Marty Marty Marty, settle down. You forget to ,mention that the information is sent to TAB by readers and viewers of sites like Facebook. So in the first instance someone sees it, not make it up. Secondly the people at TAB then look themselves and voila, a story is born, using the very information kindly provided by the people posting such crap under the false belief it is a freedom they have to insult, vilify and denigrate individuals or groups they don’t like. In that respect they are wrong, there is a difference between the freedom to say criticize a person or group on something it says or does, that is cool. It isn’t a freedom to insult with specific and targeted comments to the same people or group based on a particular characteristic the person or group has. I know that will be hard for you to grasp, but do yourself a favor, at least try.

      • Dave I assume from your comment you whole heartedly believe this blog does not “insult, vilify or denigrate individuals or groups”. It’s a cut and past job run by people with the false notion that fighting discrimination with discrimination will actually achieve anything. It won’t! The title of the blog itself is discriminatory and divisive. Also recent posts on the poor behavior of our aspiring politicians shows up the left wing persuasion and the self serving, chest beating “look at us we’re so socially aware and enlightened” nature of this blog. Outing people as racist, sexist etc at arms length on the Internet to a bunch of like minded people achieves nothing but a big handjob for the lefty ego. Education, inclusion and compassion is the way to fix racism for both the discriminator and discriminated.
        Try switching to an emergent value system not one based on any sort of ideology and you’ll see some definite change in your life and the world around you. However and I’m basing this on the comment about you featuring in this blog and now being a supporter. Just because you allegedly have flipped ideologies from right wing conservatism to left wing liberalism does not discount the fact you’re still using and ideology to discriminate against other human beings, ones you have never met and mostly have zero information on their circumstance and how their environments have lead them to possess exclusive, non humanist and conservative ideologies and behaviors.
        We are all one! One who engages in throwing petty insults online and singling out those who’ve not had an up to date education and caring environment in which to grow is merely insulting one’s self.
        Have a look at the Venus project sometime if you genuinely want to fix issues like the way humans currently discriminate against each other.

        • We have no problem insulting and deriding racists and bigots, many of whom threaten us with violence and even death.

          Most we do is expose them and laugh at them, for they are often laughable – the ones who are not dead-set psychos of course.

          I suggest you read what Lieutenant-General David Morrison said to his troops. He doesn’t want the racists and bigots either.

        • We don’t discriminate on the basis of anything other than whether or not you’re a bigot.

          If you’re a racist, you belong to the racist group and we will refer to ALL racists as being total fuck-up dregs of society.

          If you’re a sexist, you belong to the sexist group and we will refer to ALL sexists as being total fuck-up dregs of society

          If that is unfairly discriminative then fuck right off.

        • Lachie, I like your interest in Education. I’ve got a real life scenario for you. There’s a guy who turned up on a facebook group, telling people that all Muslims are terrorists, and enemies of Australia, and even babies are trained from beofre they are born to hate and want to kill non-Muslims. When I question his views, and try and talk about them to me, he calls me a traitor and demands to meet me in person so he can beat me up.

          Tell me….if you were in my position, how would you educate him?

          Education is great. Education is the only thing that can change values, true. This site doesn’t educate racists, also true. But it’s again true that only the people who want to be educated can be educated. If you talk to people about racist values and racist beliefs, unless they really like and trust you, they will shut down all conversation, make accusations of terrorist, bully, and unreasonableness, because you don’t agree with them. Believe me, I’ve tried, and still do try occasionally. No minds get changed because they don’t want to be changed.

          But this site does serve a purpose. If you are named and shamed you might be a little less willing to say these things in public again. Knowing that if you are vile, abusive and racist online can result in a lot of people, including employers, friends, schools, etc, knowing that you hold these views can make some people a little less eager to make these comments (See the case of Ms Chapman in America for a case of an entirely self inflicted lesson). They keep their values, but they don’t admit to them, try not to disclose them, and treat them like a terrible little secret that they are ashamed of….as they should.

          Also, it’s a system that;s being recommended in some rural areas of Australia now. I know of at least one migrant support group that is organising a registry of experiences of racism in the area, with an aim to report organisations in particular that are discriminating against people on behalf of race.

        • Under your scenario while we would be “engaging” with the Venus Project the following would be happening:

          – an overseas student would be getting bashed because they were a different colour or ethnic group
          – Muslim women who wear religious dress would be attacked in supermarkets
          – Indigenous sports-people will be compared to jungle animals
          – Women would be getting attacked, vilified and insulted because of their gender

          and more intolerant behaviour.

          Have you seen how many hate pages are on Facebook? Have you been to Twitter lately and seen what happens there?

          And on the subject of “education” – are you aware that Adelaide former academic Dr Frederick Toben, who has a string of academic qualifications, is a neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier?

          Heard of Andrew Fraser, who was sacked from Macquarie University because his extremist racist views were incompatible with the function of a university?

          A good education does not stop people from being extremist nutjobs. It does help keep the numbers down.

        • You comment from a position of ignorance regarding me, so in that manner kindly shut the fuck up. As for my alleged change from right to left, no such thing, I have always been middle of the road, I did however delve into the cesspool that is xenophobia and bigotry and yes, got called on it, but I was man enough and honest enough to see it for what it was and do something about it. Instead of doing what most on here do, that is keep banging their heads against the same spot on the wall and thinking that people will come around to their twisted and nasty way of feeling about things they do not understand or know or want to know. This site does not discriminate, look at the description, it is purely rebroadcasting what the people on here had already broadcast, they see their name in lights and suddenly it is some big deal. Whereas when they were free to spout their poison they were happy and not a fuck was given because there were no consequences. With this there are consequences and you commenting in the way you do doesn’t change that, you want your cake and to eat it. Simple solution is people keep the shit to themselves and there would be no need or desire from people to create a blog like this. There is no vilification here in so much as it gets told as it is, not what you or others want it to be. Dressing it all up in your comments doesn’t change the facts, they seem to be the things the likes of you cannot comprehend. So for clarity, I am no left or right neat pigeon holed example in my beliefs and morals, like I said, straight down the line and the test I apply to you would be used equally to form an opinion or comment on Ali Baba if he decided to comment or debate the issue. My value system is formed by many factors not your little bit of attempted pseudo science contemplation. I will make it simple for you, we are all equal, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until I am persuaded otherwise. The stuff I read here goes through that process and contrary to what you may feel I can judge for myself the types of people I read about and then comment on. Any changes in my life are not going to be found on the internet advice page that Doctor Lachie is preaching on, my life is rich, diverse, challenging and 100% rewarding, because I allow it to be, I surround myself with the people who help me make it that way and because I have my grounding in a great upbringing, and ongoing efforts to know more about things so I do not fall into the trap of ignorant hate that i displayed for a few months on social media platforms. To me, that is all good, like the wake up call I had earlier this year crashing my car and having to be cut out, life is too short and needs to be lived not just wandered through in a blue funk all day everyday, or living with hate in the heart. If I am using any “ideology” it is my own, not your confected waffle.

      • 2 questions. Why do you object to people using proxy servers when you only ever use proxy servers? I use proxy servers for all my browsing, why the hell would I change my browser just to talk to some schoolies?

        And also I have lots of proof of you falsifying screenshots etc. But you won’t post it so why would I bother?

        • Because you are a liar fakie. Pity you weren’t in America. They are welcome to you.

          Err…we are not schoolkids. You prefer them anyway don’t you?

          IP Address:
          ISP: VolumeDrive
          Region: Clarks Summit (US)

      • Yep real inclusive and compassionate attitude displayed here. Nice one on the snide question about Santa etc. Why the hypocrisy? Support an anti discrimination blog but ‘fuck you if you don’t agree with us or our methods!’ I find that horribly confusing.
        I have followed links in this blog that have lead absolutely fucking nowhere. Telling someone to STFU just shows you up to be inflexible and unwilling to take the time to educate a fellow human or learn something for yourself. Your motivation behind doing so I can only speculate…

        • We learn nothing from racists and bigots except

          1. how misguided they are

          2. how they have nothing to offer

          3. how dangerous they are to an inclusive and tolerant society

        • If you think that’s all that can be learn’t from racists I can assure you that you’re wrong. Think along the lines of human behavior for once, how did they become racist? How did you become someone who’s so intolerant of other human beings because of ideology as opposed to race or gender? The answer is environment, most especially during the formative years. You should focus your own intolerance toward humans having inadequate environments. No human has ever been born a racist, it was taught via an inadequate environment i.e. no person or thing was there to teach them such an attitude and behavior is wrong.
          If you realize this then you can work toward genuine prevention of discrimination and effective foils against it. However if you indulge in discrimination and not education by simply calling these people ‘fuck ups’ and ‘dregs’ then you are no better than they.
          But hey you have your mind made up. I hope it doesn’t sting too much when you work that out, I know from personal experience it can be a somewhat disconcerting fact to absorb.

        • Time frame?

          We deal with the here and now.

          But you can go and preach your gospel to the bogots. However you will most likely be killed and eaten as were similarly deluded evangelists in the 19th Century.

        • As do I, I’m just not self righteous about it. No gospel here my friend just secular humanism based on the most up to knowledge we have.

        • Again Lachie:
          I’ve got a real life scenario for you. There’s a guy who turned up on a facebook group, telling people that all Muslims are terrorists, and enemies of Australia, and even babies are trained from before they are born to hate and want to kill non-Muslims. When I question his views, and try and talk about them to me, he calls me a traitor and demands to meet me in person so he can beat me up.

          Tell me….if you were in my position, how would you educate him?

        • I’d arrange the to meet him. He’s a scared hateful little man and would back out. I’d love to know what you said to him initially.

        • And if he turns up, Lachie? What then? It seems either he backs down, and doesn’t turn up (As you suggest) leading to no education anyway, or he does turn up and…..then what?

          What was said initially was “These screenshot comments show Australian Defense League members calling for the killing of children”

        • If he turns up you’ll either discuss the matter or you’ll soon discover the courage of your convictions. I don’t know about you but I’m a pretty big solid bloke and I never let anyone intimidate me because I know from calling them on it that 99% of the time it’s a bluff and you’ll know we’ll in advance of a meeting if they’re in the other 1%. If they are in this one small group they are the kind of person that this ‘parading in front of the class’ style of derision from a distance will only further marginalize and radicalize. Thus achieving the exact opposite of what set out to.
          The other way is to educate by proxy, if you are able via social media, make an appeal to their family and friends let them know the hateful path their loved one is traveling down. You need to get creative, study psychology, body language etc racists are individuals too if you make generalizations you’re making the exact same mistake they are.
          Education won’t work 100% of the time but It will be immensely more effective than the ‘name and shame’ tactics displayed here.

          By the way do you know if the people and groups ‘outed’ in this blog are informed of their naming and shaming? Can’t say I’ve ever seen a screen shot of a msg either to or from one of the bigots who’ve been highlighted here.

          Anyways I’ve unliked TAB and will be directing my efforts to areas I know to be effective in making positive change. JM I wish all successes in your efforts to stamp out racism and in sharing your knowledge and good will with those who lack it.


  2. I thought the focus was on the ‘written and directed by Eddie McGuire’ part, it seemed more like a poor ploy on what he said on that radio show to get attention to their page, wwhile you have assisted them in doing…

    And while ape had negative connotations in the original instance I have to agree that ape could be descriptive, I would consider Ozzy Osborne an ape, despite skin colour.

    And while we are being politically correct perhaps we should realise we are taking our information from a source whose name denotes a lower socio-economic group stereotypical of Australian society, hoping to make themself look more intelligent in comparison perhaps…

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