1,000 brain-dead Aussies can be wrong

Imagine over 2,000 posts on a deliberately provocative question from  shock TV current affairs programme Sunday Night regarding the tragic murder of  Trooper Lee Rigby in London.

Over 90% of the posts are bigoted repetitive rubbish. We feature but a small selection here.

What stands out is that the fact the murder took place in Britain seems to have completely escaped the motley array of ignorant bogots commenting.



What, ONE politician should be watching? Probably an Islamophobe – are you listening Cory Bernardi?

Err Kerry, WHAT dictatorship? The UK? Well some Brits may think so but we don’t think the UK has reached North Korean levels of oppression quite yet.


Umm…derr  “this man” (we assume you mean Anjem Choudary) never lived in Australia. The murder of Lee Rigby took place in Britain. Choudary is British.


Well Alyson is correct, though not for the reasons she thinks. Australia is a secular country. And we do not have an established church or any other established religious body.

The UK actually does. It is called the Church of England and 21 of its Bishops sit in the House of Lords, the upper house of the UK Parliament. There are no clerics from other religious bodies who have this privilege.

Now for the guffaw factor – Matthew fervently whispers “atleast (sic) the adl is on the way”


You mean these muppets?


Blake parades his paranoia, followed by Monika who decides the story will “outrage Aussies”. Well we do get outraged when we see a gathering of the most ignorant parading their ignorance on a public forum. Makes us wish we were in a more civilised country.

And Alex Car-name has decided that “AUSTRAILIANS” should form lynch mobs for some non-existent threat.

Now we knew it wouldn’t be too long with so much ignorance stewing before some of Australia’s least wanted turned up to join the hate-fest.

First comes the beige shirts of the (Niqi-less) APP complete with an ad for their dreary web page.


Now here’s a supporter of serial electoral rent-seeker Pauline Hanson


But she’ll collect her taxpayer funding on the way right Melanie?

Oh here’s another Hanson fan who wants the National Anthem before the news each night.

We prefer Clarke and Dawe ourselves, but perhaps we could arrange for the PM to send Noel a reel-to-reel tape in keeping with the quaintness of the sentiment.

And let’s NOT have the guns ever back in this country. Remember Port Arthur, Columbine, Virginia Tech, New Town?


And here’s an old “pal” we featured a while back. Still an extremist nutjob spouting lies.


It looks like Cassandra is bedazzled by yet another foreign extremist.


Hate to bust your romantic balloon Cassandra, but Wilders is a bigot.  And his party has actually lost support.


So here’s Scott Moerland again, promoting an extremist far right party with an extremist far right founder in the form of the notorious Christian preacher Danny Nalliah.

It was only a matter of time before “Debski Bebski”, intimate friend of a range of trolls, fronted up to give her 2 cents worth of homespun theology. And 2 cents is all it is worth.


We’d like to suggest that “Debski” gives up on the amateur theology and withdraws from bigotry.

Here's "Debski" AKA Deborah Daldy of Western Sydney. She likes walks on the beach and blatant bigotry.

Here’s “Debski” AKA Deborah Daldy of Western Sydney. She likes walks on the beach and blatant bigotry.

You can read all the rest of the comments here

37 thoughts on “1,000 brain-dead Aussies can be wrong

    • If I remember right, tradition holds that the Koran is “most pure” when depicted in the original language, and that translations are an approximation of the true Koran. The Koran itself doesn’t say anything about it. The translation I have has Arabic on odd pages and English on even pages.

      • all translated version are done the same way…. original text first then translated text on 2nd…

        plus all religious books are most pure when depicted in the original language…

    • I was thinking that-I’m pretty sure I’ve got an English copy.

      Incidentally, “what sort of God only speaks to one set of people” – well, the Jewish God for starters. Also, while the bible doesn’t specifically say no to translations, Latin was the only language it could be read in for centuries.

      The biggest surprise of this page is finding out that Channel 7’s Sunday night, the poor man’s 60 minutes, is still on the air.

  1. Wonder if you are related to anyone in Sweden. Look what has happened there. I’m sure they didn’t think that Islam was a problem either.

  2. That was a deliberately provocative question posed by Ch 7 specifically designed, no doubt, to stir up these uneducated angry nutters. They have been used purely for publicity & shock value.

    Seven & their Sunday Night program should be ashamed of themselves for allowing these idiots another platform to pander to their bigotry, ignorance & hate.

  3. We really need to learn from the incident. It is right that people are taking an interest, we want to stop the same things from happening in Australia.

    • Utter nonsense. The correct way for the Met to deal with it is as a murder investigation.

      How many “terrorist acts” have taken place on Australian soil resulting in death since the Hilton bombing? Apart from neo-Nazi nonsense where fortunately there were no casualties?

      None. So all we have to “learn” is that there are a bunch of ignorant fools out there who prefer fantasy to reality – and plenty of far right opportunists who will use their ignorance to try and change this country for the worse.

    • @ andytallman101 : Yes. I saw the promo and thought it was disgusting and whipping up racial /religious hatred. Amazed it was allowed to be screened because of that.

  4. Can I bring your attention to this page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SingletonSoapbox/

    It’s an unfortunate gold mine of racist posts/comments and people are becoming more brazen each time, because the majority of members overwhelmingly group together to shoot down anyone that tries to bring a little sense or education into the debate. In particular these posts,




    It’s a public group, and many of the users comment using their public profiles.

    • Strange the Facebook links might have been removed.

      As Facebook is well know as the place where as a racist you can hide behind a fake name and not worry about your racist comments and groups being deleted or closed down even those they are breaking the law.

      • Which proves The Community Safety Committee which has so called Safety Experts, that Facebooks employes is not doing their job.

  5. Way to go Channel 7 and other media outlets especially News Ltd raise viewer numbers and sell more papers by stirring up hatred with BS clearly based on scare mongering.

    And where is The ACMA and Press Council in all of this, being paid again to keep quiet?

    • The press council is well known as an ineffective toothless tiger but hopefully someone will have complained and action will be taken? I’d like to see what ‘Media Watch’ has to say on this episode.

    • Very true. You only have to look at the typical racist ranter to realise this. They are usually sexist & homophobic as well. Tend not to be capable of thinking for themselves, either. Explains their explosive personalities. Their fight & flight responses are to bash someone for no good reason.

      Does explain why many of these people also tend to happily vote against their own best interests when voting conservative

    • As someone who has studied politics at the Uni of Life I know this to be crap. There is plenty of difference between the Government of now & what it was in Howard’s reign. Things will be even more stark in their differences if Abbott gets in.

      You are only learning & spouting what the lecturers are telling you not from real life experience

      • Plus let’s not forget that with elections being largely decided by the swing voters parties can no longer limit themselves to a solely left or right leaning demographic. To do so is political suicide

        The Nationals might be an exception, but they do tend to form a coalition with the liberals.

  6. Such as? Everyone attends the Uni of life. Not everyone automatically discredits things they don’t understand

    I studied politics 20 years ago. Little has changed. The carbon Tax is a good example.

    • That is the trouble with some, they say something is a good example but don’t say why and they are stuck in a time warp, thinking what happens years ago still has not changed.

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