The things we carry: Meet Luke Kneale.

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Meet Luke Kneale. He lives in Melbourne and works at Full Moon Tattoo in Prahran. He shared some thoughts with me today. I am disgusted. Please share this around.






Covering yourself with tatts doesn't stop the hate oozing out

Covering yourself with tatts doesn’t stop the hate oozing out


16 thoughts on “The things we carry: Meet Luke Kneale.

  1. Full Moon Tattoo responds:

    “Luke Kneal does NOT work for full moon tattoo. And Full Moon Tattoo was not aware of and does not support any of the statements made in the conversation referred to. The Full Moon Team.”

  2. A further note, Luke’s boss managed to track the original posters phone number down so he could call and threaten her.

    Great to see an employer standing by his staff!

    • Because they all attended either “the school of hard knocks” or “the school of street life” and I don’t think these two schools offer a very good education based on its ex-pupils, it’s either that or the rampant inbreeding.

  3. Please someone tell me, what is a ‘zog machine’? Drunk, speeding, dumb, young, attention seekers. No threat to anyone but annoying and a bit simple. These tough guys always forget that the ‘race war’ thing has been fought and lost, by them, a looong time ago. It the sense of togetherness they crave, just being with someone who doesn’t scare them silly.

  4. Yes Luke I bet you are on the Dole, I bet you cant even f***** work, I bet you don’t pay Tax, I bet you still stay with your Parents you little Bitch, And you call your self a Aussie hahahha ,What a f***** laugh you are to the Community, You haven’t even got a Color, Your just Pale White and that is not a Color you poor little Bitch, Gee i wish you was in town talking like that. Go and get a life for your self little Bitch.


    You must check your facts expecially on the internet. This guy does not work for fullmoon tattoo. Claims that he does is false and by no means reflect full moon tattoo business. To take it out/include an innocent person and their life work is low and cowardly. Dont believe everything people re post and actually do your own homework and background check. This luke is an idiot but does not have any connection to full moon and his consequences should not fall on them.

  6. Luke you are a fucken little cunt ,Bet you got pussy tattoos, Hey you what you just a little boney BICTH hahaha fuck you make me laugh you queer cunt, You love to make fun of all the different Culture what the all mighty LORD put on this earth hey, BICTH I feel sorry for you, Don’t you have any respect in your Mum and Dad think about it BICTH people like you cause a lot of trouble.

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